i've always wanted to make one of these xd

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omg that comic ;0;; the idea of mob starting to crush on teru super hard while teru is doing the exact same thing but thinks mob likes another girl!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! i've always seen teru being obviously smitten and pining but i would love to see mob (trying) to hide his feelings for teru while he works them out XD and imagining ritsu and reigen's reactions hahaha

hahahaha *high five* <333

 I want to give poor Teru a break! he tends to be the one who is desperately in love… 

but… what if we make it the other way round?, What if Teru is so aware of the situation now and has long accepted the fact that his love is one sided that he never realizes the way Mob stares at him? the light in his eyes when he does?, the nervous words? ahgsahgsdhgf 

I AM SOBBING NOW omg is this sad? is it? hahahaha damn!  XD

Relatable otome moments

After you finish playing a certain game

Trying to get your friends into playing otome 

When your friends or family laugh at you for playing otome games

Finding out that someone likes your favorite character (at first)

But then (bias wars xD)

When someone says your bias is ugly

When Voltage/Solmare releases so many routes in a very short period of time

Shirtless CGs

When the MC and the guy finally confess their love

Aaaand when they finally kiss