i've always wanted to draw this pose

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OH MY GOSH i'm so glad i've been going through the sonia tag again, would it be okay to use your sonia art as an icon with credit? your art is so beautiful i adore the colours you use!! also, could i request a drawing of sonia doing her rosie the riveter pose like in her sprites? i understand if you don't have time or don't want to, thank you so so so much either way

this is an EXTREMELY late reply, sorry! but yes, my art can always be used as icons as long as it’s credited! have a sonia and thank you!!!!!

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Hi! This is random but I really wanted to tell you that I've always loved the way you draw kisses! (especially klance kisses ❤) like the poses, the way they lean into each other and tilt their heads, the hand placement and the facial expressions. All of that in your art just looks so NATURAL and comfortable and that's actually really hard to find in art when it comes to kissing. So yeah your kissing pics are just super cute and natural and always make me smile and I wanted you to know :)

this is so gratifying THANK YOU…I spend so much time on them bc they are soooo hard to do so I’m glad they look nice!!!! <3 <3

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Your Halbarry art is amazing and I always get excited seeing new ones! 8D It does make me curious - what're your fave things about Halbarry? ALSO wanted to say that I LOVE the height difference in that last one - makes it and the pose even sweeter! Lastly, while I've thought your art was always really cute, I think you've improved over the last while and wanna say congrats and hope that you always find joy in it, Halbarry or ANY other thing to draw. ^u^


Favourite things about Halbarry? Oh man, where do I start… they complement each other very well, and not just in terms of colour. Their friendship is so great that they know and understand each other, always try to be there for one another, push one another to be better; their combination is just so pure and wholesome and healthy?? Like you wouldn’t think they’d get along at first (even Barry didn’t at one point) but you get this hella good combo in and out of the superhero suit. (These are overused but–)

I just??? love them so much??? And thank you!! I really think a 2 inch height difference would still be noticeable (and I guess part of me just wants… tol and smol halbarry) so I’m motivated to make it obvious on my work.

You anon are so kind and I’m so moved…. Thank you so very much for this ask. I am so so glad I’ve made improvements overtime since I’ve been feeling pretty much stagnant since college started and here’s to more improvements and moving forward! I love you guys so much and thank you for supporting me with even just a like on one thing I’ve made. It makes all the difference, and makes my day a ton.

I’m experimenting with poses, using references and just wanted to draw Maurice again. Ignore how ugly those arms are for both of them, I was trying.

Joanna always shows up an hour late, apparently hungover, so they just moved the scheduled appointment back, which made her show up ANOTHER hour later. She’s not always hungover, but is almost always sporting a black eye from another Murkoff escapade.

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If you want some requests, would it be okay for you to draw the Pines family together? Or maybe you could do your favorite Gravity Falls character! I've kinda always wondered who your fav was. (I just assumed it was Bill tbh)

whoop i hope this is enough pines family for you! stanford didn’t get the memo about the new 2016 posing customs 

(also my fav is literally everyone like i get into joyful spasms about all of them it’s ridiculous. i draw a lot of bill bc i rp him a lot i guess??? but i have pages of wendy doodles, for example. just lovingly crafted doodles of the red-headed god queen) 


OOOooooOOO he did it 

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Why are poses so hard to make?! Like i know what i want to draw and it's clear in my head but i just can't make the right pose. I've already spent 1 hour looking for references and I really don't want to give up on this but I'm about to surrender.😢

Poses are notoriously challenging!! Honestly just keep doing what you’re doing - look up references. A great place is Quick Poses. If it is available to you, life drawing classes are VERY beneficial - you can learn accurate anatomy, and eventually you can drawing from memory and it’ll work out better. You should definitely always draw from reference though, no matter how skilled you are. 

If you’re REALLY stuck, maybe grab a friend/family member/random person and ask them to pose for you? :P Or buy one of those little wooden mannequin doll thingies that you can manipulate into the pose you need. 

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Do you use auto desk sketchbook or some other kind I've never heard of. If so then I rlly want to know what it is and where I can get it. Also, maybe one of Sabine and Ezra doing arm wrestling?

… ummm….yeeeeah….. this is why I don’t do “action” poses… they always turn out awkward.

As for what I use to draw: I use old fashioned paper and pencil… then I edit them in an app (Pixlr usually) after I take a crappy picture of them on my phone or in Photoshop. I have a drawing tablet, but I never use it because I never have been able to adapt to the disconnect between what’s going on the screen and what my hand is doing. 

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i apologize if you've gotten this ask and answered it already, but how do you draw poses? I've been having trouble on them and your poses always look awesome tbh

ive done a lot of anatomy studies and life drawing which really helped me out! I also use references sometimes if i cant be bothered or i really want to get it right.  

I always draw a “skeleton” when drawing a person. Getting used to the proportions of the skeleton helps me get the more complex poses down (kinda like this)

plus i use the coil technique

If you dont have access to life drawing, then this site’s really useful