i've always loved this bit though

Okay so I’ve always really appreciated Marlin’s character in Finding Nemo and now in Finding Dory. He is, admittedly, a very flawed character. He’s overly cautious, a bit controlling, and often very anxious. He says things without thinking sometimes and has a temper. Despite all of this, he is a very loving and fantastic character. He values family more than anything else in the world. Even though he says some things he doesn’t really mean, he always apologizes and tries to make sure that both Nemo and Dory are happy. He always works to make sure that Nemo and Dory both feel like they are capable and important. As a person that really struggles with anger issues and anxiety, I love seeing a character like Marlin. He is still a lovable and great character even with all his flaws. I relate a lot to him and I love seeing a character show that having a temper and anxiety does not make you any less of a loving and caring person.