i've always found her interesting

queensusan  asked:

Can you tell us your modern AU vlogger Lucy headcannons? I've always found that really interesting. I feel like she'd play up her big family, like "we're this close to having our own reality television show" kind of thing. And whole videos with just Edmund's pranks… (And roping Peter into like a my brother does my hair/makeup thing.)

Thanks for asking, as this is one of my favourite modern AU’s!

So, here’s some hc’s….

-Lucy started the vlog cuz she loves telling stories and journaling. She combined it and shared it on the Internet.

-Edmund is the sibling that is featured in her videos the most. He swears he has no fans, which is far from true.

-After Lucy started vlogging, her siblings Twitter followers jumped by hundreds, shocking them.

-Susan often comes on Lucy’s videos for make up tutorials or shopping hauls. Though they like to talk about life in general.

-Peter and Edmund both get dragged into the brother does my makeup/hair videos. Peter and Edmund both are horrible at makeup but Edmund is surprisingly good at hair.

-Lucy does “day in the life of Edmund” videos instead of her own sometimes. Only because he gets flustered when he remembers the camera is there, and because he’s the only one willing to take her wherever without being too protective

Anyone else has some to add;)