i've always dreamed with a hair like this

fans; who they stan and what they're like
  • scoups: honestly. cannot stand his aegyo like the rest of us and will FIGHT him. (probably just to touch his arms.) HATES the fact he so boyfriend material like....stop...
  • jeonghan: prob the most chill. they know he's gorgeous. HE knows he's gorgeous. they're torn on whether to ship their personification of mother nature with joshua or scoups.
  • joshua: the kindest creatures just like their sweet dorky onion head. they're chill most of the time but they FREAK OUT when joshua is being extra. can go from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK
  • jun: greasy just like him. picked a great lane tbh i mean jun prob built the pledis building. eternally screaming because he just keeps getting hotter and hotter like STOP
  • hoshi: a lot of them make really good edits?? they're so cool just like hoshi like...,,,are you guys related..,,can't get enough of their squishy fluffball
  • wonwoo: they constantly DIE because of him. he's so savage like his jawline is stronger than my wifi connection tbh. they prob have an aesthetic blog and, of course, ship meanie.
  • woozi: they make such great posts?? like woozi they're so talented like wth. have such nice blogs and edits it makes me cry. will fight ANYONE but they're so smol...,,,
  • dk: they're so happy and cheery..,,have to dim the lights when they see pics of seokmin smiling. they are such mothers and will support their sunflower at all costs. prob friends with hoshi stans tbh.
  • mingyu: half the time they're crying half the time they're ready to FIGHT HIM. they would probably do both when they meet him. i'm so sorry for them and their germy son like please..,,,sanitize him..,,,.free him of sin...,,,
  • minghao: they're so cute?? but once you get to know them they're so cool and amazing like..,,..half of them are dancers tbh and dream of meeting minghao to have a dance battle..,,,...love his poodle hair to NO end....,,,,
  • seungkwan: alright hold up listen. these people are prob THE MOST MOTHERLY PEOPLE I'VE ENCOUNTERED. they will FIGHT ANYONE who dares offend their cute jeju son. all of them prob reblogged a seungkwan appreciation post. (but then again, who didn't.) listens to him sing 24/7.
  • vernon: memes. really cool ppl but memes. always supporting their son from discrimination. if you bring up smtm4 their soul will be lifted into the heavens and you won't see them anymore.
  • dino: so rare..,,,. if you find a dino stan treasure them...,,, they're so underrated just like their smol son..,,,please help them..,,, they gotta scroll down to every seventeen scenario post because their son is at the bottom..,,,#stopscoopsprivilege

In the end, this is actually the best format. The first 11 million panels are just an extended technobabble conversation that only matters if you really dig my Coded AU. For most of you, I’m sure the schmoopy pun ending is all you really need ;D

If you do dig that AU though, here’s a bit MORE technobabbling:

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why do i always find out it’s witchsona week a day before it ends. i would’ve put more time into this otherwise. maybe later.

anyway if i was a witch i’d be the witch of SLEEPING AND DREAMS!
sorry i literally stole this from the BFG but i have a dream trumpet to stealthily blow dreams into people’s rooms. i can brew dreams and sleepiness up like potions too. and because i’m a witch and i say so, i can dye my hair blonde and never have to redye it and i have 20/20 vision. :C

also i have a goat familiar that carries blankets around for sleeping convenience.