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I’m so happy about the “Keith is actually a very happy person inside” thing bc like, it has always been my headcanon that he just doesn’t vary his tone/expression much but he isn’t actually a grump & that if you see him staring off into space he is not brooding he’s just thinking about how the plot of Frozen makes no sense or how weird it is that there are so many different types of sand.


Screenshots from episodes 4 and 5. Things that are important here: the use of the words team and family.

Keith doesn’t want Pidge to leave the team, but he doesn’t specifically mention the team. He mentions people’s families, which is what Pidge was worried about. No doubt he was attempting to make her reconsider by using a word she was inherently interested in and was sensitive to. Others have mentioned before how ironic/nice is is of Keith to say that specifically, considering he’s an orphan and how the reason he wants Pidge to stay is because she, along with the others, are his family now.

It’s actually Shiro who uses the word team. He tells Keith that people can’t be forced into the team, they must want to stay. He’s not talking about family (specifically), but about the team of paladins they have formed.

Then cut to episode 5 and after they’ve dealt with Sendak, it’s Shiro who starts saying he can’t help but feel like Pidge was meant to be part of the team, but won’t stop her if she wants to leave. That’s when Pidge recalls her father’s words that his team was like family. Pidge is the first person to associate the two words, and Keith immediately says “welcome back to the team”, a clear call back to Shiro’s words back in episode 4 about how a team/family can’t be forced.

Keith is welcoming her back to his family.


“The problem had to be with him, FN-2187 thought. That was the only explanation. It was what everyone had been saying all along, after all. He was different. Maybe he was so different he was broken. So he would work to fix it, to be a real stormtrooper, to be one of them. That was, he thought, what he wanted most of all. Not to be alone.”

                        — ‘Before the Awakening’ by Greg Rucka

Imagine Being Star-Lord’s Daughter and Wanting To Pet Rocket

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“Hey, hey!!!” Peter looked back into the Milano behind him to see his daughter, Y/N, trying to pet Rocket as he lounged in his seat.

“Watch the fur, kiddo!” he cried.

“But you’re so soft, Uncle Rocket!” you said, brushing a hand over his head anyway.

“I ain’t no stuffed toy!”

“Of course not,” you said as matter-of-factly as a five-year-old child could. “You’re a raccoon!”

“Raccoon? What’s a raccoon? Why has nobody told me what the hell a raccoon is yet?” Peter chuckled to himself as he watched, and he turned back around to face the front of the ship again.

“What’re you laughing about, Quill? What the hell is a raccoon? Freakin’ Terrans…”

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Mukuro's s/o trying to propose to him?


It wasn’t as if you didn’t love him, but you couldn’t help but distance yourself a little from Mukuro as you tried to figure out how to propose to him. Honestly, you wouldn’t have had to do this if he would be the one doing it but the damn man was taking too long! It’s been five long years since he asked you to be his significant other, his “partner through the seven hells”, but you’ve been expecting him to propose since last year.

You knew that distancing yourself might have a negative impact on your relationship, but you figured that the end justified the means, you know? And if the end results in finally getting married, well then damn, all of it would have been worth it.

No, it wasn’t worth it.

Because now, here you both are, arguing over a little misunderstanding. It takes a lot to make your lover jealous, Mukuro usually kept that part of him under wraps in fear of scaring you off. However, you pulled away too much and now he thinks you’re leaving him.

Well shit.

Time to do some damage control.

“Babe, listen, please,” you pleaded as you tried to meet his mismatched eyes. He refused to look at you and looked at a fixed point beyond you instead. There was a hard look in his eyes, a look that made many men shiver in fear. It was a look that you knew only appeared when he was truly upset. “I love you, do you hear me? I. Love. You. No one else even comes close.”

Mukuro scoffed before turning away. “I’m sure you do. Next you’re going to tell me that Tsunayoshi has sworn off his women.” He was hurt, but refused to show it. He always wanted to look strong in front of you but the hurt was something a lot more personal, a lot deeper. “Save it, I have a mission to leave for in the morning.”

You internally screamed out of frustration. This stubborn man! Why can’t he see how ridiculous this was. Why, out of all the times, why is it now that he decides to question your loyalty? Running a hand down your face, you groaned out, “For god’s sake, Rokudo Mukuro, will you stop being a five year old and listen to me already? I am trying to save our relationship.”

“Save?” he snapped back, spinning around on his heel. He stormed towards you, each step causing you to back away until you hit the wall behind you. The illusionist caged you in his arms, looming over you with a sneer. He leaned in close, eyes boring into yours. “You’re the one destroying it, not me.”

Holy shit is this bastard lucky you love him enough to ignore this. You grew angry, the frustration of trying to figure out how to propose finally building up and became too much. “Alright, fine. You want to know why I’ve been pulling away?” you screamed in his face.

Shocked at your voice, Mukuro pulled back from you before a bored look ruled his face once more. “Sure, why not?” he drawled lazily. Oh, but you knew better.

You’ve talked with the other guardians about your frustrations. You’ve had Chrome calm you down from panicking over your proposal. You took Ken’s laughter and Chikusa’s neutrality in stride. You even kicked M.M.’s ass just to assert yourself in Mukuro’s life.

How dare this walking tall pineapple act like he doesn’t care?!


Mukuro blanched at your confession, genuinely surprised at your reason. But you couldn’t stop now, the water works beginning as your emotions overflowed. “NOW LOOK, YOU FLOPPY PANCAKE, YOU’VE RUINED IT ALL.”

You broke into full sobs, gripping your hair in your hands tightly as you looked down. Refusing to look at him. All that planning gone to waste. And all because you wanted it to be a surprise.

Bracing yourself for whatever backlash you were going to receive from him, you weren’t really expecting him to bring you into his arms for a fierce hug. He kissed the top of your head before burrowing his face into your hair.

“Kufufu, what a horrible fiancee I am to have made you cry like this.” Mukuro tightened his hug, almost crushing you in his arms. “I truly am sorry, my dear. Of course I’ll marry you.”

Within These Faulted Borders

Hichiruki. Smut. Written for this week’s @deathberryprompts weekly drabble theme. Theme this week was ‘possession’. ~400 words. 

It’s not that Ichigo doesn’t get her off – because he does, and he’s remarkably effective about it – but it’s that with him, it’s always sweet and soft and lovely and sometimes, Rukia just wants to be used. She wants to feel the bite of his teeth, and the grip of his fingers, she wants to bear the marks of his passion like badges on her skin.

Ichigo is so gentle – his hands sweeping tenderly down her body, and his mouth leaves only the marks of lips and tongue across her porcelain-pale skin. He marvels at her slender wrists – holding them both in the gentle grip of one hand – and her narrow waist – spanning its circumference with both hands so his fingers touch at the base of her spine - but it’s not enough.

But when he surfaces, when he claws his way out of the depths of Ichigo’s soul and Ichigo’s eyes turn coal-black and the colour bleeds out of his skin until he is bone white and luminous in the moonlight; Rukia shivers at the feel of his nails in her skin, and at the bite of his fingers twisted in her hair. There is no denying the thrill that rides through her gut at the possession that simmers behind his eyes.

It’s always dark when it happens – nighttime or a shadowed afternoon – and Rukia wonders if she’ll ever get used to it. He presses her back against the nearest flat surface – horizontal or otherwise – and takes her apart with the kind of single-minded intensity that Ichigo can never quite manage to replicate. There’s no time to catch her breath, no time to sink into the sensation and let it wash over her – he is relentless and drives her over the edge without warning.

Afterwards, she wakes next to Ichigo, returned to his rightful place at the centre of his own mind and stretches languidly against him. Ichigo sweeps a hand down her side and Rukia hisses when his palm crosses a bite mark on her hip.

“Rukia, what – oh,” he says, and Rukia looks up at him. The timbre of his voice has changed, gone dark and the grip of his hand tightens. When he meets her gaze, his eyes are clear amber, but there’s a fierceness within them that makes Rukia’s blood heat. “Just remember,” he says, and there’s a growl under his voice that makes Rukia think of pale skin and black nails, “you were mine first.”

But I really really need an au where Taehyung can see ghosts and Yoongi is a grim reaper. 

Because I mean happy and energetic Taehyung coming across Yoongi one day and just latching onto him because even though Taehyung doesn’t usually mind the ghosts some of them are really scary and he feels safe around Yoongi. 

And an exasperated Yoongi who’s always like “how are you not scared of me, go away kid and let me do my job,” but he actually loves having Taehyung around even though there’s this nagging at the back of his head that’s telling him he’s getting too deep into something that he shouldn’t be messing around with. 

Having Taehyung around helps though, so Yoongi doesn’t dwell on it too much. All of the ghosts that Yoongi has to guide over are comforted by Taehyung’s presence, his soft reassurances that everything is going to be okay and that they should depart happily and Yoongi begrudgingly admits that the two of them make a good team.

@pornyplothead: Barry has unaddressed medical PTSD because pain killers dont work on him. Healing fast does nothing to mask the incredible pain he keeps undergoing.

I couldn’t agree more.  Not only is the medical aspect gruesome, but the injuries he sustains in and of themselves are awful.  I’m always struck by the flashbacks he has in 2.07 Gorilla Warfare about Zoom’s first attack.  It’s textbook PTSD, but Team Flash push him to recover because “Physically, you’re fine, champ.”  I totally get that for the story to progress, we need our intrepid hero back on his feet ASAP, but on a human level that lack of support was pretty ouch.

One of my related headcanons is that Barry hides injuries.  He might tough out treatments initially, but as time goes by, he doesn’t sustain fewer injuries during fights, he just doesn’t bring them up.  Alternatively, he self-treats in private rather than subjecting himself to a treatment where he has far less say.  There are exceptions, of course – like Savitar’s claw – but he keeps his mouth shut whenever he can to avoid being turned into a lab rat.

/punches a wall/ Why are you /kicks a trash can/ so damn cute??!!!!! i swear to god sometimes makoto just looks at haru and he just kinda smiles because god he loves this boy so much and he’s so fond and he’s so lucky to have him. and i’m just so weak for that. OTL i’m open for commissions btw!

i just want pre-serum steve and bucky swing dancing and like cuz bucky’s a total lady’s man all the fancy moves he knows are hella romantic and steve’s so little he can do lifts and stuff with him better than most of the ladies but steve gets miffed about being thrown around so it always devolves from sweet dancing to steve actively trying to kick bucky in the shins and stepping on his feet until they’re wrestling on the floor with swing music still playing in the background

It is said in songs that it gleamed ever in the dark if foes approached

“It just looks like a sword to me,” Celegorm said, picking it up from Curufin’s workbench. He had been lounging around the workshop most of the day, since the weather outside was damp and foggy. “Nice balance, though…” He waved it experimentally, and then tested the edge on the fine hairs of his wrist. “Sharp!”

“It doesn’t look anything special in daylight,” Curufin told him. “Careful with that. It’s the only one that’s come through the process without shattering yet. I want to try it out.”

“Try it out?” Celegorm looked quizzically at his brother.

“On some orcs,” Curufin explained. “I thought we might do a little night-hunting.”

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Okay so like…I’m laying here just thinking about him again like I always do and wow if we had the chance to really just BE, we probably would’ve been living together and coolin it by now. I mean, its best if we aren’t together rn because life is wild as hell for us both but damn he’s so fine and so smart and so handsome and loves me so much. So validating of my hopes and dreams and gender and frustrations.

Sooo I was looking up corgis on the internet just like i always do because they are really hard to get in germany and i found a perfect family who just got a litter of puppies and holy shit??? There were only two still available and i asked my mom and she was like “yeah sure” ??? 

I called the breeder today and she is super friendly and the puppy I chose was the only one that didn’t had a name yet and since all the other names started with n r she asked if I’ve got an idea for him so I called him Ryder and it’s pretty much official and guys??? This is the dream??!? (alSO they will be old enough for adoption one week before my birthday i think it’s destiny)

i mean … LOOK AT HIM

Okay but imagine

Draco knitting Harry a sweater for Christmas because he always gets one from Mrs. Weasley and it’s time he got one from his boyfriend. So he spends hours over this green sweater with a silver H (or attempted one) because Harry has enough Gryffindor stuff. He almost doesn’t give it to Harry on Christmas because he thinks it’s not good enough but he does anyways because it’s all he’s gotten him. Harry opening the gift and absolutely loving it because who doesn’t like sweaters knitted by your boyfriend? And then Draco opens his gift from Harry and it’s a red sweater with a golden D on it because it’s goddamn time that Draco has his own hand knit sweater. It’s just as bad but Draco absolutely adores it. They spend all Christmas wearing them and just being the cutest couple ever.