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Director Sanvers (ish) Prompt: Some alien device is accidentally set off in the DEO, and it de-ages all the humans into toddlers/small children. Maggie comes into the DEO to visit her girlfriends only to see that they’re like seven years old. She and J'onn and Kara and M'gann (because she came back from Mars) have to take care of all the DEO agents until the effects wear off.

I took a few liberties with the plot, but it’s the same essence.

Shout-out to @syllabicacronyms for reading through it for me


 “They aren’t de-aged, not technically,” was all Kara said before Maggie tuned her out.

In part because Kara went off into an explanation full of what Maggie thought was scientific jargon, but may have also been another language.

In part because a tiny Alex Danvers was clinging to Kara’s back and staring, unblinking, at Maggie.

“What the hell, Kara?”

“That’s a bad word,” Alex said before Kara even realized Maggie spoke.

Kara’s ramble stuttered to a stop before she nodded at Maggie.  “Yeah.  That’s a bad word.”

Maggie raised an eyebrow.

“Right.”  Kara paused for a moment.  “There was an accident.”

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