i've actually had this headcanon for a while


I may have gotten carried away with this and decided to take the opportunity to draw a bunch of various Ricks and how I headcanon they looked as little kids. Have fun trying to sort out who’s who.

luna lovegood would 100% be the mother who makes the wackiest experimental recipes like spicy pea puree casserole or seaweed crumble doughnuts until the scamander twins take survival cooking lessons from the hogwarts house-elves and start making more traditional/tasty food at home (with a creative flair of course–they are half lovegood, after all)


A mermaid AU!!

Okay, so let my imagination run wild, but this is what I imagine:

Mika is a young “merboy" who sometimes hangs out on the surface of a secluded shore. Incidentally, Yuu finds Mika’s spot purely by accident because he needed a quiet place to read and be by himself, until Mika unexpectedly pokes his head out of the water only to find this weird, adorable human thing sitting on HIS rock–clearly his territory–. Eventually, they kind of get to know each other; at first, Yuu’s kind of freaked out that there’s a kid living in water, but they bond anyway.

Mika doesn’t know how to read, so Yuu brings books and other junk to show him, and Mika is just BLOWN away at how fascinating the surface world is. Yuu can’t swim, so Mika takes it as his responsibility to teach him and show him the wonders of the sea!! At one point, Mika gets too excited and almost drowns his Yuu-chan. They are so attached to each other.

Inspired by sophia-loves-mikayuu’s  post !

@your-heroes-imagined here you go! thank you so much for your support (and for requesting iida, it made this a lot easier than i expected it would be, haha)!! this ended up being much longer than i thought it would (sorry!), so i’ll put it under a cut. i hope you’re having a great day! take care!

iida’s firsts (confession, date, kiss) headcanons:

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Bucky’s comments when encountering post-serum Steve are usually passed off as a bit comical and of curiosity, especially with how vague Steve responds but does anyone else think about how worried Bucky must be? He’s been experimented on by a scientist, the same one who works for the man that has a serum similar to Steve’s running through his body. Bucky asking if what Steve went through to become who he currently is ‘hurt’ is basically confirmation that whatever Bucky was forced to endure (the injections & pain) is the same thing that Steve consented to.

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Hey! Um... I honestly can't remember if I've asked anything here before. sorry. But I'm curious, how would Gaster look in UnderSourse? Is he gloopy, or actually very suave like your Sans? Sincerely, Ghost-Eyes.

He would’ve looked something like this, before and after the core-incident. ^_^

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someone asked botw-headcanons about Zelda giving Link food so that he opens up more to her (I guess it were BOTW-Zelda and Link but I'm not sure). the answer was quite nice but somewhat short for my liking. I've thought about more (or it's actually totally silly); Zelda kind of spoils Link with lots and lots of food. and while he's digging through everything, Zelda keeps asking questions. to which Link answers right away and doesn't notice being questioned so much?

(I really like this! I wrote it pre-Ganon. Sorry if it’s a bit long.)

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Hey~! I hope you're doing well! :3 I saw your post and wanted to share this headcanon I've had for a while now with you: I somehow can imagine, that everytime Oikawa tries to lie or tries to mask over his true feelings, he unconciously begins to twirl a lock of his hair around his finger. And Iwaizumi is one of the few people, who actually notices and then proceeds to ask him again what's wrong, until he might give in! :o

a.n.: this probably wasn’t what you had in mind and my writing isn’t really up-to-par but I hope you like it! 

Tooru’s fingers are long and thin and perfect for setting. They’re smooth and pale where Hajime’s own are shorter and more rough, all bruised and covered in splinters.

They’re warm when he takes Hajime’s hand, yet so cold when he presses them into Hajime’s neck in comfort after a lost game. They dance over his skin and tap on Tooru’s knee when he’s thinking. They end up in Tooru’s hair, again, always, twisting and pulling and turning the locks in circles.

Hajime’s eyes follow the movement for a while, how fluid it is, how contrasting Tooru’s dark hair looks against his skin, how he pulls a little strand out but ignores it, or maybe doesn’t notice. He always does this, even after Hajime tells him he will leave himself bald for it. He knows now that it’s because Tooru is nervous, or wondering too hard about something he thinks is too stupid to mention. Hajime never asks because Tooru always tells him anyway. He watches Tooru press his index finger against the thumb and pull, harder this time, at a particularly abused strand of hair. Tooru does this little dance with his fingers, twirls the piece of hair back and forth between index and thumb, sometimes adding his middle finger as well.

“You’re doing it again,” Hajime sighs in the end, because the usual fifteen minutes of non-stop hair torture have long passed and he’s just about done watching it take place. Tooru’s hand stops in the movement, and he spares Hajime a short glance. He doesn’t seem to be aware of what he’s doing, but he drops his hand to his lap long enough for Hajime to look away. “So what’s wrong?”

He asks this because he knows Tooru will just start pulling again if he doesn’t.

Tooru hums; it’s the first sign of acknowledgment Hajime gets from him. “I guess I’m wondering.” The answer is so vague it leaves Hajime’s thoughts spinning, wondering what it means. He doesn’t try to figure it out, it doesn’t matter, Tooru will tell him if he nudges a little harder.

“Care to elaborate?” His tone is dry but curiosity reaches his eyes. Tooru has always liked to make him work for everything, even simple answers to simple questions.

Tooru’s fingers continue their little dance, but Hajime doesn’t try to stop it now. “Have you ever…” He stops himself mid-thought and hums again, considering his words. Tooru is always thinking and it drives Hajime half-insane with how clearly he can imagine those gears turning around in his head. “Do you ever wonder what it’s like?” he looks up, his eyes finding Hajime’s and holding his gaze. “To kiss a guy?”

It takes him by surprise, not because he never thought about it, but because he never thought Tooru would. “Sometimes.” He admits. It isn’t difficult; it actually makes it a little easier to breathe.

“Have you ever done it?” Tooru’s face looks more open than Hajime has ever seen it – he swallows, nods, watching the smile form on Tooru’s face. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I think I want to try it.”

The part of Hajime that hasn’t yet gone haywire wonders why Tooru is telling him this. There’s an unspoken with you in the look Tooru is giving him, or so Hajime thinks, but he doesn’t dare open his mouth to ask.

“So do you want to?” Hajime must imagine it, but it feels like Tooru is sitting a lot closer than he was just a moment ago.

“Wh – sorry, what?”

“I wanna kiss you. Can I?” Tooru deadpans.

Hajime bites his tongue; he knows it isn’t the right time to tell Tooru the proper way to ask is May I?

“Okay.” It’s that simple, somehow everything with Tooru always is.

Hajime sees him start to lean in, so he does the same and they meet halfway. Actually, they crash; it’s like a supernova, Hajime doesn’t know how else to describe it. Tooru’s tongue is hot, and insistent on wiping Hajime’s mouth clean of saliva. It almost hurts when they push their lips further together, bruising and biting the skin. Hajime’s head is spinning in circles, trying to remember how to breathe. And Tooru’s skin is so smooth; Hajime’s hand goes to his face, pressing into his cheek.

His lips ghost over Tooru’s one more time before he feels the other pull away. Hajime does the same with some reluctance, because Tooru’s smell – honey and cinnamon, and cold air stuck in his hair and everything good – lingers in the space between them. Tooru looks at him for what feels like the first time; Hajime’s mouth feels too dry to speak so he’s glad when Tooru does.

“I don’t think I ever want to kiss girls again,” Tooru’s breath comes out against Hajime’s face, bringing him back to the surface of his thoughts.

His fingers are closed over Tooru’s jaw, gentle. Tooru is tapping his thigh, eyes dark and curious as he looks at Hajime. And Hajime takes his hand, squeezing his fingers – they’re so cold again – and smiles.

“I don’t think I ever want to kiss anyone else again.”

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Hi, I've been a huge fan of your blog for a while now and when I saw the requests were open I had to jump on it! Do you have any headcanons for knights and the first kiss with the s/o? (I actually have never requested anything beforehand so this is new for me.) Thanks again for all your hard work! (´∀`)

wahh, thank you so much??? im so honoured to be your first uuuu,, but i hope you dont mind if i wrote your reqs in imagine style, i’m more comfortable in writing reactions in bite-size scenario hehh

leo ~ ☆

 He’s been considering kissing them for days already; they’re partners now, for heck’s sake! Leo is distant and pensive at times, staring at their lips almost psychotically as they speak, their words filtering in one ear and out the other. But then, his spontaneity gets the better of him, and if his s/o happened to do even something small and sweet for him, he leaps up and kisses them on their lips.

  "Thanks, _____, you’re the best!“ he’ll say, before he processes what he has just done. And then Leo is downright embarrassed, unable to make eye contact, until their s/o tilts his chin and steals him back a kiss.

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I honestly wish tumblr let us send asks from side blogs, BUT ANYWAY, been meaning to ask! Didn't you say you headcanon Akaashi with a little sister? What's she like? Cause I've been wanting to draw her for a while :3

omg listen i have so many headcanons for akaashis family, but i havent had the chance to talk about my favorite so!!!!!! bless u i love this ask it made my morning 

so basically, keiji lives with his mother, Makiko, grandmother, Himeko, and little sister Tsubasa. 

(a family portrait)

Tsubasa is actually his half sister. keiji’s father and mother divorced when Keiji was young and Tsubasa was a surprise that came from an affair Makiko had with a man from a prestigious family. She’s about ten years younger than Keiji and he adores her. She’s a little princess, more openly expressive and sweet than her older brother. She has the same competitive nature and analytical mind. her insults however, are dressed much nicer. She loves waiting for Keiji to come home so she can gossip to him about all the dumb stuff the kids in her class did. Keiji is very protective of his baby sister in his own way and absolutely adores her. Though he doesnt talk about her much since he’s such a private person. He doesnt let just anyone meet his precious sister (or the rest of his family, for that matter). 

Since i’m on the topic, I’ll share a little bit about Makiko and Himeko. Makiko is a divorce lawyer and does her best to be a connected mother, but since she works very much and her son is often busy with volleyball, she’s still very much disconnected. There are times when she has days off where she demands a family outing. There are photos on the wall from before Tsubasa was born. Many with her and Keiji, smiling, when she had more time. She regrets that she doesnt seem to be around as much for her daughter. But she’s grateful at least, that her mother, Himeko is around, so forthright and very active in raising the children. 

Keiji gets his sense of humor from Himeko and she often comes off as cruel to many people. She’s stubborn and Keiji gets his ability to read people and situations from her as well. Though, Himeko has perfected the art that some people think she’s some kind of psychic. 

and yeah, that’s the basics of my headcanons for akaashi’s family Thanks for asking!!!!! if u draw tsubasa tag me pls!!!!!! <3333

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I haven't had the time to sit down and watch MP100 or read the manga, but have go ask. Are Serizawa's "fangs" canon, or what encouraged you to draw him in such a way? It's something I've been trying to figure out for a while haha

sdjghdsk it’s not canon actually, it’s just my self-indulgent headcanon. I like the idea of him having long canine and I think he looks pretty cute with it ;;

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Have you seen the circulating pic of the photoshopped Vampire Reaper with his actual face? You mind if I uh.... ask for them headcanons about Vamp Reaper?

  • He has kept journals over the entire duration of his being to keep himself from madness, from having his vampirism cut himself off completely from the world.
  • Earlier on, while he could still remember what it was like to be human, he refused to take lives. Once his secret was found out and the thirst had become unbearable, however, he was forced to kill (the birth of the mask as well) and continued to, mindlessly, thinking he was above trauma and remorse until he snapped. Sympathy and compassion woke up from their coma, chaining him to a “moral code.”
  • Modern Vampire Reaper is still deadly, but selective, turned towards the blood of the depraved and corrupt.
  • Slaked Reaper is sleepy and lethargic while hunger wakes him and fills him with energy.
  • Modern Vampire Reaper owns various properties, including a castle in Europe (the previous owners mysteriously and tragically dying*) as well as apartments in various major cities.
  • Before the curse, the bite and the hunger— he was a writer. He could shed every one of his possessions besides his fountain pens and tattered leatherbound journals. Modern Vampire Reaper’s distaste for writing on tablets and consoles is not a side effect of technofear, rather a deep, terrible sentimentality.

[[It’s that time again! Time for me to ramble on about a headcanon, probably repeat myself three times, and ultimately talk in circles:

So I imagine that it’s actually super hard to make Mic angry. Like, he’ll play around like he’s angry and joke a lot. He certainly gets upset and annoyed, but only in the sense that he’ll pout a little and then be fine again pretty shortly. He 10000% gets sad and lonely pretty easily and just hides it. But getting angry at someone else isn’t something that happens to him often. So basically whenever he does get actually angry, even if it’s just like medium anger, it’s pretty scary because he goes from being fun joking guy to “I’m going to wreck your shit guy” in like .02 seconds. Oh and when he’s like actually enraged just oh man. Run away.]]

It’s such a simple thing… But I wish they had kept Kairi smiling with her teeth in the remake of CoM (which she does do in the GBA version, as you can see below).

Because Kairi actually grins with her teeth quite a bit, and I think it’s something that somewhat separates her and Naminé from each other.

Some examples of Kairi smirking with her teeth. Also, my excuse to put a lot of happy Kairis in one post:

And the only time I can really think of where Naminé did this, is this scene:

But note that even in KHII’s ending, that has Kairi grin with her teeth a lot, they have her then moving to smiling with her lips to show a resemblance between her and Naminé.

So in short, too late for that I think Kairi’s more the kind of girl to show some teeth when beaming (though she has been known to grin with her lips some), whereas Naminé smiles with her lips. And I think the original CoM was maybe trying to say that, and Re:CoM sort of forgot it.

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Hi!! I've been following you for a while now and I am still absolutely floored by your art work every time I see it, and there's so much red vs blue!!! Especially Connie!!! I love her so much, Your art is really stunning! (I know you're super busy but if you ever draw agent Maine that would be amazing, if you have time )

you’re so sweet, thank you so much!!!

i really should draw more connie……..i love her

but yes, maine is amazing! i actually never really had a headcanon of my own for him, but i LOVELOVELOVELOVE how @basiacat draws him, and i asked her ages ago if i could draw him and this was the perfect excuse to actually get off my butt and do it~

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Heeeeyo 0/ Okay so I'm rewatching batman vs superman dawn of justice and like. While batsy wonderwoman and superman are fighting the kryptonian that bruce led to gotham,what do you think J and Harley were doing? Watching it on the news? Lol.

I actually had a headcanon/chat for that exact thing a really long time ago lol

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Hi!! Your headcanons are killing me. You are so good at this, and I was hoping maybe you could give me some headcanons based off an idea I had? So Harley was previously a gymnast, and I was thinking about what Joker's hidden skill would be? I think he is a pianist. Like a good one. We even see a broken piano in the concept art for the "Where is She" scene. Any HC ideas about that? Please and thank you!! ☺️☺️

Thank you :)

I actually share that headcanon but haven’t mentioned it much lol

I definitely think Joker can play the piano and likely sing as well. He doesn’t do it often, but Harley loves to hear him play because she finds it relaxing. It’s really only something he does in more chill moments, but Harley always looks forward to it :)

(He tried to teach her how to play once but she’s not always the quickest learner so he gave up pretty fast lol)