i've actually had this headcanon for a while

Like Emma, Will needs glasses. She noticed her eyesight getting bad her first year in high school. It wasn’t a big deal at first; she just made sure to sit in the front row in class. It’s gotten progressively worse, but she’s too stubborn to say anything now. Instead she constantly strains her eyes and gives herself headaches as a result.

luna lovegood would 100% be the mother who makes the wackiest experimental recipes like spicy pea puree casserole or seaweed crumble doughnuts until the scamander twins take survival cooking lessons from the hogwarts house-elves and start making more traditional/tasty food at home (with a creative flair of course–they are half lovegood, after all)

Okay One Piece fandom needs to calm the F*ck down

I can’t believe I’m actually typing this but my god - I’ve had enough. People are allowed to have their own opinions on different matters and voice them out. And as we’re all reasonable people, we let them speak and we will hear them out. We do not attack them and call them out for having “wrong” headcanons and/or pairings. No, that is rude and immature.

This new arc has raised many opinions, each different from the rest. As much as I enjoy seeing people exchange their thoughts of the new characters and their relationships - it doesn’t give the right to attack anyone.

People, we are dealing with fictional characters. Some may think their lives are similar to the fictional one’s but that still doesn’t give you the privilege to be awful to other people. 
Sanji’s situation sucks, yeah we geddit, but we all know how Oda tends to treat his fictional children. We have seen this cycle before, haven’t we.

This fandom has taken a huge turn as the series has continued on and some are still excited as ever, some stick with one perspective and some try to find alternative solutions. 
We want to have a nice discussion and not unleash a fandom war. What people expect to see after publishing their views on something is that someone politely corrects and/or adds new perspectives to theirs or helps them by adding something they have missed.

Please, be nice to one another.

We want to be welcoming for the new fans and support fanartists and authors but this awful and rude behaviour is only driving people away.

Thank you for listening.

Pt 3: Percy/Annabeth Swap

(Part 1 can be found here, Part 2 here

  • Percy spends the year at Camp, like usual, but this time it’s different
  • There’s no Luke, and Percy trains harder than usual, much harder
  • He becomes a lot better with Riptide, and changes his style from fighting with a dagger to fighting with a sword
  • He’s actually pretty good naturally. He was always good with a dagger, but Chiron thinks he might be even better with Riptide
  • Percy keeps in contact with Annabeth, but she’s going to school in New York, and is pretty busy herself
  • It turns out she’s made a new friend. His name’s Tyson, and he’s bullied. Annabeth takes sympathy on him
  • Soon enough, bad things start happening at Camp
  • Thalia’s tree starts dying. Percy’s the first one who notices, because he likes to spend time by the tree
  • They soon discover she’s been poisoned, and that’s when Percy becomes desperate
  • To make things even worse, he’s been having dreams about Grover, dreams that involve a cyclops
  • Percy hates cyclopses
  • It comes from his encounter with a cyclops when he, Thalia and Luke were on the run, and were captured by a cyclops in a cave. They almost died
  • Ever since then, Percy’s had a dislike for cyclopses, and so he’s worried for Grover
  • He needs Annabeth if they’re going to go on a quest, so after thinking over it for a while, he finally decides to leave Camp and go get her
  • He turns up just as Annabeth is attacked by giants, but they get out of it
  • They soon reach Camp, but Annabeth’s friend Tyson tags along
  • They reach back just as Chiron is leaving, having been replaced by Tantalus
  • Percy is distraught
  • He doesn’t acknowledge this is goodbye, because he knows he’s going to get Chiron back
  • It’s only then they realise that Tyson is a cyclops
  • Percy immediately scrambles away from him, leaving Annabeth confused
  • Unfortunately, when Tyson is claimed by Poseidon that evening, Percy gets a new brother… one he most certainly does not want

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Dating Steve Rogers Headcanons

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A/N: So I haven’t written anything in a while but I had some time today & decided to give this a try, I actually had a lot of fun writing it. I also have written one for Bucky and am working on one for Sam, if you feel like it, tell me your thoughts? I kinda tried to make it different than anything I’ve read around here before. I’d appreciate feedback a whole lot 

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