i've actually had this headcanon for a while

luna lovegood would 100% be the mother who makes the wackiest experimental recipes like spicy pea puree casserole or seaweed crumble doughnuts until the scamander twins take survival cooking lessons from the hogwarts house-elves and start making more traditional/tasty food at home (with a creative flair of course–they are half lovegood, after all)

headcanon: Belle’s birthday

When the Beast learns that Belle’s birthday is coming up, he has no idea what to do. He wants to surprise her with something special, but he’s worried that, after the library, anything he gives her might seem anticlimactic. 

Then one day as they’re reading together, she admits that, while she’s read a lot of Shakespeare, she’s never actually seen one of his plays performed. Not a lot of opportunity for attending the theater in her village. She sounds pretty disappointed about that, which gives the Beast an idea…

On her birthday, he leads her to the ballroom, where he and the servants have put together an impromptu stage, with curtains and everything. He roped some of the servants into playing roles from Much Ado About Nothing. Lumiere plays a very melodramatic Claudio, Cogsworth was guilted into playing the villainous Don John (he complained endlessly about it but then ended up getting very seriously into character). 

The Beast then hands Belle a script and tells her she’s Beatrice tonight.

Their production is admittedly a little disorganized, especially since most the characters are being played by sentient household objects, but their audience (consisting of Mrs. Potts and the rest of the kitchen staff) is very forgiving. The Beast is suddenly nervous about casting himself as Benedick (is it going to be awkward playing her love interest?) but Belle tells him afterward as they take their bows that he did a wonderful job. 

And she can’t remember the last time she had so much fun.


A mermaid AU!!

Okay, so let my imagination run wild, but this is what I imagine:

Mika is a young “merboy" who sometimes hangs out on the surface of a secluded shore. Incidentally, Yuu finds Mika’s spot purely by accident because he needed a quiet place to read and be by himself, until Mika unexpectedly pokes his head out of the water only to find this weird, adorable human thing sitting on HIS rock–clearly his territory–. Eventually, they kind of get to know each other; at first, Yuu’s kind of freaked out that there’s a kid living in water, but they bond anyway.

Mika doesn’t know how to read, so Yuu brings books and other junk to show him, and Mika is just BLOWN away at how fascinating the surface world is. Yuu can’t swim, so Mika takes it as his responsibility to teach him and show him the wonders of the sea!! At one point, Mika gets too excited and almost drowns his Yuu-chan. They are so attached to each other.

Inspired by sophia-loves-mikayuu’s  post !

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someone asked botw-headcanons about Zelda giving Link food so that he opens up more to her (I guess it were BOTW-Zelda and Link but I'm not sure). the answer was quite nice but somewhat short for my liking. I've thought about more (or it's actually totally silly); Zelda kind of spoils Link with lots and lots of food. and while he's digging through everything, Zelda keeps asking questions. to which Link answers right away and doesn't notice being questioned so much?

(I really like this! I wrote it pre-Ganon. Sorry if it’s a bit long.)

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I haven't had the time to sit down and watch MP100 or read the manga, but have go ask. Are Serizawa's "fangs" canon, or what encouraged you to draw him in such a way? It's something I've been trying to figure out for a while haha

sdjghdsk it’s not canon actually, it’s just my self-indulgent headcanon. I like the idea of him having long canine and I think he looks pretty cute with it ;;


Bucky’s comments when encountering post-serum Steve are usually passed off as a bit comical and of curiosity, especially with how vague Steve responds but does anyone else think about how worried Bucky must be? He’s been experimented on by a scientist, the same one who works for the man that has a serum similar to Steve’s running through his body. Bucky asking if what Steve went through to become who he currently is ‘hurt’ is basically confirmation that whatever Bucky was forced to endure (the injections & pain) is the same thing that Steve consented to.

Human!Mesonii has new digs!

I’ve sort of been unsatisfied with the way I translated her alternate outfit from the woomiverse to the human!AU, so I decided to do some jacket formulating for her. I ultimately went with the second color palette for her new jacket, and I think it meshes the Black Squideye and Retro Gamer Jersey pretty well.

Also, basketball patches! For a while, I’ve had a personal headcanon that Monty plays basketball- no idea where it sprung up- so this is the first instance in the human!AU where it’s mentioned. Another new first mention: her full name in the AU, “Montrelle”. Kind of a tiny detail, but still cool.

In other news, I don’t think I’ll be hosting a livestream tonight as I planned- I feel like I need to push for the last three days of school. So, unless something pops up, I’ll hold it on Wednesday. Sorry about that.


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Heeeeyo 0/ Okay so I'm rewatching batman vs superman dawn of justice and like. While batsy wonderwoman and superman are fighting the kryptonian that bruce led to gotham,what do you think J and Harley were doing? Watching it on the news? Lol.

I actually had a headcanon/chat for that exact thing a really long time ago lol

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Hi!! Your headcanons are killing me. You are so good at this, and I was hoping maybe you could give me some headcanons based off an idea I had? So Harley was previously a gymnast, and I was thinking about what Joker's hidden skill would be? I think he is a pianist. Like a good one. We even see a broken piano in the concept art for the "Where is She" scene. Any HC ideas about that? Please and thank you!! ☺️☺️

Thank you :)

I actually share that headcanon but haven’t mentioned it much lol

I definitely think Joker can play the piano and likely sing as well. He doesn’t do it often, but Harley loves to hear him play because she finds it relaxing. It’s really only something he does in more chill moments, but Harley always looks forward to it :)

(He tried to teach her how to play once but she’s not always the quickest learner so he gave up pretty fast lol)