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Steven Universe is the show we needed as children. It’s the show that speaks to the child within us that still needs to hear everything it has to tell us. It’s a show that is, somewhat ironically, about the realities of world we live in that doesn’t underestimate the intelligence of its intended audience. It’s a show that displays over and over again, why representation matters. 

So yes, it is a kid’s show. And I am so very glad it is. 

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It says ask box closed but scenarios open so idk if I can send this but I will in case. Could you do a V or Jimin scenario based on the song wet the bed by Chris brown?

I went with Jimin for this! I’m assuming you want smut, since this is one explicit baby-making song. This is actually one of my go-to smut writing songs (and you better believe I listened to it on loop to write this), God bless you, anon! Hope you enjoy!!
- Devi ( ◠ ◡ ◠ )

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[Warning: Explicit Content]

wet the bed

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So Akoya is actually (I say actually like we all didn’t know that already) pretty self-conscious. Look at what he wears to the beach

It’s a freaking turtleneck. I mean, it looks great on him 

Yes, Akoya, it is a shame and I guess he’s not as bad as Kinshirou, but still… It’s more conservative than what *I’d* wear to the beach, and I’m one of the most self-conscious people ever… Arima is apparently the only one who actually wanted to go to the beach for the sake of going to the beach. 

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So I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, ever since I saw this post saying that in the Valentine’s day episode, what Chat Noir says is actually him saying how much he loves Ladybug. So I basically did a translation!

Chat Noir- Ladybug, I HATE you with all my heart.

                - Ladybug, I LOVE you with all my heart.

Chat Noir- I don’t like you, Ladybug.

                -  I like you, Ladybug.

Chat Noir- You mean nothing to me.

               - You mean everything to me.

Chat Noir- I HATE YOU.

               - I LOVE YOU.

Chat Noir- This kindness… it’s really unbearable.

               - This kindness… it really bearable. (Basically he likes that she’s                           kind.)

Chat Noir- I’m happy we’re not friends.

               - I’m happy we’re friends.

Ladybug- Why do you have so much hate in you, Chat Noir?

T’is actually all his love for you.

Extra- When Ladybug goes to kiss him, you can take his negative attitude and swap it for a positive for if he was unaffected by the arrow.