I like to call this photoset “I only have one good angle.”

So, I was terribly bored tonight and had no idea what would happen when I grabbed my makeup brushes… When I was nearly done with this, I thought it was pretty clear what, or rather, who had inspired me. The ever lovely SSPirate  who is a wonderful artist… her use of traditional media and lovely LOVELY LOVELY femdom art makes me giddy. She draws some of the most attractive boys ever <3 If I could be a boy for a day, I’d want to look just like one of her drawings… And be a maid. 


You guys should also check out her DA or just stick to her Tumblr, where she posts things DA’s too prudish for.  

In the (slim?) chance you see this, SSPirate… I …uhm, apologize for not having the face/skills/camera to make this impromptu tribute as amazing as I now wish it were.

It was still fun, though.