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anonymous asked:

as much as i love mads, you really shouldn't support Dr. Strange movie at all since its pretty damn racist. ill give you link/explanation if i can find the post and you want it but yeah

It’s actually really good that you brought this up.  I knew this issue was bound to come up at some point, and it’s best to address this sooner rather than later.

There are several ethical, political, and social issues surrounding the production of Marvel’s Dr. Strange.  Appeasement to the Chinese audience over sensitivity to the Tibetan people, ethnic and racial erasure of pretty much all of the characters, casting Benedict Cumberbatch, the list goes on.  And it is very important that we, as fans, are aware of this, are vocal about this, and are sensitive to this.

There are many ways to do this: keeping a present and diplomatic voice about this among our peers and colleagues, boycotting the film, writing letters to Marvel and Disney, and other good things which many of you on here have come up with.  Of course we encourage socio-political awareness when it comes to this film, and sensitivity to those who have been swept under the bus by the companies that made it.

That being said: this is a fan blog for, specifically, Hannigram, and the actors Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen.  As Mads has opted to take a role in this film, and there will be promotional pictures and fanart that are going to show up all over the place, some of that fanart will show up here.  However, it will be as an appreciation for the actor Mads Mikkelsen, and not the film itself.  Each of us mods have personal blogs, and some of us have very loudly voiced our displeasure over the issues surrounding the film.  But those are issues with the film, and not with Mads. And those complaints belong on our personal blogs, and not this one.

So, as far as this particular blog is concerned, a neutral sharing of fanworks will continue.  Neither endorsing, nor blatantly condemning, the film itself.  That is the nature of the blog.

But I do urge you: continue to be aware of the issues.  Continue the conversation.  Maybe one day, the powers that be will listen.