Girlfriend? I don’t have a...- wait... I do have a girlfriend... oh my... teaser!

So yeah, a certain someone, I shall not call any names, right @lennat2
Who gave me the idea of Korra being blasted into a parralel universe. This is written mostly from Korra’s POV instead of Asami’s like in Boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend! story. 

So I wonder what you peeps think! Personally, I love it :3 but thats just me, haha!


Everything was black and all she felt was pain. When she tried to move, every muscle in her body started to protest. So she laid still again. Giving in to the darkness.

How did I get here again…? She tried to remember. It was vague but some parts came back to her. An explosion… Asami… Asami! I remember…-

“I think she’s waking up. Korra…? Can you hear me…? Korra, squeeze my fingers again!”

The voice sounded desperate and she recognized it. Was it Mako? No… his voice would be deeper. Bolin? No… same thing.

“I know what I felt Tonraq! She squeezed my fingers.”

Asami… Asami was here with her. Wherever here was, was still a mystery. Korra was glad it was Asami. Although surprised it wasn’t Mako. He’s my boyfriend after all right? So… why isn’t he here. Holding my hand. She didn’t mind it was Asami though. The two had gotten close over the past years. Ever since Asami had joined team Avatar. Perhaps not from the very beginning… but Asami had taken care of her after Zaheer attacked her. Before that, she managed to get them out of several sticky situations. During her recovery, she only replied to the letters she received from the engineer. She felt like she could just tell her anything. After everything that happened to her she was still so kind, generous, sweet, beautiful…

Beautiful? Why am I thinking that…? Because she is? There’s no denying it. Her soft pale skin. Those ruby lips. Her raven black hair that always smells so nice.

I need to stop… whatever happened to me, I think I hit my head a bit too hard… heh…

The more she thought about it, the more her brains came to the conclusion that Asami was more than just a friend. Could I be attracted to her? But, I’m with Mako. And Asami is a girl. Mako’s my boyfriend. We’ve been together for a few months… we do stuff together like… and… well we… well we do fight a lot… She took a deep breath. The pain she felt before not so bad now. The more she thought about it, the more she came to the same conclusion.

I like Asami. I mean… I like -like- Asami. Is that… weird…? I dunno… They taught me how to fight in the years I was locked away from the world. They never taught me about love. About sex. She groaned. Ugh… sex… ha! I never even had sex. Well, no one except myself that is… Another sigh followed. What would it be like… to do that with someone you care about. She started to think about it. A naked body laying next her own. She had seen Asami in her bathing suit and sleeping dress. She remembered pale skin that looked extremely soft. Delicate. Even in this state, she felt a shiver go down her spine that settled in the pit of her stomach.

“I know you can hear me, Korra… please… wake up…”

There it was again. Asami’s voice. Pleading for her to wake up. Slowly but surely, Korra start to rise up from the darkness that surrounded her. A faint light now lured her forward. With the promise of seeing Asami again she forced herself.

“Look! Look! She’s squeezing my hand! I told you!”

Asami… Asami! She tried to call out the name while getting closer to the light. It chased the darkness away and swallowed her whole. Her vision blurry while she blinked several times to regain focus. She was warm and comfortable. Laying in a bed in a white room.

“As… ami…?” Her voice cracked while she spoke. Slowly, her vision sharpened and her eyes locked with green ones. They looked red from crying. Tears still stained her cheeks. She cried… because of me…? Korra took a shuddering breath. Feeling more and more stable by the minute. “Asami… I’m…-” The rest of the sentence was lost when Ruby lips now locked with her own. She’s kissing me… she’s kissing me!? What!? Eyes open wide in shock and utter confusion. After a few seconds, the engineer pulled back. Her hands now cupped Korra’s cheeks. Asami kissed her several times more. Tenderly on the lips and just around them as well. All Korra could do was just stare at her friend in shock.

Finally, Asami pulled back enough for Korra to see who else was in the room. Her father sat on the other side. Oh Raava… did he see all this!? And… Mako…? Why didn’t he interfer! And… what the heck is going on! A deep blush decorated her cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Korra… I know you’re not keen on… public display of affection…” It was Asami, holding onto one of her tan hands. “But, I just… I’m just, so happy you’re awake again…”