i'ma rp

The first thing he was aware of was the blackness.

The second thing was that his eyes were shut, which would account for the blackness. Opening them hurt, so he left them closed while he took stock of the rest of his body. His mouth was dry, and he ached deep in his bones, but nothing seemed to be broken or cut.

A not-unkind hand gripped his arm and pulled him to his feet from where he sat in the hard chair. Opening his eyes was a little easier now, the light not so bad, and he peered around with no small amount of confusion. “Easy, Mr. the Scientist,” the person holding him up said- he couldn’t tell who, they wore a balaclava- “We’ve already called your emergency contact. He’s on his way.”

“My emer…? I don’t- who are…”

“Just calm down,” the person assured him again. “Amnesia is common, especially with first-time reeducation. We did have to go quite deep this time. It’ll wear off by tomorrow and you’ll remember everything- well, everything you should remember. You’ll be just fine.”

Carlos- he knew his own name, at least- was escorted outside and left there unceremoniously, still squinting into the sunlight. He wasn’t exactly sure where he was, but he had a feeling it wasn’t Seattle.