i'ma make it a tag now

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I’ve fallen into a new fandom and I don’t want to get up. I am now 100% Richonne trash and I have a lot of eps to watch and fics to plan. The realization hit me this morning and I reacted accordingly on Twitter...

1. So, I’m #Richonne trash now & it’s all y'all’s fault! I’ve noticed #TWD in the background but never got into it but then y'all on my TL…

2. It never fails. Give me a silver fox, an awesome black lady, give them layers, make them lovably flawed, and I’m doomed to OTP! #Richonne

3.#TWD And just going into the #Richonne tags, reading ALL the fic, looking up their story arc and I’m just…

4. And OF COURSE, I get fishhooked by #Richonne just in time for Denny from Grey’s to rise from the dead to try & off them. OF COURSE. #TWD

5. Now, I’m not too worried. It would make no sense for Rick or Michonne to get got by Negan’s bat of DOOM but is it October yet? #TWD

6. Why do I always do this to myself? Please tell me that #TWD’s showrunner is better than #Scandal’s or #SleepyHollow’s! I NEED MY #RICHONNE!

7. I'ma need all Grimes Family 2.0 to live. I'ma need #Richonne to make it and kick Savior ass and for Carl/Enid to be a legit thing, too. #TWD

8. I guess it’s time for me to binge watch. I’ve been #TWD adjacent for years but now, it’s time to plunge headfirst screaming into the fandom.

9. #Richonne makes me feel like I feel for #Olitz. Actually, they make me feel harder for them because their showrunner’s not a total POS! #TWD

Dear Tamora Pierce fandom:

I love you guys. Thank you for fucking existing and being a bunch of beautiful motherfuckers who make me want to re-read my childhood and be a professional badass like Tammy’s feminist, POC-inclusive, sexuality-ignoring entourage of characters. <3