i’m so thirsty for female friends like irl or online that would //video chat because literally all i want in life is to do face masks ++ talk about boobs and hair tips

but i also wanna talk about video games and comics

&& im not discriminating (or at least i hope i dont come across that way) and saying i cant have that with a male friend (or any other gender~) cause if there were any guys who were game for that then lets go and  paint your nails and talk about hot fictional characters and our pores and stuff

like idk i just dont have any women/feminine influences in my life full stop besides my mum

Gente eu não queria incomodar, longe de mim fazer isso. Mas é que hoje é aniversário da minha melhor amiga e eu só queria que vocês mandassem assim pra ela “Parabéns Ray, o amor da Sarah por você é tão grande que chegou aqui em (sua cidade). É só isso, é bem rapidinho. Agradeço desde já quem puder me ajudar. O número é 65 9260 1246
  • what she says:i'm fine.
  • what she means:there is so much subconscious racism among the book of mormon musical fans, it is a really big problem that isn't addressed enough. you can find white ensemble members who have more followers on instagram and twitter than PRINCIPAL black actors do. this subtle racism is also apparent when looking at the huge contrast in the amount of notes that fanart of the elders gets compared to the amount of notes that fanart of the ugandans gets. that's if you can find any art of the ugandans, anyway. people need to show more appreciation for the black actors in this show because they are incredibly underappreciated.