Some interesting points of Kyungsoo’s vapp broadcast:

  • Chanyeol watching the broadcast and Kyungsoo laughing and asking him, “Where are you and what are you doing now?”
  • Suho is the only person who has watched his movie as the others are busy with their schedules.
  • He hasn’t been able to celebrate Christmas for the past years as he had been busy with work. If he manage to get time off on Christmas, he said that he wants to have dinner with his family.
  • Kyungsoo shares tips on cooking. He says to put a lot of meat into the bean paste soup and also it depends on the brand of the bean paste. He also says he has difficulty in making a Chinese dish but managed to cook it by playing around with the fire, ie, put it to slow fire first and gradually turn it up.
  • He talks a lot about food (he loves food and will basically eats anything except coriander lol)
  • Jo Jungsuk answered a few questions on Kyungsoo (in a previous interview) and one of them was that he envied Kyungsoo’s popularity. Kyungsoo couldn’t think of anything in which Jungsuk would envy him for, so he randomly guessed that it was his youth, bringing a lot of laughter from the staff and viewers.
  • He commented he didn’t know the lipstick was quite dark when he saw the photo (below).
  • One of the questions he received was, “It must be nice hearing people say you’re handsome”. Kyungsoo rang the xylophone to indicate he agrees with that statement (the way he blushed afterwards asdfghjkl).
  • MC voted that he’s a natural in playing comedies but Kyungsoo said he has a lot to learn and when he was filming “Be Positive”, he asked Jungsuk for guidance.
  • He wants to sneak into a movie screening just to see the audiences reaction but haven’t had the time to do so.

WESTWORLD | 1.10 | Felix & Maeve

Can you get him back online?

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Im poly and asexual, but my boyfriend is neither of those things. Im worried it's going to affect the relationship more then it already has, what should I do?

I’m also poly and ace and my partner is not ace and I think what works best is communicating! Seeing where your boundaries are and what you’re both comfortable doing and not doing.

being recovered from mental illness looks like still working at 2:30am on a sunday after spending all weekend on final projects, having catastrophic computer troubles, and being able to calmly deal with your issues and create a (many) backup plan(s) without having a mental breakdown or crying

who am I