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Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters as Pokémon Go teams. What team are you on?


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the first insecurity - c.h.

hi all!! this is the eighteenth installment of my ‘firsts’ series with Calum. there will be more blurbs to come, and I hope you enjoy this one!! :-) follow the tag anarchyaustralia firsts if you want to be notified when a new blurb is posted!! (see all other ‘first’ blurbs here)

Consistent communication with Calum while he was gone lasted for a little over two weeks. Summer classes had begun on campus and you were going to campus four times a week while he was settling in at home before he began his summer job. You had texted every day that first week, filling him in on the annoying students in your classes while he told you how his mom wouldn’t stop cooking food for him, something she always did when he came home for breaks. You’d even been able to FaceTime that first weekend.

“It’s boring here in the summer,” you’d complained, pouting at Calum through your computer screen, tucking your legs under you as you sat on the living room couch. “I’ve always hated summer classes.”

“I’d take summer classes if it meant I was with you,” he’d countered, laying on his unmade bed, a landscape painting hanging on the wall behind him. “My mum changed my room to a guest bedroom. I think she’s trying to kick me out, and she’s buttering me up with all the food in the house.” You laughed at Calum’s story, rolling your eyes. The back door was propped open so you could feel the cool evening breeze, the summer already hotter than previous years.

“As long as she kicks you out so you can come back to me.” Calum smiled at your words, propping his chin on his hand.

“Missing me already?”

“Missed you from the moment we said goodbye.” Calum thought back to that day – less than a week ago – when he had seen you crying after you’d parted ways. It still broke his heart to remember seeing you that way. He smiled at you again, one of those soft smiles that reminded you he loved you.

“I’ll be back soon; summer will be over before we know it.”

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Sakumiya & conger eel ~ Arashi ni Shiyagare