drawing of Ashildr for Inktober #18

Wow, I’m liking where this season is going!

okay honestly i don’t know why we havent started calling things like ‘cumberbabes/bitches’ and ‘sherlockians’ ‘whovians’ ‘ozians’ ‘verkaikings’ and ‘potterheads’   fandemonyms


So Orlando’s big Megacon event was 2 weekends ago and I simply was too busy to post anything about my amazing weekend. I’m excited to finally be able to share a few of my favorite moments!

Megacon 2015 Moment #1: Eleven and Two Ponds

Two Ponds!! Alex Kingston and Karen Gillan!! So there’s a really fun story behind this picture. As many of you know, photo ops are pretty quick and interaction with the guests is usually very brief… they get you in, you take your picture, and they get you out right away in only a matter of seconds. Well, first off, Alex said I looked fantastic in my 11th Doctor cosplay, which was really nice to hear. The camera lady went to snap the photo but the flash didn’t go off and Alex was quick to point it out to her. So the photographer had to take some time to fix it, leaving me a few moments to stand there with the two of them.

Alex: * looks at me * “Well, you’re getting some extra time with us!“

Karen: “What should we do?” * grabs me by the shoulders suddenly and in a really goofy and hyper way starts shaking me and yelling *

* Karen stops and all 3 of us are laughing *

Karen: * laughing at herself * “What are we even doing?“

* photographer is still fiddling with camera *

Alex: “Wow, you’re getting even more extra time with us!” * stands back to get a good look at my cosplay * “So how long did it take for you to make that?“

And I got to explain where I got the cosplay from and how a friend added the bow ties on the bottom, etc. They seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say about it.

Karen: * looks down at my feet * “And you even have the boots! I love those boots! I want those boots for life!“ (My cosplay includes combat boots similar to what the 11th Doctor wears in the show. The fact that she even noticed them tickled me.)

After that, the camera was finally ready and we took the picture. It’s rare to have that sort of time to interact with the guests. It was just the matter of luck and a faulty camera but in those few minutes, Karen and Alex proved how down-to-earth they really are. I’ve been on a Whovian cloud 9 ever since!