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Hey I love your blog an your art an I was wondering what or who is the Shalka Doctor? I'm a huge whovian but I've never heard of him


Back in 2003 there was this Flash-animated Doctor Who series that was produced and broadcast on the BBC’s website. It was called Scream of the Shalka, and was written by Paul Cornell (the writer of various DW novels/comics, as well as the more widely known stories from RTD Who, “Father’s Day”, “Human Nature” and “The Family of Blood”). During the time of its production, the DW series had not yet been revived and the creation of SotS was a way of celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original show.

This was the very first story that portrayed a proper (non-spoof) Ninth incarnation of the Doctor. They were voiced by Richard E. Grant (aka Shalka!Doctor, aka REG!Doctor)

However, before the webisodes were even released and made official, there were people behind the scenes trying to convince the BBC to produce a brand new series. Once Russell T. Davies was hired as showrunner and Christopher Eccleston was officially cast as the Ninth Doctor in the revived series, the characters and events of SotS were immediately pushed to the side and are now typically designated as “non-canonical” material (read: separate timeline from New Who).

So yeah. It’s often dismissed because it doesn’t fit with the new series, though imo that is a huge plus, for a variety of reasons (and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy both anyway)

Some additional points:

  • in this alternate universe, the Doctor and the Master are travelling together in the TARDIS
  • The Master (voiced by Derek Jacobi - hello! Two for you, Sir Jacobi) inhabits an android body (constructed by the Doctor, with the Master dictating preferences re appearance etc., naturally) because his physical body was destroyed in events that occurred prior to the story. He is literally unable to leave the TARDIS (for reasons that are not quite clear) but despite the unstable and complicated history between the himself and the Doctor, they’ve evidently been together long enough to have gotten to the point where they’ve reached an understanding and get along well. Descriptions of the TARDIS interior (in the novelisation) indicate that they’ve made it a shared home for both of them
  • Alison Cheney, the primary human character, is voiced by Sophie Okonedo. She is awesome x100000 
  • David Tennant has a very small (uncredited) role in the animation as a caretaker, because when the audio for the animation was being recorded, he was in a nearby studio recording a radio play. When he heard about it, he managed to convince the director to give him a minor part (aw)
  • RTD is quite harsh about REG’s performance in SotS but he thought the story itself was excellent
  • Paul Cornell wrote a novelised version of SotS which was published in 2004. If you’re going to pick between either reading the book or watching the animation, read the book.
  • Cornell unambiguously states in his notes that the Doctor is asexual (thank you Paul)
  • The Shalkaverse is an amazing place
  • The end

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Hey! I'm a Whovian and my first Doctor was 9th and I just wanna say that, I LOVE the way you draw Nine! It's fantastic! *gives to 9th a banana cake*

okay honestly i don’t know why we havent started calling things like ‘cumberbabes/bitches’ and ‘sherlockians’ ‘whovians’ ‘ozians’ ‘verkaikings’ and ‘potterheads’   fandemonyms


I'm disappointed, Whovians. (warning, contains malcolm tucker language)

Seriously, what has happened to this fandom? It seems like for every positive post about Twelve / Series 8 / Capaldi there are ten negative ones, and all of them are extremely unfounded.

“Urg, the writing of this series is so awful! TRUE whovians will agree with me." 

I’m sorry, but what? EVEN if we discount the first THIRTY/FOURTY years of Doctor Who and focus on the NewWho era, are you really trying to to tell me that these are the worst Doctor Who episodes? Can we talk about Ten fighting Christmas trees? Or flying a bus like a Tardis through a time vortex? (and then giving said bus to a random thief lady who, even though she has a time machine, we never see again) What about Eleven fighting a giant Cyberman in victorian london? Or when he fought Dinosaurs on a spaceship? Do I like these episodes, not really, but am I going to sit here and say that it’s THE WORST writing ever or that the entire series is awful, or that anyone who likes these episodes aren’t TRUE Whovians? NO.  

"The Doctor hasn’t done anything! He’s left everyone else to save the day, or the day has saved itself!" 

When people talk about this, they’re usually referring to ‘KtM’ in which The Doctor let someone else decide the fate of the episode. Do they mean like Eleven did in Amy’s Choice? When he put all the pressure on her to decide what world she wanted, and only came to the rescue/his senses in the last ten minutes? Or like in The Girl who waited when it was Rorys choice which Amy he wanted and The Doctor would NOT help him decide? 

"This Doctor insults Clara’s body and her integrity as a woman." 

Now this one REALLY bothers me. Twelve has done nothing but learn from Clara - he listens to what she says. ("I don’t take orders, Clara”… *takes orders from Clara*) He looks to her for a figure of 'goodness’, and among other things, he RESPECTS and TRUSTS her decisions. Why else would he leave the fate of Earth in her hands? When he realised he’d upset her and she told him to leave, he respected her wishes and left. 

And while we’re on the subject of Doctors being incredibly rude to their companions, does anyone remember how Ten treated Martha? He was AWFUL to her, she was a saint for putting up with him really, but because he had a happy smiley face no one says a word. And to be quite honest, Ten wasn’t a basket of roses toward Donna either until the last few episodes. 

“It doesn’t feel the same. Twelve hasn’t had any big speeches like Matt Smith and David Tennant did.”

Allow me to direct you to his “every life is important” speech at the end of Deep Breath. Then, if you would please follow me to “look into my memories speech” in Into The Dalek, and then at the “fear is a superpower” speech from Listen. Please continue on to “that was me respecting you” speech from Kill The Moon, quickly followed by “you still need to make a choice” talk from Mummy On The Orient Express and then his “this plane is protected” triumph in Flatline. 

“Peter Capaldi is too old to-"