Since you were born you had the ability to travel through time. At first you used that ability to do your homework without studing, then you met a soldier. A really good looking soldier from the forties, and as all the soldiers he was comfortable with women. So with you.
You had 18 years old when you first met him, he didn’t asked your age, you were the one who asked questions, he simply answered to whatever you wanted to know. He took you to dance and you loved that only night you spent with him. He kissed you before you’d go. He knew your name and you his, nothing more and nothing less.
You wouldn’t admit it, but you fell in love with that guy.
After that travel in the forties you had others, hoping to meet him again. Once you met a woman, it was the 1946, she was part of the SSR and she told you he was dead. She asked you why you were lookig for him and you told her everything. You still remembered her name because she was the first person who knew your secret and belived in what you said; her name was Peggy.
When you came back home you serched his name on google, you couldn’t believe you’ve met Sergeant Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s bestfriend.

When SHIELD knocked at your door you weren’t surprised to see them, you knew that sooner or later they’d find you, so you picked up your bag, your mobile and your keys and left your flat.
What surprised you was meeting Bucky there, on a SHIELD bus, with the full Avengers team, after three years from that night.
Fury and agent Hill introduced you to them, you saw the Maximoff twins glance at each other excited. The rest of the team, aside Bucky and Cap, was corious about your power. The best frieds was looking at you concerned.
Tony noticed them and teased them.
“I know her” Bucky simply said.
Now everybody looked concerned.
“Is she Hydra?” asked Clint to Fury.
“No!” Bucky replied “I met her before Hydra. I met her during the war”
The Maximoff opened their mouth surprised, Tony rose his eyebrows, Natasha and Clint looked at each others. Steve had a stange look in his eye, like someone who wanted to ask some questions.
“Don’t look at me like that, agent Hill explained what I can do” you said kindly “Got any question?” you shrugged, hesitantly.
They covered you with a lot of questions, some personal, some interesting. Doctor Banner asked the hardest questions to reply.
Steve and Bucky asked any kind of question, untill the team ran out of them.
“If you can really travel through time… Can you take someone with you?”
You knew Steve would asked something like that, he wanted to meet Peggy again (you’ve read his story) but it didn’t work like that.
“I can’t change the past” you said “I do, I can take people with me in my travels, but I can’t change the past. I’m sorry”
His smile frowned, but he thanked you anyway.
“You didn’t say we can’t meet our friends again” chimed in Bucky.
You glanced at him concerned.
“I mean, if they do not see us, if they do not know we are there…”
“Wouldn’t it be heartbroken?” asked Wanda “Seeing them again alive but knowing they’re dead in your current lifetime”
She was right and Steve agreed with her.

While Hill showed you your berth on the bus, you and her had a little talk. She asked you how you met Barnes and after your story, she told you Bucky’s conditions. He recovered but he still needed time to remember everything about his past life. You nodded, accommodating in your berth.
She left you alone as she saw Bucky walking toward you.
You smiled when he was almost near you.
“Hey” he simply said.
“Hey” you echoed him.
He took a deep breath: “I understand what you said before, about changing history, but, why didn’t you came back… Just for another dance night?” he put his shoulder to the door.
“I did, actually” you admitted “That’s how I met Peggy”
“Yes” you smiled “But it was too late” you sighed “You were already… uhm…”
“Dead” he ended the sentence. You nodded.
“I’m different from the person you knew back then” he said, you nodded again.
“Agent Hill told me about you. Not everything, just the thing I needed to know”
He sat next to you, shoulder against shoulder.
“(Y/N), I’m alive, now” his brown eyes looked at yours.
“I see” you giggled. He took you hand.
“So, if you liked that night… And I’m sure you did because, I mean, I was -and still am- an handsome man” you laughed from the bottom of your heart, he was right, you did loved that night “What if we start over again?” he asked.
“I’d really love to” you replied, kissing his cheek.

We’ll meet again.
Don’t know where. Don’t know when.
But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.

Okay guys, I don’t know who’s awake but it’s 4 am and I’m just arriving from watching Batman v Superman so please forgive any grammar mistakes and so, I just want you all to know that HOLY CRAP IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING !!! like, I cross my heart that it’s the best comic book movie EVER. The dialogue; every word was carefully chosen and it shows because the lines are beautiful. The effects, the shots: beautiful. The casting, I’m in love with everyone. Everybody did their part perfectly well. the soundtrack fits perfectly and reaches to send you chills whenever it plays.

It’s an amazing movie and people know it. the cinema, not kidding, not exaggerating, it was full –no seats left. Most persons wore their superhero shirts and I thought that was adorable, they also cheered and clapped and laughed. I couldn’t cry because my cousin promised to mock me if I did so. I might not sound as thrilled as I truly am but believe me, I have so many emotions right now that I’m practically numb. Irrelevant note but as predicted, I got the weirdest crush on Lex Luthor.

Highly recommended, please watch it and cry the much I couldn’t. it worth it.