Dunkirk drinking game (MAJOR SPOILERS)

- when a boat got sunk
- when planes started fighting with each other
- when Harry Styles’ character started bullshitting how unbearable the whole thing is
- when people looked into the sky looking worried
- when people cheered
- when people hated the French
- when Fionn Whitehead and Aneurin Barnard/Harry Styles looked at each other
- when Cilian Murphy started saying things like “TURN AROUND!” or “I CANT GO BACK TO DUNKIRK”
- when Jack Lowden started saying things like “C'MON FARRIER”
- when the Dutch said things about the boat had to lose weight

I’m to my third page of my rough draft of my angst comic and wowie I kinda like how it’s flowing!! :D GOOD

rjdaae replied to your photoset:

                   aneacostumes: Juliane Elise Larpent (1807-90),…                

 I LOVE this, seeing the same lady through those different eras and styles! So cool!    

Ain’t it cool? Usually you get to see one, maybe two portraits of a specific person of the past. Unless royalty or otherwise famous, of course. But here you have the same woman painted, drawn and photographed over and over again, from teenage years and until old age. It’s just so incredibly fascinating.

Spooky story about this: On Sunday I worked at the manor where these portraits hangs. I talked a bit about her during a guided tour, and said that her portraits are everywhere. I also pointed some of them out during the tour.

Well, come closing time, where I blind all windows and it’s pretty dark and deserted, a frame simply fell from the wall and smashed down to the floor. This was after various doors had just opened up, for no apparent reason, during the tour, and I kinda just expected stuff to happen. But not things falling down from the walls! I took the frame out into the kitchen, where the curator of the place was. And she was like “Ah, Juliane”. It was a portrait of the lady that I didn’t know about. Apparently Juliane felt I needed to know about it…!

Luckily the portrait was not damaged, apart from a tiny plaster bit being knocked off the frame, and a tired string that needed replacement. But that was one of those old-house-living-its-own-life kind of days…!


the part with the master sword in botw is a nice marriage of story and game mechanics and everything but I have a very specific interpretation of the scene

Happy birthday @nipuni! You are an amazing artist and human being, and your work has been one of my biggest inspiration the last few years. I hope you like this little something with Nalia ;w; I’ve been wanting to draw her for so long, she’s so beautiful ;^; 

featuring hamlet-like pose because yes. 

Why Completing Tasks is so Difficult and Exhausting

“When a ‘normal’ person is given a task to complete and her brain is scanned as she does it, the prefrontal cortex lights up, showing that it is actively processing the information necessary to complete the task. The rest of the brain stays more or less inactive. When such a test is done with a person who has ADHD, the prefrontal cortex does not light up in the same way, indicating it’s inactive. However, several other regions of the brain do light up, indicating that the ADHDer uses areas of the brain other than the prefrontal cortex to complete the task. In other words, the brain compensates for what the prefrontal cortex in the ADHDer is unable to do. While the person may complete the task, he or she may feel overwhelmed, because the part of the brain doing the work isn’t designed to do so.”

-Alicia R. Maher

From Scattered to Centered : Understanding and Overcoming ADHD

Infection AU -Bad ending-

previous one: http://thebirdfromthemoon-art.tumblr.com/post/158073555662/thebirdfromthemoon-art-what-would-happen-i

Soooo i decided to make an AU out of this -kinda- but i couldn’t decide in which way i wanted it to go so f**** it let’s just make two different ending for this AU

And of course i’m starting by the “bad” one

Basically after Ladybug was hit by Chat Noir’ cataclysm she didn’t feel anything at first, since she have the ladybug miraculous she is more resistant to it BUT instead of killing her instantly like it would happen with a normal citizen the cataclysm “infection” gros slowly on her body affecting both her physical and mental state. In my idea she become “corrupted” like an akuma can corrupt someone into turning evil but a bit more intense.

I’ll probably draw the corrupted version of Ladybug, but it will more likely look like the design i’ve made in the past for akumatized ladybug.