If you loved Hayley Kiyoko’s “Girls Like Girls”, then you definitely need to check out Halsey’s video for “Ghost”:

“I wanted to see some representation of a lesbian relationship that wasn’t over sexualized. Just two people in love—or at least they used to be.” 

It’s not as upbeat as Girls Like Girls, but it’s still an amazing depiction of the ups (and downs) of two gal lovin’ pals.


That’s protein shake on my boop

But guys, I made all kinds of PRs today. Biking 40 miles (which wasn’t bad bc the weather was nice) but once I got off that bike, I thought I was gonna witness the second coming of Jesus and have him carry me to my bed.

None of that happened. I showered. Went to the gym to do ARMS. SMASHED THE WEIGHTS. Curled 25s. Pull ups with a 55 resistance. Basically pushed a boy out of my way to do pull downs and he apologized and said sorry but I was kidding, I don’t mean no harm. I just wanted some space. I actually felt bad.

ANYWAY here we are.
V happy camper. I feel very fitness.

I have a couple other things up my sleeve. Venturing into a little bit more of a fashion world, more of an art world, more of a writing world. The problem with me is that I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. So as much as music is my greatest passion, it’s not my only one. I’m constantly looking for other ways to vent my creative angst.
—  Halsey

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On a scale from one to ten, how much are you hoping that Breakdown retains his very impressive bosom in the Windblade comic?

Ten. no wait FIFTY!! HOLY SHIT if Breakdown doesn’t come equipped with his massive, gorgeous bosom in the new IDW I swear I will burn this place down :U

You guys don’t believe Deanee is real but let Ambraige become real....all of you would:

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If Neth Bellins was real you would:

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If Ambreigns was real you would:

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If Billy and Chucky were real you would:

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Rusev and Lana are dating and you:

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Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy are dating, what’re you gonna do? Oh I know! You would:

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Galina and Roman get married, you:

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Seth cheats on his fiancee with Zahra, what happens? You:

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Let someone say Deanee is real:

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It’s weird to think that people feel emotions differently and at different levels. Sometimes I’ll tell people how I feel and they give me advice because it’s worked for everyone else but I’m like “uhh no that wouldn’t help at all?” And everyone will feel things differently. Some people may never ever feel as sad as I do and I may never experience love the way someone else will. Maybe that’s why some people will claim to love someone and treat them so lightly. Because thats the capacity of their emotional attachment.

Shocking News

Summary: Dan and Phil announce some news to their fans using the Lie Detector.

Word Count: 802

Genre: Fluffy drabble thing

Warnings: none! :D

A/N: i’m lonely and tired so I decided to write oops. Found the prompt on phanfic. .3. (i tried to include some chemistry puns but they didn’t fit so)

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The handwriting tag! I was tagged by records-of-rock, thanks! Alright guys I fucking apologize for my handwriting, nobody was ever supposed to see this. Anyway, I tag angsty-fucking-musician, blackfknsabbath, thickthighsandgoodvibes, nbchewy, ibelongtorocknroll, thatgirlinreddress, cosmicwaltz, music-life-love-99-me, honest-to-god-satanic, and loveandpalmtrees!

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1. Nickname: Chasey, emo nerd
2. Star sign: Cancer
3. Height: 5″9
4. Date and time: July 25th; 11:00 PM
5. Average amount of sleep: 5-7 Hours
6. Lucky Numbers: 6
7. Favorite Fictional Character: Yukine from Noragami 
8. Favorite Celebrities: Ty Simpkins and  Mila Jovovich  
9. Favorite Musicians: Nicki Minaj  and Fall Out Boy
10. Last movie I saw in a cinema: Jurassic World! 
11. My ideal vacation:  Traveling across the country, starting in New York and ending in California! 
12. Wearing right now: Pajama Bottoms“FATAL” Native American Shirt, Turtlebeach X12′s, and Gildan underwear (PS: I’m wearing the bright solid blue ones ;) ) .

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Trans Lars Headcanons

Sadie finding out Lars is trans when she finds him fumbling with ace bandages messily wrapping it around his chest

Sadie surprising Lars with a binder on his 13th birthday and his parents getting mad

Lars crying on the beach, and none other than 4-year old Steven shows up telling him it’s gonna be fine

Lars crying tears of joy when he discovers that Buck will give him some money for his surgeries

The cool kids being 100% fine with this, buck and sour cream even giving him fashion tips

Dorian lets out a small grunt as he’s pinned to the bed in defeat, laughter bubbling up from his chest as Cullen grins back at him, no doubt some sharp comment on his tongue at having bested Dorian and “Maybe now we could please focus on getting this homework done?”

But in the aftermath with their heaving chests and giddy smiles, none of that is said, and Dorian can’t help but note the way a touch of those blond curls hang over Cullen’s head, loosened from their gel during their roughhousing. His eyes follow them down to Cullen’s lips, parted and red and admittedly a bit raw from all the nervous gnawing his friend does while deep in thought. A pink tongue slips out to wet them, and it brings Dorian’s gaze up to Cullen’s eyes; honey brown and doe-like almost with their worried innocence– a strained tension between sweetness and something perhaps darker. But it only makes them all the more captivating to observe.

Cullen’s gaze flickers up to meet Dorian’s and the silence is palpable between them now, the pretenses of whatever this started under have melted away now, revealing a none too shallow pool of pure and almost painful want.

Dorian hears Cullen swallow, those doe eyes slipping down and then back up, hooded and hungry. Dorian sucks in a small breath when Cullen lowers his body onto his, revealing his obvious erection as they press together. Against all logic, against all the voices screaming at him to roll away, to shove him off and run because it’s “wrong” and “shameful” and “unnatural,” Dorian’s hips push back up, seeking more.

And once Cullen’s lips are on his, eager but pliant, there’s really no going back from there.

Today I heard my grandma say that I’m not going to get any in life, when I heard that it felt like someone hit me in the heart with a hammer. But she’s right, I’m not smart or beautiful, nice, caring I’m none of that. And because of that i’m scared that I’ll end up being alone the rest of my life.
—  12:27 AM (S.L.B) (7.1.15)