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Right! Thank you very much for leaving the request. Saitama relationship headcanons coming right up!

  • -Saitama is the lazy one in the relationship. If he can, he’ll mostly lie around his house without doing much, just watching TV or reading manga. Despite this he doesn’t like to see his other half do everything on their own so will most likely take half of the chores on himself.
  • -Be it grocery shopping, house cleaning or getting out of bed (even though he’s up early nearly every morning) he doesn’t like to be hurried so it’d be best to let him do his thing at his own pace.
  • -He’s not a very romantic person (far from, actually) so he doesn’t see anything wrong with a date in front of the TV, watching movies. Sometimes he even puts an arm around you. Sometimes.
  • -Speaking of dates, he doesn’t really give a damn about going to an expensive restaurant or a nice cafe. Sure, he doesn’t mind going out to town but he prefers to stay at home with you, where the two of you will peacefully spend time together. Just you and him. (..and Genos..?)
  • -Hes rather bold when it comes to showing affection, although it doesn’t happen often. If he feels like kissing you he’ll do it without giving it a second thought.
  • -Saitama actually enjoys hugs and will often hug you from behind if he gets a chance to, resting his chin on your shoulder while watching do whatever it is you’re doing.
  • -He won’t say it out loud but he enjoys caressing your hand gently whenever the two of you are alone.
  • -It’s either impossible or really hard to make him blush. Does he even know how to? Either way he finds your attempts to find out very amusing.
  • -If anyone even thinks about doing something to you he will instantly get into action. He won’t appear to bother at first, telling whoever eyed you in the wrong way to stop and “go find a hobby”. However, if they don’t listen he will glare at them, wrapping an arm around you securely as they’ll slowly realise that serious Saitama is not something they want to deal with.
  • -Luckily he won’t let anyone who’s a threat come even remotely close to you. You’re his and he won’t anyone hurt you in any way, shape or form.
  • -He won’t really get jealous but he will certainly keep an eye out when you’re talking with someone else.
  • -He is obviously not the kind of person to boast about his relationship. To those who don’t know it might appear as if the two of you are not very close but that’s far from truth.
  • -Smile for him, laugh for him, he loves it when you’re happy; especially when he’s the reason for it.
  • -One of the things he enjoys the most is when he’s busy (being bored) and you suddenly slip into the hoodie/shirt he’s currently wearing. Sure, it might seem weird to people but to him it’s actually quite adorable. On rare occasions he might hold up the bottom of his hoodie and ask you to slip into it, indicating that he wants to hold you close.
  • -In conclusion: Saitama might not be the perfect boyfriend- and he might not actually voice this out loud- but he wants you to feel loved, to be happy. He will  make you sure you know just how important you really are to him.

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RoyAi - Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye - quickie. Guys. *dodges flying chair cause I haven’t posted art in almost a month* I realised that I have never drawn my OTP from my favourite anime ever. I don’t know how either. But I literally declined to study for a test due for tomorrow I haven’t studied a thing for (it was a good life) to make this. But tbh I regret nothing cause I really love how it turned out. I’m veeeeery proud of it^^

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source

Also my gf got me into Captive Prince, and I had to doodle Damen and Laurent (i love him so much ahhh <3). I actually drew this traditionally then scanned and colored it, and since I’m out of practice, the lines are all shaky ahaha orz;; ANYWAY y’all should check the trilogy out, it’s amazing <333

Past Captive Prince art~