What I want to do: tell people I’m asexual so it’s out of the way and they can stop assuming I’m allosexual

What I don’t want to do: give a 5 minute explanation of what asexuality is followed by a 10 minute debate on whether or not it’s actually a real thing followed by yet another another 10 minutes of uncomfortable questions as they continue to try and disprove my sexuality to me 


*catapults my canoe into the midst of the navy fleet of Sheith war ships* 

Is this like… not a thing or… 

I was bored and this happened 


blue neighbourhood || troye sivan 


Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

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…this makes me happy

  • Remus Lupin has spent a total of seventeen months over nineteen years in various hospitals, getting skin grafts and surgeries and physical therapy and honestly he hates it
  • but not as much as he hates his scars
  • all different sizes and colors, pink and silver and brown, stretched across his body because Remus John Lupin is lucky enough to have been in not one, but two separate car accidents that should by all rights have killed him, and yet here he is
  • alive
  • scarred
  • his right leg is never going to move properly again, he’s lucky he can walk with a cane
  • anyways he’s covered in scars and he hates them and one day some random person on the street stares at him too long and he just loses it
  • turns around and limps two blocks until he reaches that shitty little tattoo parlor that he passes every thursday on his way back from the grocery store
  • storms in and rips his jumper off, just wearing a t-shirt now, and bellows “someone please for the love of God help me hide these”
  • so what if he’s crying he’s earned the right to cry
  • he knows he can’t get rid of the scars but he can damn well cover them up
  • he kinda figures he’s about to get kicked out because most people don’t burst into a tattoo parlor and start crying and yelling and pulling off their sweaters
  • but the guy that walks up to him just shakes his head and says “nah, I won’t cover those up, that’s like drawing outside the lines. it’d be a shame.”
  • and he shows Remus
  • shows him how that mottled pink mark on the back of his arm is really just half a zinnia that needs to be filled in
  • the silver lines and dots running down his shoulder is a river of stars
  • and don’t even get him started on the whole landscape across the small of Remus’ back
  • they just need some color and outlines and an artist’s touch
  • specifically one artist’s touch
  • specifically Sirius Black’s
  • which is his name btw nice to meet you please stop crying, Sirius’ll fix you right up
  • so yeah he works out some sort of payment plan with Remus that basically means he can afford to get most of his body tattooed over the next several months
  • Remus comes by once a week for a few hours and in six months he barely recognizes himself
  • all those scars, everything that he hated about his body, Sirius has turned into something beautiful, used what Remus thought were the ugliest flaws to make incredible, breathtaking art
  • but yeah just Sirius helping Remus to love himself and his appearance with the magic of tattoos