If you're ok with another Grimleal related submission

Ugliness is subjective, but I’ll do a comparison.

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Plegian Army Bosses

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Valm Empire bosses

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Grimleal Bosses

Not being the Plegian army and Valm Empire bosses are hunky, but they look normal by comparison to the decrepit and psychotic looking Grimleal characters.


heyy since it’s no shame november does this mean i can post my incredibly self indulgent au…….. ok good

ok so in all honesty wild times always reminded me of tiana’s palace and at first it was just for fun but then i got reeeally invested heheeee,,,, (also yes judy is naveen in case you were wondering bppt) hope you enjoy because i might draw more of this

also trish drew this au too so you guys should check that out because it’s a really good drawing

  • Gabriel and Cas: *talking about Sam*
  • Gabriel: He's so kind
  • Cas: He laughed at a child for slipping on ice this morning...
  • Gabriel: So talented
  • Cas: Killing monsters is not a talent
  • Gabriel: He's so hot
  • Cas: *looks over too Sam, who is pulling an unflattering facial expression* Are we talking about the same person?

had a dream last night in which all of bts had man buns …

nextbluemoon08  asked:

FREN!! *tackle hugs* lord help me I'm tired and can't type for shit XD how would yandere ut sans react to some guy flirting with his s/o and they're clearly very uncomfortable so they run and hide behind him?

FREN!!! *gets tackles and hugs back*

I love me some Yandere!Comic.~<3

Warning! Below there be a Yandere!

You can hear the faint sound of Megalovania as he approaches the scene, ready to put that little shit in his place. How dare he flirt with you. How dare he make you uncomfortable.

He’s just about to ask the guy if he’s “looking for a   b a d   t i m e ?” when you notice he’s there and quickly dash behind him, clutching at his jacket. You’re… seeking his protection…? The thought causes his soul to flutter, feeling warm.

But before he can dwell on that, he’s gotta deal with this punk. So, like any good bonefriend, he intimidates the guy into leaving. And boy is that guy scared shitless! No more plastic skeletons at his Halloween parties! After that guy leaves (with his tail between his legs), he’s checking you to make sure your okay.

He didn’t touch you, did me?



Cuz you’re his.

After this, he’s more confident you won’t leave him. So, he’s not likely to kidnap you and lock you in his basement anytime soon, unless you do something that would provoke that sort of behavior. But his obsession with you… has definitely increased…

You see, what yandere!sans needs is someone to take care of. Someone to depend on him. You’ve unknowingly just filled that criteria with your actions today…

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Hey there - gay male here. When I was a teenager, many of my closest friends were girls who created/interacted with mlm fan content. And you know what? These girls were probably the best allies I could have asked for during this awkward and difficult stage of my life. They were people that I could safely come out to, who offered me nothing but unconditional love and support, and who never made me feel 'othered' for my sexual orientation. I'm tired of seeing those types of girls be demonized.

In general, I dislike the way that many askers who come to this blog inflate their individual experiences to the point that they feel like they can say “I hate fangirls [universally]” as if that isn’t still a loaded statement that, depending on the context, can have really misogynistic implications.

But that being said, like, idk what you expect us to say to this. Good for you? Homophobia still exists and many mlm still face fetishization from non-mlm in their lives which is what this blog is about so like, idk, if their catharsis bothers you so much maybe just leave like no one’s making you stick around here and read about people’s negative experiences.

just a quick question:

because of school/work/ & family in my life, would anyone be interested to keep rp up w/ me and ami through discord? I’ve considered this option recently as most of the time i’m far too drained to really log in right now. 

it doesn’t mean I’ll always answer immediately, but I’ll have a better gauge as to where it was. I would even start a specific server for it. 

if you are interested let me know tbh. 

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I'm tired of all the different types of genders on Tumblr. Straight, Gay or Bi, that's it. And i'm really tired of all the stupid feminist posts that try and make guys look like complete fuckups and idiots. I'm pretty religous, and I really dislike gays, i'm being honest.

First of all, those are sexualities, not genders..

Secondly, I’m not touching this one with a 10 foot pole

i love the queen’s thief fandom because everyone always reblogs the posts that are knee-deep full of intricate textual analysis but everyone also reblogs the ridiculous posts that are just “[something about hating horses] …..gen is that you?” or literally anything that can be tagged poor costis. a fandom that can truly do both