HELLO MY LOVELIES~ GUESS WHO IS BACKKK MEEEEE. After being away for more than a week, I’m back from my vacation. I took a road trip to Glacier National Park up in Montana and then to Mt. Rainier in Washington then down to Multnomah Falls in Oregon and back to sunny Southern California. Here are some pretty scenic pictures and them my face. yeh i hiked like 16 miles so pls don’t blame me. i was tired

anonymous asked:

so uh, whats your opinion on your assistant rupert? he seems pretty cool!

He paused, on his way to put the bottle away. “Rupert…?” 

Despite how tired and frazzled he seemed, his expression lit right up. “Ah, he’s fantastic! Very reliable, that one… And smart as a…” 


Words, words… “…as a whip!” That made sense! …Right? Yeah!

He smiled, giving a slightly exaggerated nod. “He studies legendaries, you know… Not an easy subject! And today, he sent me a picture of his porygon! It was sleeping in a box of papers. What a wonderful creature, made by people…” 

He yawned, rubbing at his eyes with his hand.