Feels like an unpopular opinion because i keep seeing posts about how MCU!Bucky is great and all kindness and sugarcanes but I really think Bucky back in the day had a superiority complex he was maybe ashamed of himself. I will never doubt his loyalty to Steve but i’m sure he took satisfaction out of the fact he was stronger, taller […] than Steve. That he was truly needed. And yet he genuinely liked skinny!Steve in my opinion, liked his perseverance, his strong-headedness, his company. He is still loyal to him when he discovers how much his pal has physically changed and can beat people all by himself now.

But from what I’ve seen and noticed in the first CA movie and the way I interpret it, I like to think there is a poisonous battle deep inside him. A battle between his honest friendship with Steve and his ego, somehow.

Also, in other news, I’m back from the con!  I met kuraikage, gilwing, klutzypaire, hasilith, answrs, and a load of others whose urls I didn’t know and it was pretty dang awesome!  Shout out to those ancestor cosplayers who took the picture with me, I love you all and will add your urls here if you got ‘em because aaaahhhhh that was so great. TuT


Where Clarke and Lexa decide that their shin dig that approaches into the night is a date and they really like each other. Featuring Clarke loving to cuddle and my Mac (in the first snap) because who can find a picture of a picture of high school musical playing on a laptop or TV.

Okay, I’m no good at the whole picture thingy, but anyway… I decided to give this a shot, but I’m pretty sure I’ll either miss people or wind up being completely confused by this whole process.

This is for the 404 people who put up with my bs every day on their dash and the 687 more people I follow and bother who ALSO put up with my bs.

Such as the mint anon.

People I’ll probably haunt until the day I die (in the good way, these are people I tend to follow everywhere or have followed for a long time):

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UHH. I think that’s it… Though, honestly, I don’t think I’ll unfollow anyone. Ever. Like, unless Tumblr does it somehow. So, I kind of technically think you’re all on my follow forever even if you go inactive… I cut some inactive blogs I loved out of here because I’m not sure if they’ve moved or otherwise, but I’ll tell you. Unless it’s out of my control, I can’t see me unfollowing anyone, really. 

Anyway, a formal thanks AND apology for all of you who put up with me one way or another… whether it’s following me, getting asks or anons from me or just anything else. Thanks. It’s really nice to watch you guys day to day while you do what you do.

For those things people do about people their closest to… I think I’ll put that somewhere else and make a different post for that.

Regardless of what anyone else might tell you, believe me when I say this: you can literally spend years crying and wringing your hands at red-carpet pictures, photo shoots, in-character scenes – whatever it is you’re unfortunate enough to come across – but nothing will quite be able to prepare you for the moment the stage lights go on and you see John Watson/Bilbo Baggins/Tim Canterbury/Arthur Dent/Lester Nygaard in the flesh for the first time, and he turns out to be so much more than you ever thought he’d be. Martin Freeman is real, everyone, and it’s been a privilege, an absolute privilege to finally see him live. I’ve rarely been so thrilled at anything, but there you go.

And I’ve been hanging on to this for years but now’s as good a time as any to say it: Martin’s a beautiful, beautiful bastard. I’ll miss the beard so much it’ll hurt. Here’s to another three years of gut-wrenching feels, and then some.

(No stagedoor meet-and-greet, alas. :((((((( My copy of The Hobbit remains woefully un-autographed.

and also, special P.S. to the lady at the stage door complaining about MF fans who came to the play knowing zilch of what Richard III is about – Do us all a solid and stuff it, please and thank you.)

It’s that time again…. time for us to close the inbox! Dorito Mod and I are both pretty darn stressed at the moment and the ever increasing number of asks that’s piling up is getting a bit overwhelming (got around 200 atm). We’ll still answer them and queue them accordingly.

If you have a dire need to talk to either of us, my main blog is here and Dorito Mod’s blog is here. There’s not exactly a guarantee that we’ll reply cuz we’re both extremely shy and awkward and anxious, but we try. Thanks for your continued support and contributions to the blog!

- Mod Sparky

I’m actually really tech savvy, which kind of saves my ass on school assignments. That, and being good at writing.

Minimal effort, beautiful result.


selfie tag!

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(I don’t normally wear makeup so the pictures are shitty and dark to conceal how bad my eyeliner actually is)

Here’s two photos of me doing weird things at the camera and another of me smiling

(Also one of the few times I’m showing my face online bc makeup has transformative properties)

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