Rhaegar Targaryen

or an AU where piercings and ear stretching is a tradition within the Targaryen dynasty lol 

1/100 days of productivity! thought better now than never.. made a study schedule in my 2017 bullet journal and started researching for one of my two essays due in january.. still very stressed but this is a pretty early start for me, sp i’m feeling a bit more confident about it. Hope everyone had a happy and stress-free monday!


Where Clarke and Lexa decide that their shin dig that approaches into the night is a date and they really like each other. Featuring Clarke loving to cuddle and my Mac (in the first snap) because who can find a picture of a picture of high school musical playing on a laptop or TV.

It’s that time again…. time for us to close the inbox! Dorito Mod and I are both pretty darn stressed at the moment and the ever increasing number of asks that’s piling up is getting a bit overwhelming (got around 200 atm). We’ll still answer them and queue them accordingly.

If you have a dire need to talk to either of us, my main blog is here and Dorito Mod’s blog is here. There’s not exactly a guarantee that we’ll reply cuz we’re both extremely shy and awkward and anxious, but we try. Thanks for your continued support and contributions to the blog!

- Mod Sparky


HELLO MY LOVELIES~ GUESS WHO IS BACKKK MEEEEE. After being away for more than a week, I’m back from my vacation. I took a road trip to Glacier National Park up in Montana and then to Mt. Rainier in Washington then down to Multnomah Falls in Oregon and back to sunny Southern California. Here are some pretty scenic pictures and them my face. yeh i hiked like 16 miles so pls don’t blame me. i was tired