Bella! Bella! Bella!

Bella-Boo is my new furry kid. She’s half-Boxer and half-German Shephard. She can be a bit hyper, but she’s all sweetness. She just wants loving. And grub and water! That’s where I come in! My latest “adopted child” on the Eastern Seaboard!

Aside from Bella… We have been really busy around here… And I haven’t been able to get on a “big computer” to do my favourite fictional character list! I tried about three times to execute this fun task from my phone - but tumblr kept freaking out and dumping my drafts! I remain a meme virgin! I’m hoping I’ll be able to pop my cherry this coming weekend.

Although my nephew - RJS3 - is being “induced” - or “introduced” - into this crazy world on Sunday! Yeah… He’s being named after my father and brother… I am the only Jew in the family - so, the whole naming the baby after living people is not an issue. Although if family gossip holds true - there could be some familial Jews down in Argentina. Oy! Tangent! But… The nephew is actually being named after his great-great grandfathers in a sense. So, yeah, there’s kind of that major thing happening….

We will also be moving into “our” area of the house this Friedegg… A little separation should do everyone some good… It’s been pretty cool. But some definition of boundaries is not a bad thing.

OK! Just got a Vanilla Gorilla request to assist with some more cjeaning. He’s been an ace spic-n-span man! But I think he requires my slightly better eyes for the nooks and crannies!


on the endless list of posts i’ve been tagged there’s this one (thanks to movingtospacesoon (⊙ヮ⊙) ) so.. yeah. childhood picture(s). enjoy that!

now i’ll tag pepperjamco​, french-dork, captainclint, momo-tan & darlingp i’m sorry for this <3

I hate how once I get inspired to do something Makorra related, I end up seeing a post by a KS person that makes me feel like compete shit for loving a ship that has been special to me for year and feel pathetic for spending my personal time fawning over the said ship and trying to cheer up my feel shipper that feel like I do right now. Just leave us alone. Even if you say you don’t want to hurt our feelings or offend us, you still do no matter how much you “pretty up” your words. By calling us pathetic for liking a ship that was “never endgame” and that when we make a Makorra week or summer (to really celebrate when the ship became endgame once) is sad is hurtful and offensive. My message to KS people that find this, just ignore any Makorra related questions/post you see. Please. I know I do the same when I see a KS post.

Turn your hate into something good

Every time you are tempted to say something bad about someone else’s ship, write a prompt, a drabble, a fanfic, draw something nice (even stick figures count), make a meme; take 5 seconds or 5 minutes and write:

“I freaking love X and Y with burning passion”

“5 reasons I love my ship:”

“The first moment I saw X and Y together I…”

“The day ‘my ship’ finally kiss I’m gonna… (scream, throw a party, write a multichapter freaking long fanfic, learn to surf, use a new color palette, ask my crush the time, use Photoshop without fear… you tell me)”

“I don’t care if ‘my ship’ is gonna be canon or not”

“My all-time favorite fanfic is… and I’m gonna tell you why…”

“My favorite headcanon about ‘my ship’ is…”

Tag your ship, not mine… talk about your ship, not mine.

Instead of use someone else’s favorite tag, instead of fill my tag with hate, fill your tag with love.

I dare you

being a fan of stannis baratheon on hbo’s game of thrones has probably been one of the least rewarding fannish experiences imaginable. like going to a festival where your favorite band was listed as a headliner, waiting all day in the front row while other acts play way past their allotted set times due to popular demand (and the people in charge of the festival not giving a shit), and finally, it’s fucking midnight or something, the band gets onstage, starts delivering a predictably excellent set and you love it … but also most of the crowd is drunk and rude and you can’t really see shit because everything’s so poorly-lit and after only five songs the facilities abruptly get shut down because some electrical equipment caught fire and you didn’t even get to hear five of your other favorite songs and ? ? ? what was the point

the next day (and every day for the rest of time) that fire is the only thing anyone remembers about the band as in “oh my god i can’t believe they let a fire break out onstage! what kind of musicians are they” and/or “lol isn’t it ironic about the fire since their band name has a reference to fire. they had it coming” and you’re just like FUCK YOUUUU ALLLLL

also the frontman of the band never gives any interviews. not ever