• Lena: respects Kara since day 1, pushes her into elevating herself as a report, constantly praises her articles and reminds her of how talented she is, overflows her office with flowers, calls her Hero, her, not Supergirl, treats her so right.
  • Writers: lol friendship
  • Mon-el: chokes Kara the first time they meet, criticizes her as a person and hero, making her feel less important and worth it, let's her constantly down, dumb ass who thinks an excuse will solve it all, treats her like an object he can possess
  • Writers: yes! Groundbreaking romance! Damn 👌🏻 look at 👅that 💦

The fact that people would rather defend a white cishet neurotypical able-bodied woman and her “”“”“”“diverse ™”“”“ books rather than listen to actual poc, lgbt, neurodivergent, and disabled people about how fucked up the books really are, then literally threaten these people for not liking the nasty ”“”“”“"representation ™”“”“”“ really shows how white feminist centric these people are :)))

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About nursey/dex Do you think it's a little weird that we as a fandom compare their struggles/debate who has it worse? Ik it's different when talking through the lens of characters but sometimes it feels like this fandom is arguing over whether it's harder to be poor or harder to be black? which kinda seems off to me like they're different struggles/hard to quantify. I was just curious ur opinion cuz u seem v smart/well spoken to me but don't feel like u have to respond if u don't want

hey, good question. i’m glad you think highly enough of me to ask me, dude. i got really long and rambly about this answer, and i’m pretty tired, so sorry if it’s somewhat unintelligible.

in my opinion, i don’t think it’s that anyone necessarily wants to talk about this kind of thing just for kicks. like, no one’s going, “wow, let’s debate whether jack in the nhl or bitty in the deep south is in a more homophobic environment!” just for the hell of it, or because they want to pit the people who love those characters against each other. that might be a more comparable example to what i think you’re asking me.

to me, the nursey/dex privilege discourse exists in fandom because of patterns in the fandom moreso than the details of the comic itself, and the patterns of the fandom are a direct result of the world we live in. fandom is made up of people, and no person lives in a vacuum; by extension, fandom does not exist in a vacuum, unaffected by the world.

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Hi I'm not sure if you know about the new vkm ch, it's about the old trio a.k.a Kaien, Haruka and Juuri. Do you think it's Hino trying to paralell yume? Or zeki? I'm sorry for the sudden question, but I'm tired of seeing fans getting mad at those who make paralell posts.

No worries about the sudden question, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you last night! I was in a different fandom mode because a new episode was airing. ^^ Regarding fans getting mad at the parallel posts, I wouldn’t take it to heart if you enjoy them just because others mock them. Parallels are a legitimate narrative device, and more than that, it’s just a fun observation that occurs in every fandom. I agree that it’s very easy to see a parallel in anything, if you look hard enough, which is part of the reason behind the criticism against them. People get tired of parallels being used like concrete evidence against something they believe, and I can see how that would be frustrating. Personally I think people (both pro and anti parallel peeps) take it a little too seriously and need to step back and just let meta and parallels be fun, like they’re meant to be.

Anyway, regarding your actual question, it’s hard for me to really say what Hino’s intentions are in regards to this specific chapter, but if you’re talking about as a whole, I think that there’s grounds to argue that Kaname parallels Haruka and Kaien, just as there are grounds to argue that Zero parallels Haruka and Kaien. They both share some similarities with each man, and some differences, which I think the Yume’s and Zeki’s alike have both posted extensively about in the past few days so I won’t rehash that. I also feel a bit of reluctance in drawing comparisons between HaruJuri because I do see some of the similarities to Yume, and it’s enough that I’ve never been fully comfortable with their relationship either. 

However, that being said, I think this is a parallel that needs to be taken a little less literally; the parallel that Hino creates in Zeki’s re-enactment of the HaruJuri umbrella scene is meant to highlight that Yuuki’s dream to “be like her parents,” one day actually came true, and it is meant to subvert the reader’s (and even Yuuki’s) expectation that it would come true with Kaname by instead showing it happen with Zero. I think we’re likely also supposed to view the scene with HaruJuri in a similar way, which is that Juri specifically left home to escape the expectations of her family to choose one of her brothers, and instead ended up falling in love with one of them anyway which was also against her expectations. Likewise, Kaname’s similarities to Kaien are not so literal, but as @zerolover66 pointed out to me, Kaname watches his loved one from afar while she is by someone else’s side, just as Kaien watched Haruka and Juri together. The biggest difference between Kaien and Kaname, though, is that Kaien willingly took a backseat to his loved one’s love with someone else, and Kaname interfered, which is where his similarities to Rido come in, and he’s fairly vocal about that throughout the second arc. Whether fans agree with his assessment or not, Kaname compares himself (and the darkest facets of his personality and desires) to Rido in order to understand and perhaps even separate himself from them. Kaname’s struggle was between doing what Kaien did - wishing for the happiness of his loved one, even if it wasn’t with him - and what Rido tried to do - binding the person he loves to him for eternity. 

So to answer your question, no, I don’t think that Hino is trying to parallel HaruJuri with Yume, although similarities between the two are inevitable considering their physical appearances and their roles in society. I think that Hino is trying to show the similarities between HaruJuri and Zeki, while also pointing out ways that they subverted that pairing, and I think she deliberately chose to recreate the umbrella memory that Yuuki idolized as a child to show that it was Zero who ultimately contributed to her childhood dream becoming a reality and not Kaname, as readers and Yuuki herself likely expected. 

As for the fans getting mad about people making parallel posts, I’d just ignore them. They’re entitled to feel what they feel about that form of meta, but so are you, and there’s no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy it if you choose. :) I think in their case, they’re just frustrated with parallels constantly being used to invalidate their ship and if the roles were reversed I’m sure we’d feel the same. 

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but Vera and Freddie (and Bates as a whole) not being nominated for awards literally boggles my damn brain. This show is complex af! 

Vera played Norma and Mother in the first 4 series freaking flawlessly; then it changed up, so she played Mother playing Norma who is actually Norman manifesting Mother (who is sometimes playing Norman) as a coping mechanism.

Whilst Freddie is over there playing good & confused Norman, as well as, black out how about some homicidal tendencies Norman for the first 4 seasons - once again, freaking flawlessly. Then in the last series, he plays good Norman and homicidal tendencies Norman who is actually Mother who sometimes pretends to be both Norma and or Norman. 

It’s literally character inception - the writing is crazy good. The acting is too good…So… 

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This is the biggest amount of bullshit since Amy Poehler not winning awards for Leslie Knope after the last season of Parks. 

What do you do when literally everyone you consider important in your life turns their back on you, blame you for your mental illness - which they were aware of since the beginning, as you’ve been battling it since you were seven - and for asking for help, shame you for it, and when you try to explain that you’re trying so fucking hard to get better not because you “want” to for yourself, because if you were true to yourself you wouldn’t wake up anymore, but because you don’t want to be a nuisance to them anymore, even though they were the ones who got mad when you tried to fix things on your own, they get cruel because you shouldn’t be asking anyone anything, you should be getting better on your own?

How do you explain that you’re going against everything you’ve ever known, because you don’t remember a day in your life where you didn’t hate yourself, and it’s lonely and terrifying to do this without any support? How do you explain that when they say that you are being selfish for asking for them not to help, but to not be cruel and ignore you if you ever say you need someone at that moment, you are actually ignoring yourself so you can keep going? It’s not what they want to hear, and rationally I KNOW it’s not what people are supposed to think. But it’s my truth, it’s all I’ve ever known, and to do this all by myself is wearing me out.



dear friend or some shit,

listen i know that you wanted me to draw you that thing, and i know i’m taking a while, but you asked for a full background, full colors, full shading, two characters interacting, lighting, and details, not to mention the recording process + editing and uploading to youtube. you want me to do all of this for free without even asking if i’m taking requests (which uh– news flash– i’m fucking not)

i mean i guess it’s cool, because you’re my friend or some shit

but please take into consideration that i am mentally and physically exhausted. my hips and thighs hurt for many different reasons, and my wrist cramps. i get sad and i hurt and i vomit and my tummy hurts and i don’t want to do anything. especially not for you, because you keep pulling the “i’m depressed” or “i’m your friend” card. well wake up and smell the bacon, bitch, i’m just as fucking dead inside as you, i’m just better at hiding it.

i’m so very tired of drawing your boring characters over and over for free because if i’m correct this is the 7th request you’ve made. i want to make actual art with my characters and my backgrounds. i want to make art for people that i love who have earned it. 

i don’t want to draw your stupid fucking thing but i’m going to anyway. but please know that i’m going to do it in the most passive aggressive away that i physically can.

please know that you are just being a lazy twat by not drawing this your own damn self.

i’m not a fucking robot, honeybear. 


a very tired girl

That feel when your dad tells he loves you unconditionally but you don’t know if he actually means that or just unconditionally based on the you he thinks he knows

isn’t it just interesting to think abt the volume of posts and headcanons and attention m/m books get in this community vs the amount f/f books get and how the content generated for those is usually at least half that despite a lot of those f/f books being just as good 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Cultural Appropriation Rant Alert, Cuz I'm Tired

I’m getting really mad at this effing community over this effing headdress.

I don’t usually stick my glittery nose into these shenanigans, but enough’s enough – I’m sick to death of y'all – always tryna run simmers out of town because they had the nerve to use non-Western CC in their games. You effing CC Nazis. And yet everyone wants to talk about how open-minded and liberal they are around here; let’s give all our money to some wheelchair fund cuz we care about people look how amazing our hearts of gold are – but then turn around and try to shut down blogs and call people out of their names who are just spreading awareness to people about non-white cultures and giving people rather beautiful CC to help represent different cultures; a refreshing change from all the effing Western contemporary clone CC we’ve been inundated with for the last 5 years. But it’s only because we’re concerned about not offending anyone. T_T The second a piece of tribal or cultural CC comes out everyone’s having heart attacks, like oh no you can’t use that, you can’t make that, that can’t be in people’s games; it’s appropriation and offensive and Jesus outta slap your mama and nonsense.

Shut. Up.

Cuz really it just sounds like a plot to erase all non-Western influence from a sandbox game that I must have misunderstood the intention of – to play as YOU see fit, to represent YOUR idea of what life is like and express YOUR ideas and creativity. Smells like white-washing to me – the more CC creators listen to y'all drivel is the less cultural CC we’ll have, and the more the Western Overlords win – I think it’s a conspiracy, and effing racist as hell! And it’s hypocritical BULLSH!T too – but fine. If that’s the way it is, I don’t ever wanna see another non-Indian sim wearing henna CC ever again – how bout that? ;) If I see one more bedroom-eyed sim rocking a mohawk fauhawk I’m cutting all y'all bedsheets in the middle of the night. One more white sim in dreads and big-hoop earrings and I’m peeing in your bathwater. ^_^


Meanwhile everyone who plays Cowboys and Indians are mostly little white boys anyway, so we should round all them up, too, huh? Ban Peter Pan and take down all the DVDs and VHSs and rides at Disneyland, cuz it’s appropriation. Let’s call SilFantasy and the EA Store Team and tell them to yank down their Native American sets at gunpoint while we’re at it, too, cuz it’s just SOOOOOO offensive to give a dying culture you only ever hear about during Thanksgiving actual exposure, so that people can remain aware of the great nations that actually existed outside of Europe before they were da*n near wiped off the face of the earth by effing racists out to erase their history and steal their land.

And this crap really only ever appears when it’s non-white CC, too. So if we’re American simmers, why are we decorating out lots with British phone-booth shaped coffee mugs and lockers with the Eiffel Tower on them? Ain’t that appropriation? Why even have a croissant or berets? It’s not ours. Right? Right? Eff outta here. I remember some mess about Gypsy CC that happened a while back, and telling Goth CC blogs that they’re satanists and to make “normal” CC instead, and there was the idiocy over the big hoop earrings and the gelled baby hair that y'all clowns freaked the eff out over, and of course there was that insanity telling an Asian CC blog not to post Hindu/Buddhist swastika CC cuz it was offensive/racist/whatever, like it’s their fault Hitler APPROPRIATED their religion’s iconography and used it to help spread his agenda. THAT’S appropriation, people. THAT’S offensive. (Omg the nerve of people). But the really big one was when y'all dragged Creaturefearsims on out of here for just *asking* for some new CC, and that was a shame before lord, it really was, especially since no one said a PEEP to SilFantasy or any other creator that made something sorta similar. Yet y'all played Castaway in TS2 with all that generalized Tiki grass-skirt luau stuff like your lives depended on it, didn’t you. T_T GTFO

I just really HATE it in my BONES when people try to tell others how to sim. First: it’s a game. Even when it’s some pervy straight up hentai stuff, hey, it’s their game, and as long as they warn people with tags it’s their right to kill as many sims and flash as many dingalings as they want. Second: this is a free country, a free website, and we all have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Some things truly are inappropriate and straight up offensive, without contest. But dressing your sim in a pair of dreamcatcher earrings or a pair of moccasin boots or a feather headdress is not one of those things. Oh, because only the chief or the shaman or whoever could wear them – excuse me; only anointed royalty can wear crowns and yet you can google them and get a crapton off CC accessories for those, so shut up! All these Laurel Leaf accessories we have in TS3, yet if the ancient Romans were still around they’d’ve had all us thrown in jail, too! No one talks about that though. Tch.

I’m sorry. I’m not as articulate or toned down as I should be, and I know I’m about to get cussed the eff out by some sensitive smarty pants (who probably isn’t even 100% Native) in a hot minute, but this is crazy, people. 200% crazy. And I really feel it’s counterproductive to what the game is about in the first place. Trampling down the presence of cultural CC is offensive, in my books. I wish we had more. I’m tired of all the contemporary Western crap, I really am, that’s why I do fantasy. It’s a game, people. Stop the madness. Please. I’m gonna throw up, all these bleeding hearts.

Feel free to report my arse in 3, 2, 1