Can't even spazz about Hurricane because people are ticking me off with their complaints...

“Hurricane doesn’t have a proper plot!!”

HELLO?! Not every MV needs to have a plot. And honestly, what deeper meaning could there be if it is a PARTY song. Just because B.A.P had songs with deep lyrics or plots or meanings, doesn’t mean they can’t be adventurous and try something new. If you don’t like it, fine. You don’t have to. But don’t fucking complain about a non existent MV plot in a song that doesn’t NEED a plot in the first place. Seriously….

Hurricane is definetly not their best song, that’s not what I’m trying to say. But stop complaining about things you can’t change and ruin other’s moods with that. 

disliking a celebrity that one or more of your friends really likes and not wanting to offend your friend but also wanting to punch that celebrity in the face

 fun !!!! :))

Went from cold and snowy to cold and rainy. Fuck Richmond weather.
Also, fuck teachers that make some assignments due at 10AM and others at 10PM.
And fuck my inability to process information at 4AM for making me get up at 7:45AM for an assignment I didn’t have to do.
Also, fuck anything and anyone that make any of my friends upset because my friends are infinitely better than you and deserve nothing but the best.

IDK just fuck everything, yo. I have class in 45 minutes and I can’t even keep my eyes open. Not feelin’ this “wake up before 9AM” bullshit. 



(aka I have 180+ Followers)

Whoa, that’s a lot of peeps!  I’ve been wanting to do this earlier, but ToeJam has been a real pain the backside recently so it had to wait until now.  I’m really close to reaching Dude rank (280 followers), but I’m making this bias list/follow forever/whatever this thing is anyways.

First and foremost, I’d like to say sorry for not getting to everybody’s asks and starters.  I don’t really have any real excuses to use for it other than I haven’t been feeling my muse recently.  If that’s not a suitable reason, then I apologize from the bottom of my heart.  But the “lack of muse” excuse might be over now that I’m a member of the Hyperfunk Club  That alone has been fueling my muse for over the past few days.  Some really interesting ideas have been introduced on there by my fellow fans and I hope to bring some of them here.  Plus all the excitement has me doodling ToeJam and his buddies more than usual.

A'ight, that’s enough rambling.  Time to get this party STARTED.

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just nice to see that my friends don’t care enough about me to respect how toxic certain people have been to me. You’ve seen how much I have been hurt. if any of you were treated the way I was treated I would have your back. I would be there for you. I wouldn’t let that person near you. yet you keep inviting all of them to ur social events which makes it so that I can’t go because if I do go I’ll have an anxiety attack. you’d rather have my abusers than me. that fine but don’t call me your friend if you aren’t going to act like one.

Raging rant!

These past few weeks as a Black person has been truly frustrating. So, here are some things I’m not putting up with/don’t have time for…

Rape Culture: Stop it! Just stop! You’re a piece of shit of a man to harm a woman or man by forcing yourself on them. I am sick of some of you men out here threatening women with rape. Rape doesn’t make you more of a man, that makes you WEAK! You’re a worthless, speck of dirt under my boot heel. I honestly want to find men who believe rape is okay and beat the life out of their worthless sack of a body. STOP RAPE CULTURE!

Anti-Blackness: I’m so sick of the subtle to full fledged disrespect that Black people are receiving from other minorities, White people, and within the Black community. Yo! Black people are HUMANS stop treating us as if we’re less than human b/c of our skin color. Black culture is amazing when attached to another culture but it’s ignorant when Black people are inventing the trend you all WORSHIP. STOP IT! Love us for who we (Black people) are or leave us alone and let us live in peace among ourselves. 

Stop telling me to calm down!: Too many White people and other races keep telling Black people to calm down or telling us how we SHOULD feel. WE. ARE. BEING. MURDERED. ALMOST. EVERY. WEEK! Why the fuck should I stay calm when my life, my children, family, my people, and friend’s lives are constantly in danger b/c of our skin color. We are humans! I am tired of seeing Black people dying then dragged through the mud by the media. I hate the media and the people who believes that all Black people are trouble just b/c we’re around.

One Race: Cut that bullshit out b/c we NOT one race aka Human race! If this was the case BLACK PEOPLE WOULD NOT BE GETTING MURDERED B/C OF OUR RACE! I am tired of hearing White and some Black people giving me this song and dance when Black people is always being duplicated, discriminated against, judged, belittled, hated, and killed b/c of our race. Go tell this ‘one race’ bullshit to the White people and police who are killing Black people b/c of their race! How can some White people say they’re our ally when they’re always trying to dismiss our feelings when it comes to the unjust treatment of OUR PEOPLE! Please don’t come over here telling me this insensitive, sweep racism under the rug statement.

White praising: I am sicken with this White savior and fetish praising that too many Black men and women are doing! Hey, if you love someone outside your race for the RIGHT reasons like LOVE then Yaaaaaasss! I am all for it! BUT I am seeing a continuous theme of praising these White woman for having thick lips, big butts, and being ‘down’ OR praising of White men for stating that he ‘lusts’, ‘fetish over’, or ‘likes’ Black women but he still throw shade toward Black men. Black women wears the THEIR nature features so much better than White women. Leave it to social media, every Black male is a fuck boy or deadbeat, that’s why White boys are ‘better’ BUT how is it there are so many Black men I know and see praising, loving, and holding down Black women that are never spoken of? I am sick of tired of always hearing and seeing everyone’s love and lust for White people. If I wanted to see or hear the glory of wanting, comparing, yearning for White people then I would turn on my TV. I don’t need to see this theme within the community, my community I come to for the love and pride of being in and loving Black culture.

Homophobia: Who the FUCK are you as a heterosexual person to tell two men or two women that they can’t be happy, get married, and raise children together. I am sick of men and some women but mostly men attacking the Gay community b/c they’re too small minded and heartless to understand the concept of LOVE! How dare you attack Transgender people for blossoming into who they’re meant to be. STOP IT! Just STOP! Trans people have names not labels. If her name is Felicia then call her Felicia! If his name is Jacob then call him Jacob. I am sick of people judging and telling people how they should be living their b/c it doesn’t fit into the ‘normal’ they like to see. Love is love, it’s a beautiful thing when shared with the right person! Society, just let people love each other no matter what sex they’re loving and please let people be who they truly are. 

Black culture: I am honestly fed up with our culture being used on White faces whom make money off our creativity but DARES to state they created it first. Honestly, can Black people have something that’s truly ours. I don’t want to hear that bullshit of Black people are being selfish b/c we don’t want to share our culture. If that was the case, why can’t Black people take part of Irish or German culture? We’re always told by White people that we don’t belong in their culture b/c “There weren’t any Black people involved.” I damn surely know that there wasn’t any White people around when Black teens were rapping in base house parties in the late 1970′s, creating Hip-Hop. I know there weren’t any White people around during the origin of Jazz in BLACK nightclubs throughout the 1920′s and 1930′s. I know damn well know boney ass White chicks weren’t twerking in the 99 to 2000! NO! So, why is it that everyone want to be a nigga but no one want to be a nigga when it’s time to be Black! E.g., Rachel Dolezal saying she’s Black but is completely silence during the crisis in Charleston BUT she was a leader in the NAACP. Where is her White privilege voice at now?! 

Not Black enough: When White or Black people tell me I am not Black enough and my rebuttal is always, “How the fuck am I not Black enough?! I am Blacker than an ace of spade!” When I say I am Blacker than an ace of spade I’m not speaking of complexion wise. I can give you a written and oral novel on Black history to modern day Black culture with my eyes closed as I’m doing sign language. Just b/c I’m not another stereotype that people expect me to be b/c I’m Black doesn’t make me less Black. IF you think I’m any less of a Black man then try to run up on me and see the reaction you’ll receive. Being Black isn’t just our vernacular, how we dress, being overly loud and expressive, or being from the streets. Being Black is loving myself, my people, our children, our women, our men, our culture, my skin, my hair, my features, our history, and just being Black. I LOVE IT! Fuck you if think I don’t fit into your normal of being Black. 

This is how I feel and I AM TIRED! We need a change in our society/American culture. I just want to cry sometimes out of frustration I see daily. Hey, what do I know? Maybe I just overreacting. Maybe?