Anonymous requested: Meeting Luke at a M&G.

It wasn’t a huge secret that you liked 5 Seconds of Summer. Your friends knew it, your family knew it, even some people you’d never met knew it. You’d been standing in line for over an hour now, waiting to be let into the room that held the Meet & Greet. This was the day you’d been waiting for months for - you were about to meet your favourite band.

You were calm enough on the outside. On the inside, however, your stomach was full of butterflies and if you’d actually been able to eat anything that morning you probably would have felt like throwing up. Small mercies.


Shit. That was you. Taking a deep breath didn’t seem to be helping this time, but you braved your nerves and stepped as confidently as you possibly could inside the room the band was in. And there they were. Three metres in front of you. One step. Two steps. Three steps. Almost there.

“Hi, how are you?”

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