I’d like to think that whenever I yell “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE” somehow Ashton can sense it and yells back “OI OI OI”

Anonymous requested: Meeting Luke at a M&G.

It wasn’t a huge secret that you liked 5 Seconds of Summer. Your friends knew it, your family knew it, even some people you’d never met knew it. You’d been standing in line for over an hour now, waiting to be let into the room that held the Meet & Greet. This was the day you’d been waiting for months for - you were about to meet your favourite band.

You were calm enough on the outside. On the inside, however, your stomach was full of butterflies and if you’d actually been able to eat anything that morning you probably would have felt like throwing up. Small mercies.


Shit. That was you. Taking a deep breath didn’t seem to be helping this time, but you braved your nerves and stepped as confidently as you possibly could inside the room the band was in. And there they were. Three metres in front of you. One step. Two steps. Three steps. Almost there.

“Hi, how are you?”

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maggiesawyeraf  asked:

alex are you ok? it's been 3 days please pick up i just wanna make sure you're ok can i come over so we can talk please i just wanna explain and i miss my friend and i promise i'll let you win at pool again

It’s been 3 days after I completely humiliated myself in front of Maggie. I have no idea how I will be able to see her again, yet along work with her now. I scroll through my unread text messages and missed calls list, Geez, it’s as if I died or something. All I did was take a few days off. I mean, I did have a months worth of vacation time to use before the end of the year. I hover over Maggie’s name. She called again at 10:06AM today. She has called a few times but I can’t bare to pick up. I don’t have any idea what I would even say. This was the first time she left a message. My stomach turns as I push to listen to the message.  I really shouldn’t listen to it but I really did miss her. I can’t help but let a small smile tug across my face hearing that familiar voice say my first name. It sounds stupid, I know, but the only other time she’s ever done that was when – my stomach instantly drops and I get that same pitting ache in my chest that I’ve been trying to shake since last Monday night when I made a fool of myself. I try to convince myself that this is stupid and it shouldn’t matter, Maggie and I are professional adults that just end up having to work together frequently on alien attack cases. No big deal. I get carried away with my thoughts as I listen to her voice ramble on about checking up on me. It’s sweet, usually I am the only one to take care of myself. My throat catches as her voice says ‘ I miss my…,’ I sigh as she finishes with ‘…friend’ as if reiterating that she doesn’t like me like that. I could end the message now and just not listen to the rest but if I’m in this deep now, I might as well finish it. A small ‘ha’ escapes my mouth rerunning her words of ‘I’ll let you win,’ this has got to be a joke right. I won fair and square…I think. I immediately open a new text message addressed to Maggie and type, ‘Rematch tonight, meet me at 7 as usual’ but remember Kara’s words of wisdom to take some time for myself. As I allow consciousness to regain control, I guess I shouldn’t really be spending extra time with her anyways. I delete the new text message and I’m tempted to push 7 to erase the voice mail but truth be told, I really wanted to keep it. God, how can this woman get me so frazzled. I needed another drink. I take the last swig of my honey jack and let the residual warmth burn in my throat. Maybe that wasn’t as good of an idea as I thought. After all, the next thing I know is that I hear the repetitive mundane ringing sound as I impatiently pace back and forth in my apartment for the call to be picked up. I bring my new glass of honey jack to my mouth and take a sip. I needed to keep the liquid courage up and the adrenaline running through my veins otherwise I would lose my nerve. I immediately come to a halt as I hear her voice say, ‘Alex…’ Before anything else is said, I  stammer out, ‘everything is fine. I’m fine, Maggie.’ I push the red end call button and throw my phone across the couch. I exhale deeply as my hands run through my hair. What is wrong with you Alex. Why, why did I just do that?