Since I’m awake anyway …

You know this part right here:

Where Bucky’s hand is wavering on the gun and then Tony’s all surprised that Bucky actually fired?

I figured out why Bucky’s wavering hand looked so out of place for me – it’s the first time we’ve seen Red Shirt Bucky handle a weapon.   Before this, all the shots we’ve seen of Red Shirt Bucky has been “I don’t do that anymore” and running away by jumping off buildings and riding motorcycles and running with his precious backpack straps.  imhp, Red Shirt Bucky = Pacifist Bucky.

The other Bucky we’ve seen is dressed-in-black, armed-to-the-nines, on-the-warpath-with-Steve Bucky.

So maybe this is the moment when Red Shirt Bucky stops being Pacifist.

Regardless if how it will actually play out in the film, I absolutely LOVE the idea that the character arc for *Bucky* is finding something that *he’s* willing to go to war for – whether it’s Steve, himself, or Steve’s faith in himself, or … ::gasp:: something completely unrelated to Steve. (So many possibilities!)  

Plus it works so well with what we’ve seen in the previous trailer.

Basically I want to read fics now where Bucky chooses not to fight – not because he’s still recovering, not because the Avengers won’t let him, but because He Doesn’t Do That Anymore.

fictional characters I’ve typed as ISTP:
  • logan howlett // wolverine + x men
  • raven reyes // the 100
  • megara // hercules
  • jessica jones // netflix jessica jones
  • natasha romanoff // marvel cinematic universe
  • arya stark // game of thrones
  • robin scherbatsky // how I met your mother
  • tris prior // divergent
  • rosa diaz // brooklyn 99
  • melinda may // agents of shield
  • grant ward // agents of shield
  • ronan // the raven cycle
  • annie leonhardt // attack on titan
  • remy hadley // house md
  • ryan atwood // the oc
  • daryl dixon // the walking dead
  • jim hawkins // treasure planet

James, no.

Or basically I just started awakening and make little scribbles while playing.

  • nerd.mp3 - part of your world, little mermaid
  • masteredshadows/quinn/iDK MAN

// when people say i’m a fuckin nerd they’re absolutely 100% right

enjoy me singing for about 30 seconds and talking for like 30 hours

and!! headphone warning – most of it is fine, but there’s a bit at around… three minutes that i fucked up. so, like, watch your ears. i don’t want you to get hurt, friends.

also my musical. theatre. acting stuff. may have gone overboard. things happen when you’ve actually performed on stages and shit ok u get used to overacting everything FORGIVE ME THANKS

If you want to see what people you need to remove from your life, say the phrase, “I have/had a pet rat” and watch as they throw their head back in disgust and tell you why it’s so terrible to have a sweet little furry angel as a pet 

morning guys!! Hope you guys are doing fucking great because you deserve it. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated and get enough sleep. Love you guys, bye :D oh and to my Chinese followers if I have any 恭禧發財!!! Even though I’m a day late.