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“M’lady,” Gwen began, but Sybil shook her head.

“You took the typing course, you gained the knowledge, you took the chance, and you impressed Mr. Bromidge,” Sybil insisted. “If anything, you were the one who changed my life.”

Gwen’s brow drew in confusion.

“You showed me that a woman could take control of her life,” She threw her husband a gentle smile and received a knowing look in return. “You showed me how to be brave.”

Gwen’s cheeks went pink as the Crawley family’s gaze moved between the two women. “I don’t know about all that.”

“I do,” Tom interjected. “You both were an inspiration to me. Still are.”

Gwen’s husband smiled. “Here here.”

Isabel echoed his sentiment with a raise of her glass. “To women helping each other to better their lives.”

As the toast spread across the table, Sybil and Gwen smiled at each other, an indulgent, embarrassed smile, but as they raised their glasses their smiles grew mischievous.

Tom leaned over to John Harding. “I know that smile.”

“I as well,” John answered.

The two men clinked their glasses together, knowing the future of the women’s college was in safe hands.

Lady Sybil Lives Week

who is going to explain to me why bruce has his arm wrapped around michael’s middle


Liam Cunningham interviewed about Davos at the end of season five (SDCC ‘15)


rucas + tropes (part 1)

I knew that being in the car for an almost an hour with my mom today would be exhausting and terrible but I didn’t say anything a few days ago when she told me she could take me to my doctor appointment (completely unrelated to my mental illnesses). Maybe I was just avoiding a fight there too. There was a point where I wanted to jump out of the car or I just hoped we would get into an wreck or something just so that she would stop which I know is drastic but I just can’t stand being around her. Like the whole ride she was yelling at me about how difficult it was for her raising me and that I was defiant because of my OCD and it was a problem and that now my anxiety and depression is a problem and that there is something wrong with my brain and that i should be committed and that she never should have taken me into the pyschologist when I was little because I’m not ever going to let her help me like she was the one punishing me for displaying any signs of OCD when I was a child and her views on mental illness in general is warped. 


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[ 2/? ] The Musketeers AU  - Modern AU

The center of the most animated group was a Musketeer of great height and haughty countenance, dressed in a costume so peculiar as to attract general attention. He did not wear the uniform cloak–which was not obligatory at that epoch of less liberty but more independence–but a cerulean-blue doublet, a little faded and worn, and over this a magnificent baldric, worked in gold, which shone like water ripples in the sun. A long cloak of crimson velvet fell in graceful folds from his shoulders, disclosing in front the splendid baldric, from which was suspended a gigantic rapier.

Does anyone remember the duck song… the one about the duck and lemonade stand… because i’m pretty sure that song would give a herondale a panic attack and/or a fear of lemonade stands

Why aren’t people taking N’s situation seriously?

When that video came out of that man supposedly touching Suzy everyone went into hunting mode. People were speaking out about sexual harassment and demanding that he be brought to justice. It turns out that video just happened to be shot at the worst angle possible and nothing actually occurred.

But N talks about how a female staffer touched him without consent and that he legitimately felt uncomfortable and they had the nerve to just make it a joke. Him being a man does not change the fact that it was sexual harassment.

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