5x02 “Good God, Y’All”
“We’re us.”

I’m sorry I just love their annoyed expressions when sprayed with holy water. ;) Like… they can be flung across the room, be held at gunpoint and they keep a straight face, but if someone sprays them with water or holy water all of that goes right out the window. I mean… one could see it as them being so very disappointed in someone even considering them being not themselves and therefore looking as bothered, but still… These expressions of utter annoyance due to a little bit of water… I’m sorry, but I just like it. ;) I think it’s cute somehow.

Me rewatching Supernatural

Epsiode: *starts*

Me: Where’s Cas, has anybody seen him? Caaaaas? Castiel are you there? Hey Cas?! CAS! Does anybody know what he’s doin? HE’D HAVE TAKEN THAT DOWN HOURS AGO! Caaaaaaaaaaaaastieeeeeeel ~ 



“I just don’t get what’s so appealing about it,” you said with a shrug. “It’s a whole week of sharks. That’s it.”

Dean looked at you, wide eyed and flabbergasted, and you gave him one more look before turning and walking back to the Impala and away from the flashing lights of the just arrived police cars.

“A whole week of sharks–Are you kidding? That’s why it’s awesome!” Dean started after you, jogging to catch up. “Just watch an episode,” he said as he came up beside you. “Then you can think whatever you want about it, but you gotta at least give it a chance!”

“One episode?” You stopped and crossed your arms over your chest. “One episode, and then you’ll leave me alone about it? Forever?”

“Forever. I swear.” Dean crossed his heart with his fingers, and you sighed. 

“Okay fine,” you conceded. “One episode.” 

“Awesome,” Dean grinned, pleased with himself, and you shook your head as the two of you started back towards the Impala side by side. 


Under the Hood: Speed

Summary: Dean can’t take it anymore, and Pala pays the price.
Rating: PG-13
A/N: If you haven’t read Under the Hood, then this story is not going to make sense to you, as it’s a side shot set post-epilogue. For everyone who has- I’d say enjoy, but we all know better. Mine is an evil laugh.
Love y’all.

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How stupid can wwe get?


Like I was busy the entire day with work so just got off watching raw and I’m shocked to say the least.

Like they really think that since Seth Rollins as champ going against Brock hasn’t been able to generate any kinda buzz or increase their ratings then they can just throw this regular Kevin Owens Vs Cena feud in the main event and can magically get the ratings up.

What kind of blindfold are they are wearing that they are unable to see all these amazing talents that they’re wasting? Or are just too caught up in pushing their fav stars that they don’t want to push others that fans love automatically.

I can never forget how they de-pushed Zack Ryder cuz he got over on his own. Ugh wtf is wrong with them?

Dint’t they hear the reactions that Dean ambrose gets? Don’t they hear how fans wish Ziggler was used better? Or they blind to not see that if Bo is written well then he can be a huge star.

I’m tired of them booking the show with nonsense crap!!

For last few weeks Dean had authority mess with him and Roman getting chased by Bray and them standing together but last night they completely went off track. Dean is facing Bo for no reason and Roman is going once again against Sheamus only for Bray to play the same mind games.

Don’t even get me started with the nonsense Team Bella vs Paige crap!! 

WWE has all the elements to make the show interesting but somehow they’re just too lazy to do it. I really wish Lesnar doesn’t win the championship cuz he’ll just take that title and disappear when technically the boring champ Seth should’ve lost to Dean or Roman at least a month ago. 

It’s a messed up situation when you want the boring champ to lose but his opponent is a disappearing paint so you don’t know who to root for. UGH!!


THIS MADE ME FEEL THINGS VERY BAD “Cas please don’t get out of the car {destiel first date AU}”

jealousy in hp

tbh one of the things i hate most about hp canon is how jealous all the characters are. it’s a totally incoherent and lazy way to write romantic interest and it makes all the characters who suffer from it seem petty and insecure, and implies that they either have or will have horrible relationships. now you might say that hermione and ron experience jealousy partly because of who they are and partly because of the unresolved nature of their relationship in most of canon. fine. but what about krum (over hermione), eh? what bout harry and cho and ginny? what about pansy (over draco)? the only characters involved in the shenanigans who aren’t given a chance to be jealous are, oh, let’s see, characters like cormac too-thick-to-be-jealous mclaggen and lavender written-as-too-obsessed-or-too-stupid-to-be-jealous brown who act as badly sketched out comic relief. there’s also, i suppose, characters like cedric too-golden-to-care diggory, fleur too-beautiful-to-suffer-from-jealousy delacour, and bill too-cool-for-rivals weasley, but we know that bill and fleur don’t have anyone to be jealous of so that’s really a moot point. oh, and there’s dean thomas. oh, dean thomas, how i love thee.

i’ve been told that jealousy affects everyone, which could be true. i’ve been told that i just haven’t experienced jealousy because i’ve been lucky enough to date boys who didn’t have very many female friends. fair enough. perhaps i am a jealous person. but you know what? i’m currently dating my third boyfriend, and ever since i started dating, i’ve had many, many male friends. and not once has any of the boys i dated ever seen occasion to imply that i might be interested in those other boys or ask me not to hang out with my other male friends or glower at them when they’re in the same room or badmouth them when they’re not in the room.

but not so in hp canon. you know why ginny must be the one for harry? well just notice much more jealous he is about ginny than he is about cho. sure, harry feels that gut disappointment when cho says she’s going to the ball with cedric and he spends all of yule ball watching cho dance with cedric, but it’s not like there’s a monster roaring in his stomach, now, is it? how do you know hermione’s way more into ron than she is krum? well, she doesn’t throw fits about girls following krum everywhere. so that’s that, everybody. it was there in canon all along! just follow the jealousy!

it’s as if in hp the only way to know whether or not you really like somebody is to feel jealous when they’re paying attention to someone else. which is why i can’t really take any romantic jealousy in canon seriously. because it’s clearly shown to be some sort of universal human fault that shows itself any time anyone falls in love with their true love. it completely underestimates teenagers and their ability to have relationships that are healthy and good and trustful even while it tries to build up these happily-ever-after endings. it rationalizes and justifies and makes commonplace possessive tendencies that are horrible for relationships, and, in fact, treats those tendencies as something healthy and necessary and unavoidable.

i believe that jealousy exists. i take seriously snape’s jealousy over lily and his rivalry with james, just as i do ron’s fear that hermione will prefer harry after all. these are characters built with insecurity at their core.

and i understand that krum could be insecure about hermione’s friendship with harry, just as cho could be about harry’s friendship with hermione. i understand that ginny could be feeling insecure enough about her relationship with harry when he turns up suddenly after a year hunting horcruxes to protest him wandering off to ravenclaw tower with cho. i see that pansy could be so jealous that boys admire ginny’s looks that she wants an assurance from draco to the contrary.

but i don’t believe all these things together. it’s a cheap way to build a vulnerability into characters when so many other character vulnerabilities and flaws exist out there for an author to work with. in hp canon, jealousy is part of the romantic landscape instead of being unique to certain characters, and it’s a damn shame that it is. that is all.


The SuperAvengers series