since tumblr was a bitch yesterday and brought me back to the dash before I could save all the work I’d done on my navi page, I’m gonna throw that back together before I do any writey-writey. I really wanna post a starter call but I NEVER make the starters sO I DON’T KNOW??? I DON’T KNOW? I’ve only got a few things going on over here right now though so idk hmu if u wanna do thing.

axollo asked:

I have to admit, I haven't gotten far into the album yet (I'm listening to Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, Gold and I'm So Sorry on repeat right now), but I will! (Yes, give me all the recommendations!)

It’s okay I’ve got Hallelujah on repeat rn it’s so catchy

and i’m suddenly realizing most of my music is either main stream or country whoops but!! Marianas Trench u def need to check out. they change their sound like every album, first one is rock, second is pop rock, third is pop but like it’s all one long song there’s no breaks between songs it’s gr8 and 4 is idk it isn’t out yet but definitely pop

U might have heard the song Stutter? Or Desperate Measures maybe. But songs you really need to listen to are this, this this and this

i am truly trash and i still need to highkey figure out the kinks of this project, but my bae jack finley is one of the leads on a supernatural hbo show called ‘howl’ that is (shockingly) about werewolves and witches - it has the kind of following that true blood did, it’s been airing since 2013, and i s2g that i am going to be writing out all the kinks for this but it’s gonna be hella rad and the cast is going to be super tight, so if you are at all interested in this at all just kno that this is a thing that i will be writing up tomorrow and !!!!!! lmao what even is this post it makes no sense and there’s nothing concrete BUT TOMORROW I PROMISE OK