• Castiel: Also, from now on, we will be using codenames.
  • Castiel: You can address me as "Eagle One".
  • Castiel: Deborah, codename: "Been There, Done That".
  • Castiel: Candy is: "Currently Doing That"
  • *Castiel and Candy highfive*
  • Castiel: Amber is: "It Happened Once In a Dream".
  • Castiel: Lysander, codename: "If I Had To Pick a Dude".
  • Castiel: Armin is... "Eagle Two".
  • Armin: Oh, thank god.
The Signs As TWEWY Characters
  • Aries: Neku
  • Taurus: Rhyme
  • Gemini: Joshua
  • Cancer: Shiki
  • Leo: Beat
  • Virgo: Mr. Hanekoma
  • Libra: That Little Kid Who Plays Tin Pin Slammer Too Much
  • Scorpio: Uzuki
  • Sagittarius: Sho
  • Capricorn: Konishi
  • Aquarius: Kariya
  • Pisces: That One Guy Who Says Things Like "Hot Stuff" and "GNARLY!!"
You have two cows: Gundam edition
  • 0079: You have two cows.  One produces milk three times faster but is miffed that the other cow shares an innate spiritual connection with the farmer’s daughter.
  • Zeta: You have two cows, and they spend all day taking shots at each other for the best grazing territory only to be blind-sided by a third cow.
  • ZZ: You have two cows and everyone thinks they’re so cute and funny, but things get deadly serious after one falls over.
  • Char’s Counterattack: You have the same two cows from 0079, and the fast one is still salty about what happened and tries to knock the barn down.
  • 0080: You have two cows.  One becomes hamburger.
  • 0083: You have two COWS OF DESTINY.
  • F91: You were supposed to have two cows for a year, but after a lot of arguing with the salesman and the farmhands, you only have them for two hours and nobody is happy.
  • Victory: You have two calves.  Their parents are dead.
  • G: You have two cows, one of which is actually a cyborg replica of a cow and the second is on fire with the help of the first.
  • Wing: You have two male cows and cannot figure out why 90s kids are so intent on pairing them.
  • X: You have two cows who are most active when the moon is full.
  • 08th MS Team: You have two cows separated by a fence, and one sacrifices a leg to be with the other.
  • Turn A: You dig up two cows and produce milk and butter the old fashioned way because you don’t have any machinery to do it for you.
  • SEED: You have two cows that were genetically engineered to be superior to all other cows.  Your neighbor is miffed because he’s stuck with thirty clones of the same cow.
  • SEED DESTINY: You have two cows that you sell because you decided the SEED cows were actually better.
  • 00: You have two cows, and are understandably perturbed when one starts talking to you while covered in crystals.
  • Unicorn: You have two cows, but your tenuous grip on power relies on them never seeing what’s inside the barn.
  • AGE: You have successive generations of cows, none of which develop to your liking.
  • Build Fighters: You have two cows.  One is incredibly smart but physically weak, while the other is strong and dumb.  Together, they win a blue ribbon at the county fair.
  • Reconguista: You have two cows.  They begrudgingly get along even though they keep munching on each others’ grass.
the inquisition on tumblr

cassandra: emotional shipping blog, occasional porn, gets sucked into internet drama

varric: very popular author blog, anonymous rpf fanfic side blog

sera: doodles, memes, porn

iron bull: porn, sparkly rocks, responds to anonymous hate with innuendo

solas: problematic blogger who never gets called out because he uses academic language, reblogs images of elvhen stuff and writes a novel in the tags

blackwall: got doxxed

vivienne: fashion, world’s cruelest advice blog

josephine: aesthetic

leliana: shoes, cute animals, and music

cole: baby animals, rambling text posts, egregious overuse of emoticons, creepy responses to people’s untagged angst blogging

dorian: uptown funk autoplay, nothing but selfies with thousands of notes

cullen: doesn’t have a tumblr

dagna: bad science puns

  • Me: *points to Mink* love dis Mink but not his actions
  • Haters: no... You do not do that.. Mink is bad.. Rapist with no character development... He is awful... No personality... Person of color is not ok.... Do not love him... Trash... You rape apologist..... You cannot have your own opinion.... Disgusting....You do not underknow...do not say this thing....
  • Me: *points to Mink* love dis Mink but not his actions