psa for my bi friends! read if you have a minute to spare

Please do NOT visit the blog biphobiabullshit and/or read any of their posts unless you are emotionally equipped to handle nonsensical biphobia and outright hatred towards bi people. I have never read anything so hurtful or negative in my life, and i want to warn you guys to stay away from it, especially if you have a lot of anxiety relating to being bi.

For anyone who has accidentally stumbled upon that page, I just want to remind you that no matter who you have or have not dated, no matter what preferences you have, no matter what stereotypes you do or do not fit, no matter how you identify in regards to gender, sexuality, or romantic orientation, you are valid and you are welcome in bi spaces. You are welcome here.

Please take care of yourselves. Reading the posts on that page have made me feel absolutely nauseous, and I am appalled that a blog like that exists, let alone has supporters. For anyone who is curious about the content on the blog but wishes to stay away, I will summarize by saying that the blog is run by an incredibly biphobic person who somehow simultaneously refuses to believe that biphobia exists.

The most recent post I saw basically insisted that bi people in different gender relationships are “hetero conforming” and do not belong in bi spaces. I have seen much worse there, but that post hit a little too close to home for me personally and I want to warn you all about that blog in general.

Stay safe and I love u. If you need support, the mods here are all willing to talk and chill out and spread some love and positivity. Hope everyone is doing okay! (You can scroll on now, just stay safe ok? Love u.)


some random doodles from an impromptu stream i had, aka the calm before the storm of what else happened in that stream. the first one would be the trash squad at the stream, and the second one a little scene from @pedoseidon‘s fic “rippling water and rippling abs

This is the power of love guys, Cyclonus took down Ravage, ripped off whatever the hell this thing is off of Megatron’s bed and then bashed his head with in all in like 2 seconds


if you spent any time doing any growin’ up in the 80s, you probably spent some of it on brown carpet.

If you ever feel unsatisfied with your art, just imagine the you who had just recently picked up drawing. The you who admired all the cool artists and who wanted to be as good as they are. Now imagine that you from past, looking at your current work. I’m pretty sure they would look at it with shining eyes and be really proud of you!! ; A ;

I think I finished the report on my internship holy shit

it’s three pages long and I feel like I could’ve talked about more stuff but I dunno. could be good like that too

OMG!!!! Wrong day to be off the internet.  I remembered the EMMYs and went straight to their site to read the winners. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw Benedict had won. Then I saw Martin (and not for Fargo like I thought) and I just sat there literally with my mouth gaping open for about 5 minutes. Then the writing one…


Shame they couldn’t be there to collect. Murphy’s Law.