But guys, Ford is asking Dipper about Bill in the promo. We’re actually getting the whole

Ford: so dipper what are your experiences with this demon
Dip: …………uh…..uhhm …..
..I might have uh…….. made a deal with him………….? and sorta almost died………..?
Ford: what the fuck dipper. what the fuc k

xxdtfanxx requested sum big bro with Alan sleepy hugs thing so… :D

And now to glare more at my cats for waking me. T_T

I was talking with my brother’s gf last night about how much I disliked cheerful people and how annoying I thought my siblings were when I was little. I hated everytime my younger sister smiled and posed for the camera and how easy my older sister would laugh. It annoyed me so much that I pretended I felt nothing when being tickled, and started to look angrier every time I was taken a picture.
My niece, who’s 4, resembles a lot like how my 23 yo sister was in looks and personality when she was her age ,only that I like my niece. So, I was thinking that maybe I’m not that bitter anymore; I actually like seeing my siblings happy and I enjoy making them laugh, but then I remembered how seeing other’s bonding and laughing and doing fun things ruin my mood. Literally. I go from feeling nothing or from laughing at cat videos to something I can’t even describe. It makes me want to punch someone in the face or hit my head against a wall.

I want to see them debut and be successful. Be able to tour meet fans and always support each other. See their smiles because they’re doing what they want to do. But I feel like I don’t want them to debut yet. It’s not because I feel it’s too early but I don’t I feel as if when they debut my secret would be revealed. I feel in a way guilty because I’m being so selfish…

i’m going to bed but i just want you all to know i think you’re great and fantastic and beautiful/handsome. good luck in whatever you’re stressing or having anxiety about. you’re gonna do great and i believe in you. go be the boss/queen/king that you are you wonderful person you