Meoagaru Kobushi (Fist of Flame)
  • Meoagaru Kobushi (Fist of Flame)
  • Takanashi Yasuharu
  • Fairy Tail OST Vol.1

Natsu no Ikari - The Road to E.N.D

It ends like this. Natsu is man-child, dragon-boy, summer without spring, burning and meant to burn.

He is a force of nature, without nature, and magic forges wildfires and quicksilver hued white-hot through his veins.

He is sleeping demons

and casual grace

and broken bones almost-knit, blood spilt and cracked fists; these are lessons learnt twice from encounters of the stranger kind.

He swallows liquid gold and sleeps with feathered blues yet at times he is half-remembered rage with heartbreak at war. 

His house turned tinder fuel with mismatched memories that do not dust and from there he will not look forward to the next hello from the man who cloaks the blood they share.

(my prose post [x]) & (art post credit [x] [x] [x] )

In a few minutes my parents are going to ruin my day, nice.

We were eating dinner with my brother but my sister was still waking up from her nap so we finished eating before she arrived (I think she’s still in her bed tbh) but our dad and mum told us that they were waiting for her to talk to us three…

Greaaaaat, after all the shit from this weekend, we will hear about their opinion about it and we will be forbidden to say anything we think about it because of course they’re always right. 

I tried to be nice to my mum today because we were both home, I forced myself to be in a good mood and just forget about everything from Friday to Sunday, but apparently that won’t do for them.