i didn’t try          with the banner, blah blah, i didn’t care to. i’m also fairly sure no
  one reads  these,  and  that’s  fine  ;  i  could sit here and talk about my hatred of the
  color  purple  and  everything  would  be cool, but i’m still going to tell you guys how
  absolutely   blown   away   i   am   by   everything,  by  everyone’s  chillness,  by  the
  friendships i’ve made, and by the amazing writers i’ve had the pleasure of   admiring
  and collaborating with. if you’re not on this list, it’s not  because  i  don’t  like  you –
  it’s because i’m  half-sleeping and i looked over  your  name  because  i’m  an  idiot.
  but, i love you, and i probably want to get to know you better. let’s get married.

                     drxmeda ( bffl ) defiantcharms ( the wife ) avicuula ( bb elephant )

       a conglomerate of the people i just love to see on my dash and of people i actively
                write with or idk i’ve just maybe offered you my heart and you said ok.

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Hey folks! Wanna see me doodle stuff? Like the old fashioned feeling of a black and white artpiece? Ever wondered how cool something would look in fantastic technicolor?! Wait no more! At just 7 bucks a sketch, 14 or up in monochrome, or 20 up in color you can!! Final prices will indeed vary, but don’t be shy! Step right up!!

…i’m still reading glumshoe’s blog partially because everything on it is super cool and i’m kind of in creepy tumblr crush mode rn but also because i’m trying to puzzle out where he is/any real life connections with people i know and i feel like i must be missing something obvious? like he tagged @ameliarating in a post and i’m just really confused is that just a coincidence or does anyone else know him (he seems to be fairly committed to keeping his blog private from his rl so i feel super creepy but this is really bothering me now)

Yknow what really hurt? When your abusive parents who told u your mental illness is an excuse for u to be lazy and think it’s funny and pathetic… When those same ppl fuss around my sister when they found out about her mental illness … Like I’m more than happy they’re paying attention to her and trying to help her esp since she’s still young but like… What about me? I have to act all fine and dandy when they tell her she can totally skip this whole week of school but I get yelled at for missing 15 min of class bc of a panic attack