Sooooo… It seems like my previous post got a lots of notes… OMG I think I must say “thanks” to all of you for that :3 it’s REALLY cool) 
So, after some embrrassment I decidede to post that after all *//////* Actually I’m still a bit embrrassed about that cuz, u know, THIS IS TOO CUTE. And yeah i ship them hard)))
Got even an idea for fanfic: David still has a lot of pain about his hands which was pierced through and through by Nurf. Gwen helping him when his wound opened again and trying to cheer him up. And then he just deside to kiss her to express his gratitude…

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re: "i'd consider doing makeup if it could make me bioluminesce"; if it's something you're interested in, a lot of indie companies make really cool "duochrome" face powders that shift colors when the light strikes them. You don't put it all over your face (though i guess you totally could), you put it on your cheekbones and eyelids and stuff. you can totally wear it by itself and it's really pretty. not literal bioluminescence but still really cool.

when i put that tag on that post i actually thought highlighter’s probably the closest makeup can get to bioluminescing :P i dunno if i’d be brave enough to go out in public with like. blue glitter powder on my face though, especially since i have absolutely no patience for foundation or moisturizer or any of the other components of face stuff [like i JUST bought a decent spot concealer saturday night. this saturday. two days ago] and i dunno if highlighter works without the rest of it. because i know nothing about makeup aside from super basic eye stuff.

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"i’ve never thought phan was real, or dan and phil are gay" Bisexuality exists, and they've both claimed that label in the past. That doesn't confirm "phan", obviously, I'm just pointing out that it's possible for neither of them to be gay, but still be in a relationship with each other. :)

oof i know bisexuality exists? again. i’m not claiming anything, just giving my thoughts. i think it’s really cool that dan is seemingly more comfortable with himself but i also think majority of the phandom assuming it’s because he’s gonna come out is just wishful thinking

Ehhh, stuff needs to be tweaked but I don’t have time for that jazz, and I really think this pretty cool fic, “Incalescence” by llyrical deserves something while I have a brief opportunity to make digital art before my hiatus drags me down under.

I think this scene is in chapter 4. TBH, I kinda like this Bill. Maybe I’ll use him again someday.


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