Also something cool: the public library in the city I’m moving to hosts Dungeons and Dragons meetings!  I’m definitely going to check into it and see if I can get involved in a group.  They also have book clubs (which I might try out if they seem interesting enough) and I’ll see if they manage writing circles.  Really excited about this, though!

Still trying to figure out what sort of day job I’d like to get, too.  Mom and Dad told me to get settled and take some time to write (like a sebatical) before I really worry about work, but…

I’m not sure if I’d rather work at a clothing store, coffee shop, or bookstore/library.  They all have pros and cons - the main con being I can’t do heavy lifting because of my back and I don’t know if some jobs REQUIRE it.

had my first day of work at coro today!

  • y’all coro is gonna be really good for me
  • i’m a lil bummed bc i have the same placement all three cycles and i was looking forward to trying diff things this year, but i’ve heard that it’s possible to make that happen even with one placement but still :/
  • i’ve never been so comfortable so quickly in such a large group of people before??? this is so new and i’m so happy with it?? everyone seems so cool
  • we had like a 5 hour meeting today with people from the org we’re consulting with as a cohort lmao
  • the org seems super cool too!!!!