it has been five days since I walked out of ghosbusters with my male friend and when I was gushing about holtzmann and her engineering marvels, he said to me, “she’s not an engineer, is she?” I’m still baffled

we both liked this movie. we both really liked holtzmann.

and yet, there it was, right in front of me - evidence that men really don’t notice women’s contributions even when they’re shown over and over and holtzmann’s literal actual title is “nuclear engineer”

boys better learn to pay attention or a bomb might go off in their faces

I know it’s only a Lego short movie, but this shit annoys me. Why is it now only ‘up to talented and rugged Owen Grady’ to save the day? We can see Claire’s involved in the promotion photo, and I bet she has a just as huge a part to play as she did in the film. It’s a joint effort, man. I’m sick of people belittling Claire’s role over and over again in their summaries and reviews. Smh.