i’ll never be over that moment when

Yuuri announces his theme for the year to be ‘Love’

and everyone reacts like it’s something uber scandalous like anal sex on ice


he did NOT

i wish i had that kind of guts

in all my years of journalism i Never

history is being made before our eyes

young man, we do not just –

should i even be filming? is this allowed?



here you go, a full filmized clip!!!! anamorphic ratio, lens correction, color correction/grading/timing, film grain!!!!!!!! in video form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’ve been planning on making cinematic movie version fanedits of atla and korra, this is officially! my first! test run! and it looks soooooooooooo good, i have to do the full versions now that i know it’s possible and looks THIS GOOD

watch in 1080p and fullscreen, the beauty is in the details <33333

(see this post for comparison/process)

Hey look an au no one asked for !!

I’ve been ridiculously ill over the past three days and ended up doing nothing but sleeping and watching cartoons. So as I’ve been feeling ok enough it sit at the pc today and doodle a bit, this just kind of ended up happening ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So I just watched "I'm Not Ashamed"

Sorry if you’re extremely hypersensitive over spoilers but I’m going to lay this shit down on you anyway.

Firstly, Rachel’s story, for the most part, was told moderately accurate. They had her outfits to a tee and even had her real car which was pretty lit (it was still intact after all these years and was shown in an overly cheesy, sentimental scene at the end of the film). They had her faith down (obvs as it was the whole point of this film even being made) as well as her portrayal of character. However, as a result of this “holy af” reputation, they COMPLETELY stripped Rachel of her typical teenage antics by showcasing her as NOT being a smoker at a point in her life (hinting as if she was anti-smoking) and by also being anti-liquor. They also got the whole prom scene wrong as they made her attend it with an Asian guy and not Nick Baumgart. Furthermore, in this scene, they made Dylan look at her bitter sweetly as he was dancing with Robyn, giving a sense of him “wishing it was her” rather than Robyn, who they also made to appear as disinterested and not wanting to be there with him (which was totally false as we all know- Robyn was the one that urged HIM to go).

Secondly, there were a shitload of inaccuracies with Eric and Dylan (shock). Eric was a steroid abusing, middle-aged, hairy motherfucker in high school apparently who recited all the lines from his journal as he walked through the halls. Eric and Dylan apparently also wore their natural selection/wrath shirts to school every day without fail (probably for symbolism though). However, they weren’t in it as much as I would’ve liked tbh haha, like they legit only had a few lines. Anyways, at the beginning of the film (ish) Eric, Dylan and “Sean” (who really was Brooks Brown) walk through the halls and bag out a disabled kid called “Austin” who Rachel was VERY fond of. Then, a wild herd of jocks decide to rain on their parade as they reach for a bottle of baby oil, grab Eric Harris randomly and throw him through the halls whilst cackling loudly saying “now that’s what I call dork bowling he he he” or some shit. Then, Eric gets up and says “ I’ll kill you!” And the main jock is like “oooOooOooooO so scared” which leaves Dylan to mutter to “Sean” (Brooks) I’m going to make them pay (he has his boy’s back) with “Sean” (Brooks) replying with “ well that’s Columbine”. Then, Eric and Rachel have an interaction as she’s looking at him with pity to which Eric proceeds to shout at her “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT???!!!!?!!!l” to further exemplify his built up, all consuming, homicide inducing RAGE. Also, at the end of the film they try to attempt to “redeem” the jocks of their unscrupulous behaviour by having the jocks accept the disabled kid “Austin”.

To go on further about Eric and Dylan’s inconsistencies (because that’s why you’re on a Columbine blog ma dudes), they pretty much just make Eric this Hitler fanboying Neo-Nazi as he pays attention to Hitler’s ideologies in class and later on in another scene he’s depicted reading a book -wait for it- covered in swastikas. Also, there’s a cafeteria scene which most of y'all have probably already seen. Dylan is apparently obsessed with Rachel: he can’t take his eyes off the glorious, Christian temptress and they share a moment amidst Eric spewing his journal shit whilst wearing his natural selection shirt yet again. This scene also just pretty much makes Eric to be the “ring leader” and Dylan the “follower” who just fuels Eric’s ego by agreeing with him.

Furthermore, the film also aims to depict the deterioration of Eric and “Sean’s” (Brooks) relationship, mainly by picking up a recounted argument that Brooks wrote about in “No Easy Answers” (they also plugged his book at the end of the film I swear but maybe it was just coincidence. Rachel says it while talking to “David” (Richard Castaldo) in conjunction to how there’s no easy way to say that a divorce between parents doesn’t get better). “Sean” (Brooks) was oversleeping and Eric calls him FUMING, demanding him to hurry up and take him to school. They get in a fight and to sum it up, Eric says to “Sean” (Brooks) “I’LL KILL YOU” (edgy) and then hangs up the phone (fuck the natural selection shirt, Reb should just be seen wearing Regina George’s “a little bit dramatic” one).

Another inconsistency with Eric and Dylan (surprise) is where they’re playing video games in Eric’s basement. Dylan pretty much is depicted as kissing Eric’s ass as he says “oh man!!!! Imagine if this were Columbine???!!!” And Eric says really REALLY seriously “why shouldn’t it be?” To this Dylan replies, “oh no way man that’s sick.” This just further propagates that Eric came up with the idea and shared it with Dylan (totally false) and further reinforces that Eric is the “leader”.

The next big inconsistency was Rachel’s speech on causing a chain reaction with kindness. First off, Eric and Dylan weren’t even in that class and secondly, they never even heard that recital but they were depicted to have. Rachel goes on and on about how much of a Christian she is and the camera pans showing Eric and Dylan looking affected. Then, the teacher proceeds to play the iconic “Hitmen for Hire” short film (which tbh had better editing skills than Eric and Dyl’s original one did but it was the 90s when they did it so we can cut them some slack). As she introduces it, the bitch is like, “and NEXT we have Eric and Dylan’s PIECE on how they would change the WORLD”. She legit only goes through it for like a second and Rachel is all squeamish like “oh do we really have to watch this?” To which the teacher states “no we DO NOT HNNNNGGGGH”. Then Dylan pretty much shouts with his “boisterous” personality “and that right there is the BESTTTT WAY TO CHANGE THE WORLD HAHAHAHA PEW PEW PEW” *makes gun motions with fingers*.

Now the funniest thing ever is the scene that follows the “pew pew pew” one and its this fictitious, add-on scene. Pretty much, Eric and Dyl are having this super secret meet up (ooooOoooO perfect for those chicks that ship them. The directors really provided for ALL of their target audiences) on this stairwell. Then, Rachel proceeds to walk up this stairwell and encounters them. Eric gets all mad and gangs up on her “so what’s with this Jesus crap?” to which Dylan intervenes, “yeah think you’re better than us???¿¿?” And Rachel’s all like, “no I don’t think I’m better than anybody. I have to get to class.” Then Eric full on staunches and shouts out “yeah compassion????!!! That’ll work!!!” (Major foreshadowing here kids).

Lastly, we have the scene you’ve all been waiting for: The Massacre Sce- oh wait it’s just total and unequivocal blackness after Rachel gets shot. Realllllly riveting and reallllllly climactic. It literally made me go all Reb after watching it because that’s what I was waiting for! That’s what it was building up to!!!! But it totally and utterly disappointed. In this scene, we have the infamous propaganda painted all over it that has been circling the Columbine archives for far too long now and that is the most overused, shouldn’t-be-recognised-as-fact quote… The question that was “supposedly” always stated by the boys: “DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD????” I didn’t think they would have it in those specific words (tried to have hope) because of what was depicted in the trailer but they fucking were. The scene starts off with Rachel and “David” (Richard Castaldo) talking about “David’s” parents getting a divorce. He confides in Rachel because she’s gone through it but she has “no easy answers”. Then, “David” sees Eric and Dylan approaching and says, “woah what is this, like a prank?” to which he is replied with by gunshots. Rachel is slain and is gasping in pain and Eric states mockingly, “where’s your God now?” At this point, he grabs her by the hair and says “ do you believe in God, Rachel?” She then says simply “yes” and at this stage of their supposed interaction, Eric puts his gun to her temple and says maliciously, “well, go be with your God now.” After this, the screen goes blank and shows real footage of the massacre’s events and this is then followed by a dramatisation of the flowers being put on her car by friends, family (grieving Craig Scott) and foe alike and also a simulated funeral.

Well, this was longer than I thought it would be but I surely fucking hope it gave someone an insight of what the movie is like without spending a dime; someone who didn’t want to see the film for obvious, understandable reasons. I love you fellow Columbine-infatuated kids. Stay murderous 😉😘❤️

I know opinions are divided on how Civil War treated Steve, Bucky, and Stucky: some of us hated it, others are disappointed or felt it was lacking, and some are still going over the possibilities. 

But let’s talk about what we did get out of this film, in terms of cute headcanons and characterizations for Steve and Bucky! 

  • We saw Steve and Natasha basically acting as adoptive parents to Wanda, teaching her how to be a superhero, with Sam taking over when she caught a ‘villain’ so she wouldn’t have to hurt anyone. Then Steve turned off the newsreel about the accident and made sure Wanda knew it wasn’t her fault. And, when Steve got snippy at General Ross for upsetting Wanda?! So cute. They all recognized that she was just a kid, and kept her safe every step of the way. Protective!Steve is everything.
  • (Even Rhodey – when Ross handed Wanda the Accord she looked so overwhelmed and terrified, but Rhodey reached out for the contract so Wanda didn’t have to face it. AND Clint protected her from explosions at the airport. The tiniest moments, but I loved them so much).
  • Sam and Nat flew to London to be with Steve at the funeral, even though they didn’t know Peggy that well. Best friends for life!
  • Bucky in his little apartment in Romania! With his caramel kitkat bars! And his plums! And his photo of Steve from the Smithsonian museum! We didn’t see much, but there were all kinds of little tokens that showed he was trying new things and had made a life for himself in those two years. He was healing, however slowly, smiling and socializing.

More under the cut!

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I really can’t get over Emma’s face as Regina is telling her that she wanted to kill her TL.

I mean, just look at her.  In this one moment you can see a whole bunch of emotions go across her face.  I’m going to focus on three.  

The first you see is guilt.  We know that Emma feels guilty about Robin’s death. She has no reason to, because, as it’s been pointed out repeatedly, everyone made their own choices to go to the Underworld.  Emma still feels somewhat responsible for what happened, so she also feels responsible for Regina’s pain (which is again, ridiculous, but this is Emma “the weight of the world is on my shoulders” Swan we’re talking about here).

The next emotion you see is understanding.  If anyone is going to understand Regina’s pain from losing her true love, it’s Emma.  Emma has watched Killian die three times.  She’s had to come to terms with losing him over and over again.  She has had to feel these same emotions over and over again.  She gets it.  It hurts.  And she looks like she’s stopping herself from responding verbally because of this understanding she has.

The last emotion is the one that grinds me gears the most, and I’ve taken a screenshot so you can see what I’m talking about:

This is a look of hurt.  Emma may understand what Regina is going through, but that doesn’t make what Regina is saying to her okay.  Regina is telling her that the first thing she wanted to do when she saw Killian alive was to kill him again.  All because Regina lost her true love, so why should Killian get to live?  In other words, why should Emma get to be happy? As I’ve mentioned, Emma has watched him die three times already!!  And now to hear that Regina could have impulsively killed him (which we know she is more than capable of doing) and taken him from her all over again, after just having gotten him back when she was certain she’d never see him again, hurts her.  She is obviously hurt by this.  Just the thought of reliving the pain of losing him again causes her to physically react, because she knows she just wouldn’t be able to take it.  I get that Regina is hurting, believe me, I do.  But she’s being incredibly insensitive to someone to whom the death of the man she loves is not something she would be taking lightly, especially not right now.  

“But Regina is just saying these things, she didn’t/won’t actually do it!!”

To this I say

Bottom line:  Emma doesn’t deserve this.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Amy is busy filming something but is making time to tweet about the show and fangirl with us. Sarah just got screwed over by CBS but is still showing POI so much love and tweeting about how grateful she is to have worked on POI. She's also talking about how awesome Amy is and how important the fans are. Sarah's fucking husband is also tweeting about Root and Shaw and I'm just sitting here trying to figure out a game plan for how I survive when this show is over