• Me: *watches Blindsided*
  • Episode: *full of beautiful hiccstrid moments*
  • Episode: *hiccstrid kiss*
  • Me: My crops are growing, my skin is cleared, my body is healthy, and my life is better

Y'all I am SHOOKETH @xmorticiansdaughterx cosplayed mafia au today and I got to meet him and let me just say I’m so grateful and happy 😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥you two were perfect I can never thank you enough OMMMMG

anonymous asked:

okay so like,, the "sharp work samurai" was said in such a flirty tone?? also he was so blushy?? so so blushy?? why was he blushing so much?? im shOOK

HELLO THERE I’M HAPPY YOU CAME HERE TO TALK ABOUT THIS WITH ME CAUSE THIS HAUNTS ME? Before hearing the voice acting to it I was like okay he could just be excited. Like, sure, Samurai? That’s pretty flirty, but you know it could be said in a super friendly way and that enormous suspicious blush technically could just be excitement, right? BUT NOW WITH THAT FLIRTY TONE??? NO WAY DREAMWORKS YOU’RE NOT GETTING OUT OF THIS ONE! KLANCE CONFIRMED THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT

my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet


It’s blueberry and bubblegum! The cranky twins take the Reddit 50/50 challenge together, with varied results.

A lot of people seemed to like my last edits of Ethan, so I decided to do a bit more this time. 100% inspired by @protectmark‘s septic twins edits.

Also, @markired, figured I’d tag you again since you liked the other ones ^^