• Me: *watches Blindsided*
  • Episode: *full of beautiful hiccstrid moments*
  • Episode: *hiccstrid kiss*
  • Me: My crops are growing, my skin is cleared, my body is healthy, and my life is better

Y'all I am SHOOKETH @xmorticiansdaughterx cosplayed mafia au today and I got to meet him and let me just say I’m so grateful and happy 😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥you two were perfect I can never thank you enough OMMMMG

anonymous asked:

okay so like,, the "sharp work samurai" was said in such a flirty tone?? also he was so blushy?? so so blushy?? why was he blushing so much?? im shOOK

HELLO THERE I’M HAPPY YOU CAME HERE TO TALK ABOUT THIS WITH ME CAUSE THIS HAUNTS ME? Before hearing the voice acting to it I was like okay he could just be excited. Like, sure, Samurai? That’s pretty flirty, but you know it could be said in a super friendly way and that enormous suspicious blush technically could just be excitement, right? BUT NOW WITH THAT FLIRTY TONE??? NO WAY DREAMWORKS YOU’RE NOT GETTING OUT OF THIS ONE! KLANCE CONFIRMED THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT

Guys, something super crazy happened today, a one in a billion meeting.

So I met a nice teacher today, an elderly man who started talking to me because he was absolutely delighted to “see someone at my age read a book, it’s so rare nowadays”. He was super fun and nice to talk to, and we talked like ten minutes, during which I tried to explain fanfiction and blogging to him (he was excited like a little child about it, it was really cute).

But now comes the crazy part – I went home and mentioned that nice meeting to my Mum, since it’s rare for me to meet people I can talk to so easily and without feeling awkward, right, but when I mentioned the teacher’s name, my Mum all but dropped the plate she was holding and said, “What?!” so loud my ears were ringing.

I then had to describe the teacher and repeat his first and family name like six times.

Now it turns out that my Mum, who lived in this city, like, thirty years ago before she moved away when she married my Dad, actually was friends with that teacher. They lost contact approximately twenty years ago and she hadn’t heard anything about him since then. She hadn’t even know that he had become a teacher. She didn’t know that he still lives here when we moved into this city five years ago, after my parents got divorced. (From what I heard from the teacher, he had lived at the other end of the country with his wife until ten years ago, so that wasn’t even so far fetched.)

And of all the people, I ran into him today and we hit it right off.

I mean, what are the odds?! This is so crazy! XD

(I had to promise to tell him about her and she will try to call him in the next days, see if they can meet up again and be friends again like they used to. They sure have a lot to talk about!)