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oh-oh you said dreiviertel zwölf. watch out, someone's gonna start zeitangaben discourse on your blog now

Shit, I meant. Uh. Vierzig. Fünfundfierzig. Vor. No, nach. Mitternacht. shit no how does Zeitangaben work in the rest of Gemrany

Basically, Mikey looked really good tonight - buy this drawing on redbubble

(don’t remove my caption)


the fairy town of Fawn has been updated! since the last update, the baby fairy Bambi has moved in, the garden fairy Rossa has redone her house, and the queen fairy Mischa has rearranged all of the town’s flowers and organized the beach! come explore and play to your heart’s content. ꒰ ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱

dream address: 5300-4781-6551

A fun easy commission for complexquanta’s RP blog, ghostytrollcrow. Happy Halloween ya’ll =3 Jontansprite cobbled together a Davesprite costume for Halloween. Good call, bro! Good luck getting that out of your wings though, dang.