OOC: Venting, I apologize and please feel free to ignore

I’m at work right now, and I tried to present my thesis to the entire social services staff, and it just totally crashed and burned–they essentially said “you’re not going to get anyone, this isn’t doable” and just kind of laughed me out of the room. It was like worst-case scenario, aside from being naked whilst this happened.

I made it back to my office, and I couldn’t stop crying. Can’t. At first it was because I was embarrassed, and terrified that my fear of not graduating on time was coming true–but now I think I’m crying from all the stress of my friend dying, trying to get ready for this trip, my aunt and uncle both having cancer–and I just can’t stop. My supervisor and coworker tried to talk to me and be supportive, but I literally.. Can’t … Stop. I’m not even sad anymore, but it’s like I can’t turn off the faucet in my head.

I’m so embarrassed, no, that I’m crying. I think this is maybe the third time in my life I’ve ever been embarrassed?? And it’s terrible.

If anyone has any advice on just how to stop water pouring out my face, I’d be willing to take it. Sorry for the vent, and love you all, Fam.

Wonderland Part 4 (Dean)

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Pairings: Punk! Dean Winchester x Reader (Eventual)

Warnings: TRIGGERS: Abuse, domestic violence, swearing, minor blood, crying
(I am not and Will not ever try and romanticise domestic violence)

Word Count: 2051

Summary: Dean’s a quiet boy at school you’ve barely ever spoken to but what happens when you accidentally grab his textbook instead of yours?

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I rolled my eyes as I saw Dean leaning against my locker, arms folded across his chest as usual. He was only wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans today, the ink on his arms standing out on his white skin, the sight causing a small lump to lodge itself in my throat. I traced my eyes down his arms, noting that he was a lot more muscle than I had thought originally, the tops of his arms straining against the seams of his shirt. The blush quickly spread across my cheeks as I realized I had been staring; despite the irritation I had for him right now I wasn’t going to deny he looked good; I just wasn’t going to let him know that.
“What do you want?” I snapped. He nibbled on his bottom lip for a minute, bringing his lip ring between his teeth before speaking.
“Can we talk?”
I chanced a look at his face, seeing nothing but sincerity in his expression, his smirk absent. I felt my resolve crumble slightly, nodding my head.
“I guess we can”

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