When you’re in a secret relationship and during a discussion in front of everyone you two are getting so close that you wish you could just kiss without thinking about the others but all you can do is running away and leave the room so you can have some private time together.


One-night Stand

Simon Jung Ki-seok my ass Dominic knew that having sex was a big deal (he still remembered all his sex-ed classes from 118 years ago, when he was classmates with dinosaurs)*

Which is why he regretted what happened last night…..he had a one-night stand, which he sold (!!!) to his mom for ₩45,000 and now he didn’t have any place to put his lamps!!!

This, kiddos, is why it’s important to be financially responsible. Plz don’t sell stuff u need because u will need it in the future but guess what !!!¡¡, you won’t have it because u SOLD it, m'kay??

It’s hard to be an adult, which is why I’m looking out for u all,

xxo (::;;;

*if u haven’t had sex-ed classes yet plz get out!!! my fanfics are PG-fetus, this is no place for u…… >:L


I was tagged by @teenytinytania to pick 9 pics from my camera roll to describe my aesthetic. (I just used whatever was in my aesthetics tag and picture folder lol last pic is from the garden)

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“He’s a king—you know that? No, not a king! How could I be so dumb? He’s so much more than that, he’s an angel, man. A fucking angel. My angel.”

Okay I’ll stop but this is my favorite thing ever and it needed a separate post so…there.


– when your fav wears goggles🖖🤓

+sorry i’ve become obsessed of holtzmann and oh..
+ac: firewizard
+ib: tumblr
+this not a plot twist

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I would like to apologise to my mother, god, jesus, my bank account, all the puppies in the world as well as @softpio and @rapperhyung because I think i’m going to buy summer package


Not sorry

Oh well…thanks for @nyublackneko for the beautiful warm feels (and thank you for the sneak-peak too!)

And not to forget to thanks @loverofpiggies and @zarla-s XD (For the FEElS and the dark side it was great staying in that darkness for a while…….)

guys!!!!!! i know why ive been feeling so needy and awful (like more than usual) the past couple of days!!!!!

its bc im sick help me


I hate myself