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“Could I request an imagine where the reader is Illya’s sister who Napoleon meets during a mission, she’s not a spy but knows some from Illya & ends up stunning Napoleon with her fun girl next door-like charm, unlike most women he’s been with. Napoleon asks her on a date & Illya is confused because he’s talking non stop about this girl, & seems like he wants her for more than just sex. Illya spots them on their date & gets all mad, but the reader convinces him that it’s ok w/fluff. Love ur blog!!”

Warnings: Fluff

Note: I used google translate for some of this so if you’re Russian and it doesn’t make sense to you… forgive me!!! p.s you can see the translations at the bottom of the story :D

*not proof-read

“They’re gaining on us, can you please step on it.” Gaby spoke, her voice slightly strained.

“I’m going as fast as I can.” Illya retorted as he swerved through the narrow streets. “Well try to go faster.” Gaby snapped back as she peered behind them to see their chasers getting closer and closer.

“Duck.” Solo spoke casually before sliding down in the seat next to Illya as gun shots rung out. If Gaby and Illya had ducked a second later both would have had bullets planted in their skulls.

“Ok seriously how far away are we?” Gaby queried as she peeped over the back seat of the car.

“Also where exactly are we heading to?” Solo asked and Illya’s grip on the steering wheel tightened as he tried to control his temper.

“My sister’s apartment.” He grumbled before making a sharp right, the tires screeching on the road. “Sister?!” The two spoke at the same time, an amount of surprise evident in both their voices.

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bokuaka drabble, set in the parents au

Akaashi is sleeping, or he is trying to sleep, but the door of the bedroom keeps opening and closing, quick nervous steps echoing in the hallway, back and forward, back and forward. So Akaashi groans, pushes himself up and lets out a sigh escape his lips, kissing sleep time goodbye.

He brushes his fingers through his hair, trying to arrange it a bit, then gets up and drags his feet towards the door. Sleep still sticks to the corner of his eyes, making them droopy, tired.

So much for sleeping in today, he thinks as he’s opening the door.

He is met with a ball of nervous energy, still pacing back and forward, from the living room all the way to the bedroom.

Bokuto stops at his tracks as he sees Akaashi emerge, sighing in relief. His whole body seems to deflate and he smiles at Akaashi as if his sole presence has resolved whatever is bothering Bokuto.

Akaashi wants to be mad, wants to tell Bokuto to stop pacing around so he can go back to sleep but if there is one thing Akaashi is really bad at, it’s being angry with Bokuto. So he spreads his arms with certain gentleness reserved for Bokuto only, and mumbles, voice still hoarse with sleep, “Come here, tell me what’s wrong.”

Bokuto doesn’t wait to be invited twice, he stumbles the short distance between them and melts into Akaashi, his arms coming around to pull him closer. The hug seems to calm him further and his shoulders slouch in the comfort.

“I messed up,” he mumbles in the crook of Akaashi’s neck, “promise me you won’t get mad.”

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So…this is a little something for my friend @phantoms-lair, based on her fanfic Mirror’s Gaze. It’s a wonderful MSA/Scooby Doo crossover that you should certainly check out if you haven’t already.

This little snippet I wrote takes place sometime in the very beginning of chapter twelve. I hope you like it, Phantom! (Also if I got anything wrong in this continuity, I am so sorry.)


She was just standing there and Lewis couldn’t help but be a little worried. They were lucky Shaggy wasn’t around because without thinking, the ghost floated over to tap his frozen girlfriend on the shoulder. To his surprise, it actually made her jump. When was the last time he actually scared Vivi? “You okay, hun?”

“O-oh, er, yeah. Sorry, I guess I kinda spaced out there, didn’t I?”

“No kidding. You looked really serious.” Lewis offered her a kind smile. “What were you thinking about? If you don’t mind me asking.”

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Gsnk Fic: "Only You"

I’m sorry, I’m not very good at fics but here we go:

The teacher announced that the class will have a “marriage project.” The students freak out and frantically look around, slightly worried. She goes student by student and she hand-picks the pairs.
“Mikoshiba and Kashima.” They blankly stared at each other in surprise. As the teacher got to Sakura, she clasped her hands and hoped to get paired with Nozaki.“
"Nozaki and—” Sakura held her breath, “Seo.”
Her jaw dropped. She lowered her head to conceal her face. Nozaki’s head slammed onto his desk. Seo took all of this lightly and as one big joke so she casually slapped Nozaki on the back and assured Sakura that she’d take care of him and make sure he’s “boyfriend material.” Worried of the trouble Seo would cause Nozaki, she felt a bit relieved that Seo was looking out for her and treated it as the project it was.
“Wakamatsu and Sakura.” The teacher had Hori make sure everything went smoothly. It lasted a whole week and they got bonus points if they did something appropriate on the weekend.
Sakura thought she was going to be alright with Waka. He was a bit of a worry-wart but she could handle him. Also, Waka apologized to Nozaki several times about the situation even though it wasn’t his fault but Nozaki said it was fine. Mikorin and Kashima were double trouble. Hori made sure Kashima didn’t go overboard on anything. Kashima wanted to be “married” to Hori-chan-senpai anyway.

Seo and Nozaki went out for a walk, much to Nozaki’s dismay. Seo didn’t drag Nozaki by the tie or by an article of clothing like she would with Waka but she sometimes nudged him and would try to get information out of him.
“What’s your idea of a perfect date?”
“When my latest chapter is due. Then I can celebrate another release and start the next one!” He said cheerfully. She punched his arm. “No you big log, I mean as like going out and stuff. Stop constantly focusing on your manga and worry about your future love life for once!” He rubbed his arm softly and nodded at her as those words impacted into his heart. She was right. It was time to start thinking about things like that. Maybe this project wouldn’t be such a flop after all. Seo could help him out somehow.

“Senpai! Senpai! Should we go watch a movie? I’ve wanted to see that one but Seo-Senpai made me watch another alien one…” He sighed. She smiled and agreed and they watched the one he wanted to watch.

A week flew and the “couples” had their ups and downs. They learned more about each other. By the end, most of them wish they had been “married” to someone else or someone they initially would have preferred as a partner.

“Gosh… Nozaki was kind of difficult to work with but he was pretty chill. He cooks great though, and he told me that he really likes shy girls that wear cute accessories. That took forever to get him to say that.” Sakura’s cheeks flushed and she let out a soft “yes!” She thanked Seo for the “extra research” because it wasn’t part of the assignment. She was looking out for her.

“Haha, Mikoshiba was great! He overcame his shyness a little and we got along well! He checks off on my list of an ideal husband A-ok.”
“You’re not too bad yourself, Prince. You’d be ideal for climbing up a tower to be someone’s perfect wife in a heartbeat.” Aaaaand then his face got red after he said that.

“Sakura-senpai was so sweet! She took me out for coffee, tea, cookies, and the movies! We had lots of fun! Some guy in the future will be really lucky!” Waka said proud of his senpai and glad to be her friend.

“Seo… well, she’s not perfect, but I’ve always considered her more of a sister than anything. She really opened my eyes. *Sigh* I really wish I could’ve married Sakura though. She’s a huge help and she’d make a wonderful wife.”

Everyone stared directly at Nozaki before he realized those last sentences he let out without thinking. He put his hand behind his neck, embarrassed, and turned to Sakura, somehow wondering if she felt the same more or less.

She could barely speak. Her knees were knocking, her hands were shaky, her breathing cut short, and her face rose-red.

“N-N-N-Nozaki-k-kun…!!” She darted out of the classroom in two seconds. The class was silent, then resumed to their usual selves and Nozaki silently stepped out to look for her.

“Sakura, Sakura!” He called. She was nowhere to be found. ‘I’m such an idiot…!’ He thought to himself.

He heard a soft sobbing noise outside. There was a girl sitting with her head over her arms atop her knees. Her bows gave her away. Yep. He slowly walked over to her and gently placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Hey, I’m sorry I embarrassed you back there. I said what was on my mind. It was stupid of me. I didn’t mean to hurt you because I’d never want to do that.”
She slowly peaked up to see him. Her eyes were swelled with tears and she was trembling. She tried to say something but she quickly looked down. He embraced her. She felt slightly better but was still unsure as to why he did something like that. He stroked her hair.
“W-Why did you say that back there… About wanting to marry me…? Was Seo that bad?”
He couldn’t help but laugh a little at the Seo bit. Then his eyes softened to her gaze.
“Was I wrong to? I wasn’t lying. You’re a great person and friend and I love having you around. I love when you compliment the food I cook for you and when you willingly help me with my work. Your smile brings me such joy. I don’t know what the feeling is called when I’m around you and I get all fuzzy inside and nervous, but I like it.” She wasn’t sure about the “nervous” part since he was generally composed most of the time but his words sunk in. She covered her face. He took his hands and held hers to his heart. It was beating fast. He could feel her pulse on her wrist racing too.
“I-Is this what l-love feels like…?” Blushing, she shyly smiled and met his eyes.
“Then I am in love, with you Sakura…” He blushed too. Sakura basked in the moment and their hearts synchronized in beats. Their lips touched.

Random Drarry headcanon

They’ve been married for a very long time, and Draco still doesn’t know how to produce a Patronus. So he decides to ask Harry. When Harry tells Draco to think of a happy memory, he does, and a silver stag is running around the room a minute later. Harry is so proud that he has to ask Draco what he thought of, and Draco tells him that he thought of their wedding.

21 Kisses (#3)

3. The French Kiss - The French is considered most popular romantic kiss. A kiss is named ‘French kiss’ when a person’s tongue touches another person’s tongue. This is why it is also known as tongue kissing. This type of kiss is very easy to execute but it may take years to master.

You could feel your heart hammering away in your chest, and you blushed when you realized Rin might be able to feel it too. His hand was resting softly against your neck, fingertips teasing your hairline and the sensitive skin behind your ear.

It didn’t take much coaxing at all to get you to lean in towards him, and for that brief moment where you both paused, his mouth a hair’s breadth away from yours, you could feel your breath catch in your throat. But your breathing started again with a quick intake as Rin’s lips finally met yours. Warm with a feather-light touch, he waited to see how you would respond to his advance. It was only when you slid one hand into his hair and pulled him closer that he let himself get more into the kiss.

He held you close, throwing in small pecks between longer kisses until he slowed down almost to a stop. You thought something might be wrong until you felt his tongue lightly pass over your bottom lip. A small tingle ran up the back of your neck and you swallowed before opening your mouth to him.

Even with the invitation, his exploration was slow, almost shy, as if he was giving you the chance to pull away if you wanted. His shift from delicate to confident and back to delicate almost made you smile, but you weren’t ready to stop just yet. Once again being the bold one, you brought your tongue up to meet his, running a line up the middle. And that was all it took to bring back his more confident side.

In the back of your mind, you wondered if he even realized he kissed like that, but you weren’t about to bring it up to him. After all, it was too cute to risk him trying to change it.

Calum Song Preference: “Be Here” by Parachute

Author: Rhine


But the city, it calls her name
And the scars that she hides
With those stars in her eyes
Like the echoes, they’re all the same

You swear you were meant for something more.

Something more than this – this dull, ordinary life of waking up only to count the hours before you could fall asleep again. You were meant for more than boring lectures and mundane chatter; more than the hallways full of empty eyes and sleep-deprived shuffles.

No, you were a spark, you were a fire – you were meant for something extraordinary, and the stuffiness of the routine life was quickly smothering you.

You could feel it pressing down on you; good grades and a steady job and finding a nice husband and having kinds and rotting away to a grave that’ll be forgotten in time.

It didn’t feel right.

Why have a life that millions of others could live? Why not have something more, be something more?

He was the only person to see it.

Calum with the sun in his hair and its warmth in his smile; Calum who knew from the moment he saw you that you were something special.

And it’s rather cliché – you stood out to me you’re special you’re special – but there’s this magnetic energy about you, some sort of electricity buzzing in your veins that shoots sparks out of your fingertips when you touch him, heated fire in his mouth when you kiss him – and he knew you were something so, so much more.

He couldn’t put his finger on it, but so long as he could hold you in his arms, he didn’t mind.

Calum was the one who made you feel special, who perhaps even saw it before you. He was the one who told you I’m here while everyone laughed at your big-city dreams, the one who said you can do it while everyone chuckled yeah right.

And the words stung – the casual dismissal of your dreams, of your abilities – but he was always there to kiss them better and fill your mind with new words that would be the seed to your wishes.

And with his love, it grew and grew and so did your confidence in yourself, and Calum loved the way your eyes shined when you talked about the things you loved and the person you wanted to be – the person he knows you’ll be – but most of all, he loves how all of your dreams have him, too.

Of course they did.

Because your dreams weren’t dreams unless they had him.


But her pride won’t let her see
That when she swears she’s made
With a heart that won’t break
She could be dead but she’d still believe

You promise yourself not to cry.

Because Calum’s made it – he’s made it big and you couldn’t be happier for him and his success – but a part of you is solemn over your small, unfulfilled dreams at your feet in comparison to his that have exploded into his life, that have become his reality.

And he deserves it, he really does.

But a part of you feels small, the tiny voice in the back of your head that says what about me?

You loved Calum, but a part of you aches at seeing him soaring so far up above you, to a place that he couldn’t take you.

No, you had to get there on your own and you’re not sure how to spread your wings and fly when you feel heavier and heavier from your own bitterness and despair.

You tell yourself no, you will be happy for Calum because Calum’s always been there for you and you’ll do the same for him – the late night texts at random hours and all the shows you could go to and stacks of his band’s CDs on your desk while he tells you adventure after adventure of all the places you dreamed of going yourself.

But he’s there living his dream and you’re alone without your hopes and without Calum, your dream.

It hurts but your smile covers it up just enough, and you convince yourself you will not be broken by Calum’s rising.

He was meant for great things and so are you so are you and one day you’ll fly with the boy who made your heart soar.


And oh, now the signs are all quiet
And the streets are all tired
And I want you to be here

He thinks of you.


At the end of every night, tossing and turning on the bunk beds on the tour bus; hearing the other boys’ loud snores and wishing for your soft breath on his chest instead.

He’s living out his dream, but you were his dream too.

And there’s nothing more he wants but you.

You and your firecracker energy, you and your candlelit smiles, you and your brilliance in full.

In the dead of the night, he misses you the most.

Calum sees you everywhere – in the sun that isn’t as radiant as you, in the screaming crowds that aren’t as electric as you, in the dreams that are just a little bit off somehow – but it comes back to hit him full force when he’s curled up alone, staring out the window passing by a town you once enthused about visiting.

You would’ve liked it here.

And a part of him feels guilty for flying away when he knew how much you wanted to soar, but you were always stubborn and you said you’d make a name for yourself on your own and there’s not a single doubt in his mind about that.

But that didn’t stop him from loving you. From missing you.

Because when he used to imagine these dreams – Calum Hood, bassist for the famous 5 Seconds of Summer! – he never pictured the lonely nights without you.

And he’s alone, staring into the streetlights that whizz by in a blur and he’s thinking of the glow in your eyes and if he squints hard enough he can convince himself that they’re the reflection off your beautiful eyes; that the draft is your whispers of love.

Soon, he thinks.

Soon, he knows your dreams will come true – and so will his, both of your dreams of being together.

He was meant for great things.

You were meant for great things.

You were meant for each other.


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