I wanted to do a Halloween-themed Harley because a.) I think she’d absolutely love the holiday, and b.) I was inspired by princessbee’s awesome cosplay. I had fun pretending to be her hamming it up in her BratBatgirl costume, enjoying the spoils of her trick-or-treating with her Joker-ized Jack o’ Lantern, and just being silly. :)

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, and watch out for super villains who might snatch your candy! <3



It’s the inevitability of there being a man so bad that killing him felt good.


happy valentine’s day, shuuzous, from your secret valentine ♥

The Red Rat was a filthy, disgusting place where no one had much privacy, let alone get the chance to be with their own thoughts for a while. Whenever she could, Lucy spent her afternoons far away from there in a park that was in a far more posh area of the city than Lucy came from. She often was given dirty looks, but she hardly paid them much attention. There was a large tree that provided a decent space of shade, and under there, Lucy either listened to any of the people that came to speak, or wasted away a few hours daydreaming.

During one such visit, there was a group of a good dozen people all marching about the park, speaking out to whoever they could about the plagues that threatened their society. Each member was dressed in a way that would confirm they belonged to a neighborhood like this. No matter how desperately she tried, Lucy could not block out their words. They spoke of deviants and whores, and how these people of no morals had no place within a civilized society. She rose to her feet, planning a silent escape, but she was almost immediately spotted by one of the women that was speaking, and soon Lucy found herself surrounded by the furious collective, every one of them shouting at her.