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So i know i should ask SPW-Kun but... (The mun probably doesn't want crossovers even if they are one ask long) has the SPW foundation ever heard of the esteemed Hellsing organization Mister Santana?

“Nope, no clue, sorry.”

(( MP Ace is an Anime Baby who only really started watching things like, two years ago. Before that, the limits of personal anime knowledge were snippets of 4Kids stuff and, like, OHSHC. Now it’s mostly weird slice-of-lifes, sports anime, and then the big JoJo’s and DBSuper. i am the Fake Anime Geek, i’m sorry ))

this is why i really love yurio

okay, this is kinda a personal story, and it’s sad but here goes anyway!

When I was five years old, my parents and grandmother took me to an ice rink just for fun and I had a blast. They saw that I was very good at staying on my feet and encouraged me to start taking lessons. So, I did. Why not, right? Turns out, I liked skating a lot. 

Eventually, I got good. This was around third grade. I started taking private lessons. I started competing. I won first place at my first competition and above fourth place in the rest of the competitions I competed in. I worked hard. Everyday I’d get up at 4AM to skate before I went to school because the rink was empty that time of day. I had three coaches, one for jumps, one for spins, and one for choreography of my routines. During the summer, I’d go to “boot-camp”. 8 hours of my day were spent at the rink. The schedule was as follows: warm-up, ballet, spins, lunch, cardio (the worst lmao), jumps, technique, and stretching. Needless to say, this was tough on my nine year old body. But, I LOVED to skate. I loved it so much that I didn’t mind the bruises on my butt, the ugliness of my toes, or the constant soreness in my body. I loved it a lot. 

Sometime in fourth grade, after a competition, my coach encouraged me to try a double axel. At the time, I had landed all my other doubles-double lutz, double loop (my favorite), double salchow, double flip, etc. I had even landed some triples (which was WILD for a nine/ten year old). But, not a double axel. I struggled with my single axel for a very long time. But, I wanted to give it a shot. I almost landed it, but I injured my ankle. I was taken off the ice for a long time. During recovery, I realized that this sport was rough on my body and that my parents weren’t as supportive as they could have been. They just drove me around. I placed first in the state once (I didn’t go to nationals because of school) and my parents didn’t care. They were used to me placing first, and this was just a hobby to them. So I quit. And my parents didn’t mind. My coaches didn’t protest. There was lack of support. Nobody stopped me. I wish someone did.

So how does that make me love Yuri so much? I can see the struggle to find support. He has his grandfather and two loving coaches, but there’s still a struggle. Compare his support to the support Yuuri is getting from his parents, his coach, his ballet teacher, and his fellow competitors. It’s clear to see Yuri is lacking in support. It’s also clear to see that Yuri worked so hard to get where he is. He dedicated his life to figure skating. He sold his soul to figure skating. It’s crazy to see a fifteen year old landing quads perfectly. It’s crazy to see a nine year old landing triples perfectly. I can see my younger self in him. That’s why I love him so much. And the fact that I gave up on my dream is a little sad. I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve cried myself to sleep over this. I had the potential to be Yuri Plisetsky. I could have been just like him. The reason I love him so much is because I could have been like him. And I’m just living vicariously through him now. That’s why I’m so happy he won-because it made me feel as if I won. That’s why I love him so much-because I’m watching him live my dream. It’s a little silly, I know, but I am deeply attached to this character. 

Gsnk Fic: "Only You"

I’m sorry, I’m not very good at fics but here we go:

The teacher announced that the class will have a “marriage project.” The students freak out and frantically look around, slightly worried. She goes student by student and she hand-picks the pairs.
“Mikoshiba and Kashima.” They blankly stared at each other in surprise. As the teacher got to Sakura, she clasped her hands and hoped to get paired with Nozaki.“
"Nozaki and—” Sakura held her breath, “Seo.”
Her jaw dropped. She lowered her head to conceal her face. Nozaki’s head slammed onto his desk. Seo took all of this lightly and as one big joke so she casually slapped Nozaki on the back and assured Sakura that she’d take care of him and make sure he’s “boyfriend material.” Worried of the trouble Seo would cause Nozaki, she felt a bit relieved that Seo was looking out for her and treated it as the project it was.
“Wakamatsu and Sakura.” The teacher had Hori make sure everything went smoothly. It lasted a whole week and they got bonus points if they did something appropriate on the weekend.
Sakura thought she was going to be alright with Waka. He was a bit of a worry-wart but she could handle him. Also, Waka apologized to Nozaki several times about the situation even though it wasn’t his fault but Nozaki said it was fine. Mikorin and Kashima were double trouble. Hori made sure Kashima didn’t go overboard on anything. Kashima wanted to be “married” to Hori-chan-senpai anyway.

Seo and Nozaki went out for a walk, much to Nozaki’s dismay. Seo didn’t drag Nozaki by the tie or by an article of clothing like she would with Waka but she sometimes nudged him and would try to get information out of him.
“What’s your idea of a perfect date?”
“When my latest chapter is due. Then I can celebrate another release and start the next one!” He said cheerfully. She punched his arm. “No you big log, I mean as like going out and stuff. Stop constantly focusing on your manga and worry about your future love life for once!” He rubbed his arm softly and nodded at her as those words impacted into his heart. She was right. It was time to start thinking about things like that. Maybe this project wouldn’t be such a flop after all. Seo could help him out somehow.

“Senpai! Senpai! Should we go watch a movie? I’ve wanted to see that one but Seo-Senpai made me watch another alien one…” He sighed. She smiled and agreed and they watched the one he wanted to watch.

A week flew and the “couples” had their ups and downs. They learned more about each other. By the end, most of them wish they had been “married” to someone else or someone they initially would have preferred as a partner.

“Gosh… Nozaki was kind of difficult to work with but he was pretty chill. He cooks great though, and he told me that he really likes shy girls that wear cute accessories. That took forever to get him to say that.” Sakura’s cheeks flushed and she let out a soft “yes!” She thanked Seo for the “extra research” because it wasn’t part of the assignment. She was looking out for her.

“Haha, Mikoshiba was great! He overcame his shyness a little and we got along well! He checks off on my list of an ideal husband A-ok.”
“You’re not too bad yourself, Prince. You’d be ideal for climbing up a tower to be someone’s perfect wife in a heartbeat.” Aaaaand then his face got red after he said that.

“Sakura-senpai was so sweet! She took me out for coffee, tea, cookies, and the movies! We had lots of fun! Some guy in the future will be really lucky!” Waka said proud of his senpai and glad to be her friend.

“Seo… well, she’s not perfect, but I’ve always considered her more of a sister than anything. She really opened my eyes. *Sigh* I really wish I could’ve married Sakura though. She’s a huge help and she’d make a wonderful wife.”

Everyone stared directly at Nozaki before he realized those last sentences he let out without thinking. He put his hand behind his neck, embarrassed, and turned to Sakura, somehow wondering if she felt the same more or less.

She could barely speak. Her knees were knocking, her hands were shaky, her breathing cut short, and her face rose-red.

“N-N-N-Nozaki-k-kun…!!” She darted out of the classroom in two seconds. The class was silent, then resumed to their usual selves and Nozaki silently stepped out to look for her.

“Sakura, Sakura!” He called. She was nowhere to be found. ‘I’m such an idiot…!’ He thought to himself.

He heard a soft sobbing noise outside. There was a girl sitting with her head over her arms atop her knees. Her bows gave her away. Yep. He slowly walked over to her and gently placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Hey, I’m sorry I embarrassed you back there. I said what was on my mind. It was stupid of me. I didn’t mean to hurt you because I’d never want to do that.”
She slowly peaked up to see him. Her eyes were swelled with tears and she was trembling. She tried to say something but she quickly looked down. He embraced her. She felt slightly better but was still unsure as to why he did something like that. He stroked her hair.
“W-Why did you say that back there… About wanting to marry me…? Was Seo that bad?”
He couldn’t help but laugh a little at the Seo bit. Then his eyes softened to her gaze.
“Was I wrong to? I wasn’t lying. You’re a great person and friend and I love having you around. I love when you compliment the food I cook for you and when you willingly help me with my work. Your smile brings me such joy. I don’t know what the feeling is called when I’m around you and I get all fuzzy inside and nervous, but I like it.” She wasn’t sure about the “nervous” part since he was generally composed most of the time but his words sunk in. She covered her face. He took his hands and held hers to his heart. It was beating fast. He could feel her pulse on her wrist racing too.
“I-Is this what l-love feels like…?” Blushing, she shyly smiled and met his eyes.
“Then I am in love, with you Sakura…” He blushed too. Sakura basked in the moment and their hearts synchronized in beats. Their lips touched.

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’ What am I looking at here? ’ For a character of your choice. :3

Omg this is the first prompt I’ve gotten ^.^ I had to change the wording a bit, hope you don’t mind!

I decided to write something for my inquisitor, Lily Trevelyan and Cullen.

Words: 1,185

Lily lay on her side, watching as the morning light grew steadily brighter through the closed balcony doors in her quarters.

It had been another sleepless night.

Another night of tossing and turning, of trying to forget the new events and memories that haunted her from her latest trip to the Hinterlands. Every time she closed her eyes she would be taken back to a place filled with fire, the air tainted with the smell of burning flesh. Nothing should have fazed her after she managed to escape the nightmare that was Haven, but every mission brought new terrors. She should not have turned down the healer’s potion – she wouldn’t last very long without sleep, especially on the battlefield.

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R.I.P Saitama’s teeth … !

Bonus : 


happy valentine’s day, shuuzous, from your secret valentine ♥


To my Soriel shipping babies =3

I did it more to practice drawing Tori than for the joke so forgive me please XD

So…this is a little something for my friend @phantoms-lair, based on her fanfic Mirror’s Gaze. It’s a wonderful MSA/Scooby Doo crossover that you should certainly check out if you haven’t already.

This little snippet I wrote takes place sometime in the very beginning of chapter twelve. I hope you like it, Phantom! (Also if I got anything wrong in this continuity, I am so sorry.)


She was just standing there and Lewis couldn’t help but be a little worried. They were lucky Shaggy wasn’t around because without thinking, the ghost floated over to tap his frozen girlfriend on the shoulder. To his surprise, it actually made her jump. When was the last time he actually scared Vivi? “You okay, hun?”

“O-oh, er, yeah. Sorry, I guess I kinda spaced out there, didn’t I?”

“No kidding. You looked really serious.” Lewis offered her a kind smile. “What were you thinking about? If you don’t mind me asking.”

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Rise of Alicorn Joe Part 9

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Dang, Silly needs to chill too.

I actually got some help on this post. The shadow in the second panel was done by izamod. She also has a great story blog featuring magical star horses. You should follow it. Ask-sparksandfriends.

Part of @bitterusopp‘s Destroy Vinsmoke Project!

I am very bitter about the amount of people so readily calling Sanji a Vinsmoke and drawing him all chummy with his father and brothers. He’s kept it a secret from his friends, he hasn’t communicated with his “family” for over 10 years, he reacted negatively when Capone said it. It’s clear he wants nothing to do with them.

You don’t call Ace Gol D. You don’t draw Sabo happy with his parents. The Vinsmokes are said to be terrible people and Sanji no longer wants to be a part of that.

He’s Sanji. Chef of the Straw Hat pirates. Not a Vinsmoke.