Working on a getting pair of the Dream colored (just stuck the MDT requests for them in) now that I have 1 out of 2 of the Special Delivery needed for that pair (still looking to buy another if anyone’s interested in selling, message me over at 15804!). c: I’m thinking about doing Halloween after them, but I’ve love to get some opinions!

Out of the remaining three SCCs left; Halloween, Love and Sushi, which one would you like to see happen after the Dreams?

nt’s fic recs (20/?)

bury my heart on the coals by curmudgeony​​

“A bitter smile twisted Thranduil’s lips. ‘When a loved one dies, we mourn twice-over: once for them, and once for ourselves. There is an emptiness in both our hearts where love used to live, I think.’ Thranduil’s hand extended, long and pale in the moonlight, to hover over Bard’s chest, where he would have felt his heartbeat. He did not try to press it to the skin—they both knew that was futile.”

Mature // MM // Bard/Thranduil // Modern AU, haunted house

(16/05/15: Love Up Fic Writers Month)