“Kirkwall’s nobles weren’t prepared for the arrival of the mysterious Garrett Hawke. Attractive, charming, and ferocious, the rugged entrepreneur made his fortune with dangerous expeditions into deep, sealed parts of the Deep Roads - and half of the young ladies of Hightown were just dying to find out more. But Serah Hawke is more than he seems.

The young Fereldan expat has a secret as dark as the Thaig he explored - and ties to half the unsavory characters of Lowtown. And when Hawke meets the mysterious and tenacious apostate known as The Darktown Healer, sparks might just… fly.

Is their love real, or a matter of convenience? What hidden past could the young Serah Hawke be concealing behind his charming smile? Just what else happened in the Deep Roads that nobody knows about? All these secrets - and more - lie await for you in this, the first chapter of the new Tethras serial, /The Apostate’s Treasure/….”

text by fauxfires


Gray never told anyone, but one of the memories that he took back with him after Ultear rewound time was of that golden plain. It’s a very vague and fuzzy memory, and it comes and goes, but he can still remember hearing familiar voices and a feeling of contentment. So when he heard about what happened to future!Lucy and the rest of the guild in her time, he immediately knew that she was back where she belonged - with her family.

Hey! Sorry for being absent, but I’ve been a little sick and ughg. I’m feeling better now, and hopefully everything will be back to normal in a couple of days :) 

i don’t hate school because “i’m a teenager”

i hate school because i’m forced into an unhealthy environment where my anxiety is at its peak, where i feel like i’m constantly being judged, watched, and hated, where i feel so insecure that a physical pain lies in my chest each waking moment that i’m there. yet, i don’t feel safe enough there to cry out for help.

i hate school because it teaches us that our intelligence is defined by numbers, percents, and letters, and that knowledge is temporarily memorizing potentially useless facts just for the sake of being defined by these numbers, percents, and letters.

i hate school because once a girl got suspended for having self harm cuts on her arm. she wasn’t harming herself during class, she just came into school with visible self harms wounds and got suspended.

i hate school because we’re told that we have to be responsible enough to decide what we want to do with our lives right now… and yet we still have to ask permission to go to the restroom.

i hate school because it teaches students that education is based on tests and exams, on your ability to memorize and regurgitate the information you’re given. we’re taught that education is a necessity that cannot be enjoyed and cannot be rearranged to fit to your own personal interests.

i hate school, because i have friends who are brilliant and full of so much potential, but who think they’re stupid and unintelligent because of the meaningless letters they get on report cards each marking period.

above all, i hate school not because “i’m a teenager,” but because it teaches me that i am invalid. that i am just a product of society, who’s intelligence is based on letters, numbers, and temporary memorization. i hate school because of the way it defines “education” and intelligence. i hate school because of how easily it dismisses mental health as being as important as physical health.

i hate school.

akpopdreamer  asked:

What happened with your crush? Why he bro-zoned you? T T Need someone to talk to?

Yeah, since I don’t really want to tell IRL friends because just… that means I’m really acknowledging this? And I don’t want him to know?

He’s a very smart person that typically know what to say and when to say it, but it’s not like he’s incapable of screwing up. He’s always careful not to cross unspoken lines and it’s a well known fact I’m biromantic (although a lot of people think I’m gay, which I don’t care about bUT HELLO IM NOT GAY WHEN IT COMES TO YOU, YOU FUCKING DICK BASKET)

So… I think he said that because he didn’t want me to think he was coming onto me in anyway. Like, we had almost kissed - twice - during a group hug thing just 20 minutes ago and we made eye contact both times and I panicked and just kinda settled with putting my head over his high as fuck broad shoulders and vaguely wanted to punch myself in the face bc I couldn’t wOMAN UP AND DO IT but this was also a friends sweet sixteen and she had a crush on him in the past (and I don’t know if she still does?)

I actually smothered my own crush last year (or tried to) bc she told me she liked him and I just kinda said “lmao yeah he’s a nice guy good luck buddy” but I

Just didn’t say anything. At all. And I know I should talk to her about it because I really like him but he called me a bro and sometimes jokingly calls me mom because I’m the mom friend who lets people cuddle her and I really honestly don’t know what to do because I could very well be over analyzing af and I’m a mess


I need to talk about Sciles because the feels are killing me and I’m listening to sad music so what else am I going to do.

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I can’t even imagine what type of pain Scott is going through in 3b. His best friend is no longer himself. They’ve known each other for years, they’ve been best friends since they were little kids. They’ve literally grown up together. How hard is it to find a best friend that you would do anything for? Not only did Stiles have trouble sleeping at first, he was completely loosing his mind. And in the hospital, in that gif, that was one of the most heart wrenching moments ever. Scott offered him everything he could give him and even though we know now that those scans were wrong and that he might not have it, just imagine that trauma that comes with going through that. And then the nogistune took possession of him and Scott lost that best friend. He saw Stiles become something that wasn’t him, have something trap him and twist everything about him, make everyone question whether it was really him. And there was nothing that Scott could do. He had to watch Stiles become a monster. I don’t know how he managed to keep it all inside and not tear down everything around them to save Stiles, mainly because they didn’t have any options on how to save him.

Stiles was probably the greatest thing that Scott could have asked for when he got bitten. Stiles was the one who stayed with him through it, and helped him through everything. He never gave up on Scott, even when he betrayed him for a girl he knew Stiles was in love with, and when Scott was trying to kill him on the full moon. Stiles put himself in danger when Scott was going to blow himself up, and he would every time put in the same situation. Stiles has put up with all of Scott’s werewolf crap and let himself be dragged into the supernatural world where he could easily be killed, but he did it to stay with Scott.

Because they love each other, they are the greatest brothers there ever were and ever will be. They’d do anything for each other and always go back to each other. Nothing could ever tear them apart. 

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Do you still have your sources if you used any? Take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and start to lay out the project the way you can remember you had it. Then, when you’re finished that, take a step back from the project for a few hours and come back fresh. But you need to try and stay calm because this isn’t the end of the world.

it is literally the end of my life

jk. but no. there are no sources. this was a branding / design / foodtruck project. I had to create everything from the name, logo, truck design, menu, etc. it’s midnight right now and I have a final at 9am. 

this project is due on wednesday at 8am :(((((((((. it’s just… I’ve been working on it for so long (we had a little over a month to do it). and everything is just gone. I know the name and how the logo looked and i can remember… it’s just the time that I dont have. :(

I am VERY proud of BTS

I teared up. I’m super proud of them, they absolutely 100% deserved everything they got. I just want everyone fully aware of that because I don’t plan on reblogging any pictures or gifs of their win. I can’t, there’s too many feelings.

And the next person that reblogs that picture of Min Yoongi crying ISTG I will send you a flaming bag of poo to your doorstep. I just came to Tumblr to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked rn.