Alright, I’m going to make one post on this and then it’s over with. I find it very rude to come into someone’s ask box, like mine, whom you’ve never spoken to before, and ask them to reblog your posts etc. I did this for the first week I was on tumblr before realizing how lame and RUDE it was of me. I do not mind helping my friends. I do not mind helping certain followers who are constantly messaging me, replying to my posts, etc. and trying to be my friend. I DO mind, when someone who I’ve never spoken to, not even once, comes into my inbox begging me to help get Taylor to notice them. Some people don’t even FOLLOW ME, yet they ask for my help. I don’t mind helping people who have made an effort to be my friend without being blatantly obvious that they’re just using me because Taylor has noticed me a few times. It’s rude and disrespectful. I have worked just as hard as anyone to get Taylor to notice me, without any help at all. I didn’t beg people I’ve never spoken a word to in my life to help get her to notice me. Please do not expect the same of me.

;_; I miss my laptop