Dean and Cas figure out pet names #2

Dean pokes his head inside his room, a smile spreading across his face at the sight of Cas sitting in their bed, reading. He went on a hunt with Sam and Cas stayed behind to help them with research, they spent a week apart and now Dean is way too happy to see him.

-“There you are, sugar!” He walks into the room and throws himself in the bed. Putting his head on top of Cas’ knees, he talks to the book that’s hiding the angel’s face.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere since we got here. Why are you holed up in here?”

-“I wanted a place where I could read undisturbed” Cas’ rough voice comes up from behind the book but Dean’s not even getting a glimpse of blue eyes.

Dean stucks out his tongue in response, even though he know Cas can’t see it.
-“We weren’t even here, Castiel”

Cas chuckles at the hunter’s hurt tone and lowers his book to find Dean frowning and showing his tongue. He smiles widely at his boyfriend but Dean just pouts.

“Am I disturbing you?” He can put Sammy’s puppy eyes to shame when he sets his mind on it.

Cas can’t help but to lean towards him and kiss his mouth soundly.
When he pulls back Dean is smiling too.

-“You know I also have water in me” Cas says marking his page and setting his book aside.


-“You called me sugar” Cas says matter-of-factly

-“Oh,” Dean laughs lightly and shifts until he’s seated against the headboard right next to Cas.

He turns to look at the angel with a shy smile.

-“Yeah well,” he says leaning towards his boyfriend, “I figured you had to have more sugar than anything else in there” he gently pokes Cas’ ribs while he talks right into the skin behind the angel’s ear “since you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met” he kisses him there, making the angel shiver in his arms.

-“Dean” Cas can’t hide his smile, he tries to look at the hunter but Dean buries his face in the angel’s neck, trying to hide his blush.

His voice is muffled and embarrassed when he answers.
-“That was gross! This is your fault. See what you made me do? I’m a sap and it’s all your fault.”

Cas chuckles and kisses the back of his flushed neck. Dean whines as if he were really in pain.


-“I haven’t said a thing” Cas rubs circles in his back and they stay like that for a few minutes until Dean can resurface and tell Cas about their hunt.