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I came up with a little headcanon: Kara accidentally finding him. His older brother who’s been missing for, how long, 10+ years? Took him a moment to recognise him but there were no doubts that he was Osomatsu. He tries to persuade him to get back with his family, but Oso is way to much involved into his new life style. And Tougou. Everything is vain and they just end up fighting.
I wonder what would have happened if it was another brother to meet Oso. Maybe he would have listened to Choro, as they were close when they were kids?

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Is taobao a trusted place? I'm scared to order from there! Can you tell your personal experience from there? If you ever ordered from there?

Taobao should be viewed as an ebay or rakuten or amazon equivalent. There are multiple stores, some are reliable , some are not. However, there are ways to find out which store is reliable enough that you can ensure your items will get to you. The rating/feedback system goes as follows:

Where blue- gold crowns can often be viewed as the most reliable, since customers are consistently shopping there. However, even some hearts or diamonds are reliable, they may be newly opened shops or shops that don’t get as much customers so feedback amount is low. Which is why, another thing to gauge is their dynamic score, total feedback score and favorable rate. Take this bart simpson pullover from this store with 4 blue crowns : http://pinkday.taobao.com 

Another thing to note is the little symbols (like the 7 and the one beside it) each denotes something :

Basically, we can deduce that this is not an authentic item (no surprise lol :P and it’s not officially confirmed by taobao to be carrying authentics ) You see a better image of the symbols whilst searching: 

Also if you scroll down a bit further, you’ll see something like this which will show customer feedback and some customers will include a picture of the item so you get a better look at the actual quality:

Anyways, like I said before, I used taobaoring  my first time. The good thing about it is it has a shopping cart option which means you get to see how all your items will look and they calculate the total sum plus SS fee for you.

Basically, that’s done for all your items. Then you verify your items by confirmng your order and wait for them to receive that confirmation (usually takes a day so) afterwards you are expected to pay them the first payment.  

What I suggest is calculate the total costs (without discount) ahead of time and have the money waiting in your paypal so payment is quick. Once they receive the payment, they will start to order. The faster the payment gets to them, the more likely the items won’t be ‘out of stock’.

Which means the first payment will cover the item cost + service fee + shipping fee to get to the taobaoring office (which is a flat 15 Yuan each item, I believe)

69 + 30 + 15 = 114 Yuan  
$18.62 USD

Now, when I ordered there were a couple items out of stock. They emailed me about it constantly and were very good about keeping communication with me. I forgot who was helping me,  I think it was Sydney. Either way, when the item was out of stock, they asked via email whether I wanted it in another colour, or size, if I didn’t want either, they would cancel the item. The cost of the item was deducted from the overall shipping. :P  But it was the case where I was  buying 6 items for my little sister, 2 cancelled , so in total shipping for the 4 items turned out to be like 10 bucks in the end. But , shipping also depends on what method you choose. Uhm,  I can’t speak on the quality of the items, since most were my sisters and I haven’t had the chance to see thickness/thinness, if they’re fit to description etc, but she loved them for the most part so I’m assuming good choices were made :P .

Ah, also, taobaoring will provide pictures of the items when they arrive at the office, so you can see them for yourself. If a shopowner doesn’t respond to the taobaoring people, they will notify you that they are not responsive, so you can avoid any hassle. 

Once it reaches their store, they will ask you to pay the second payment, which is shipping from their office to your home. Shipping is calculated by weight, location and method.

A standard sweater / hoodie is about 400g. To the US, your options are as follows:

My shipping method for the 4 items which weighed a little over 1400 kg was SAL.  That is what arrived  15-21 days. I think Chinese Air is touted as the fastest.  I believe you should stick to the most inexpensive method amongst those two options, just to be safe e.e.

 Overall, I thought it was pleasantly simple, and quick. Just small issues like colours out of stock, or items not available but that’s to be expected. Shipping from China to customs over here was less than a week. Customs it took about 2 weeks or so before making it’s way to my sister’s residence. Overall, about 15-21 days for the trip from China to US . The same amount of time that it takes ordering a ebay items in China to make it to the US.  

I hope this helps <3 If you have any other questions feel free to contact me D: I’m happy to help :)

Edit to add: Taobaoring often gets mixed reviews. Although I haven’t used them , bhiner and pruany ,often receive positive reviews . I do believe one’s experience with these Shopping services vary by an individual to individual basis and through various times. I knew not to buy around Chinese New Years, some people might not know that.  I also knew New York Customs in the US is terrible, your items may never get to you and/or disappear for months. I also knew that making things too confusing for the service workers could lead to mis-communication and errors, so I suggest not taking just my word for it but read around for more reviews to see which SS you want to take the plunge with x

Edit no. 2 : Oh man forgive me! I added method of shipping information and confirmation image of what it should look like.

The akward moment when you have a cute guy carrying a trolley behind you and your friend… and you comment aloud about him “oh i’m sure he’s a tourist and i’m sure he is english, he has such an english face…yeah he’s just too cute and tall to be italian”.

And then you realize he was Freddie of The Vaccines… HAHAHAHAH.

plus, we were walking slow, not caring if he had to wait behind us.

I’m sorry Freddie if I occupied all the sidewalk and you couldn’t pass, but i didn’t know ya at that time.

This is one of the best memories of my summer! :D 

So… this was my entry for a ‪Naruto‬ Fanart competition. I didn’t make it and too be honest I’m not 100% satisfied, ‘cause it was done in a rush (I say “rush”, but I’ve spent 6 hours on it… ^^”). I think I will finish it some time. More colour blending, with a background, correcting proportions… etc.