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The UESP Chant

Who edits for glory, not for dough?
Who uses ‘show preview’ like a pro?
Who writes with spelling, grammar and style?
Who uploads maps, icons and files?
Who makes sandboxes in which to play?
Who finds data and yells 'hooray’?
Who adds links and references galore?
Who sees a stub and cries for more?
Who fights brave against vandals and spam?
Who’s in like a lion but not out like a lamb?
U-E-S-P! U-E-S-P! We are UESP!

mcncheri submitted:

its been like two days and im on the wrong blog send help

got7 through the week: monday

jinyoung likes mondays. he likes waking up to a new week. he likes getting rid of the old and starting with the new. yeah everyone hates monday because it means that the weekend is over, but jinyoung thinks that there’s something exciting about being able to start anew with nothing hanging over your head. to jinyoung, mondays mean chances and new opportunities. he likes mondays because they’re automatic fresh starts and life’s way of giving you infinite second chances. 

so, like…… does the titular Ste*ven Uni*verse actually do anything in his show or what? because I haven’t seen it, or a summary of it that tells me anything about the actual plot, so afaik from my dash, it’s about, like, magical gemstone lesbians and Steven is like, idk, a mascot?

On the other hand, I have literally no idea what this drama/callout/whatever is going on in the DC fandom is at all. So, if nothing else, being a fan that is sort of off outside of the sandbox, playing with the spilled sand has helped me avoid…whatever I’m seeing glimpses of on my dash. Which is a net positive I think

I’m normally a very calm person but if I see a cockroach in my room I swear I become filled with the rage of a thousand shrieking suns

trials of fire


fandom: star wars // words: 1,542

The courage and inspiration of the Hero-With-No-Fear is not enough to erase the memory of a scorching red saber and a world collapsing into darkness and pain. // character introspection of Anakin Skywalker, Part I

There is a boy and his mom.

That’s it. That’s how the story begins.

They live on a planet of dust and grief and cracked skin and worn fabrics draped over tired bodies, a land of toil and pain and slavery—all the injustices of the world compiled on one broken planet far away from any chance at life.

It’s not right.

The boy knows it.

(You’re Anakin, his mother whispers to him at night, when they are alone and the night is cold. notaslave notaslave notaslave, the refrain echoing in his mind. are you a slave? a pretty girl asks him, and he bristles at the question, because although he will not say it, the answer is yes.)

Their home is built with love and dust, and it does not make for a sturdy foundation.

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               Plopping rather unceremoniously into place next to Lily at the Gryffindor table, he looked decidedly disheveled.  A look he sported often, with his bedhead ( and not the sort James sported, but the sort that came as a by product of having woken up mere moments ago ), and patched and frayed robes.  Poorly stifling a yawn he turned to give her a sleepy smile. 

❛  Please tell me there’s still tea. ❜  There was always tea; it was Hogwarts.