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How an event can spark so much creativity in people. My dash is covered in pictures and gifs of the new emotes and attire for the holiday, quotes and stories attached to them, and it just makes me so happy to see how excited everyone is getting over it. Genuinely. People are going out of their comfort zone, taking screenshots with people they may have been too shy to do so with before, tagging them, and this is generating so much circulation that even new friendships are being built. Because of a holiday in a game. It’s just amazing and I’m eager to see what else these things can bring.

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Okay so. I recently finished Cardamom. And after I finished crying, I started an Arabic class for the summer, pulled up Pinterest, and started planning a trip for some point in my life to tour every possible place in the Middle East and explore every possible historical site. I've been taken entirely by this adventure that Erwin and Levi went through. You've made me want to go to a whole other world. I've STARTED LEARNING ARABIC SO I CAN TRAVEL AND LEARN ABOUT PLACES because of you. You're great

Oh my.  Your comment has left me speechless Anon.  I’m so glad you enjoyed Cardamom so much and I can’t tell you how delighted I am that it’s inspired you to learn Arabic and to find out more about the Middle East.  That’s wonderful!

I’m tagging @birbwin​ here as Cardamom would be nothing without her.  She kicked it off, kept me on the right path and gave Levi his Arabic voice.  

I really enjoyed writing this fic for so many reasons.  It’s one of the few chaptered fics I’ve ever written and I confess it was a bit of a nostalgia trip for me.  Many of Erwin’s experiences and the places Levi visits are based on the brief time I spent working as a field archaeologist in the South Hauran in Jordan. I loved the time I spent there and I’ve always wanted to go back. Maybe one day I will.  I hope you get to go there too.

Thank you again for your lovely message Anon and good luck with your Arabic classes!

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I followed you a few weeks ago for your art but you have such an amazing, wonderful personality that i cant imagine ever not following you. Anyway, your blog brings me so much happiness. Thank you for being your beautiful self 😊

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Dawwwwwwww, I actually made a reaction photo of myself, fighting with a tear *sobs* because your message is so wonderful, I can barely take it *sniff* but instead of having my grimace on everyone’s dash, I’ll send you a wink and a cheers ;D

And this one is with Subaru Sakamaki, he is one of the most romantic guys in DL, so expect for a VERY deep heart and soul connection in this dates, have fun!

❤️ Netflix.

Maybe he has never tell you but he does enjoy the movies, in special the action ones. He’s very “manly” (if you can say so) in this case, the cars, explosions, villains and stuff gets his attention, BUT he won’t be bothered if you want to see some Disney movies (he loves them too 👌😉) one of his favorites are “The Beauty and the Beast”, “Mulan”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

❤️ Cooking together.

He doesn’t know how to, but will do his best, trust me. You don’t have to do any expensive or difficult things, just some cupcakes, cookies or whatever will do just fine, the point here is to enjoy the company while working in a TEAM, which makes Subaru feel like you are thinking like ONE. Gonna be honest, maybe there is going to be a little bit (or a big, it depends how often you check how’s going your tsunbunny 😉) mess, you can put some cream in his nose and he will blush, if you praise his work he will be so proud of himself, smiles and giggles will be there ☺️☺️.

❤️ A dinner together.

Yes, maybe cooking together won’t give you the perfect and fancy dinner that you deserve (unless YOU really know how to cook) so you could ask the chef of the household or Reiji (good luck with that) to prepare you dinner. This is a perfect idea since Subaru likes to spend time together in silence but doing something…. with a delicious food and an incredible conversation he will be so relaxed, what he wants to do is to get in your mind to know you better, this makes him feel that he has everything under control.

❤️ Swimming together.

He doesn’t tend to do exercise, but the water comforts him. The feeling of the waves in his skin is perfect and looking at your hair flowing through the water, seeing your body flouting like if you were flying is a beautiful sight for the vampire. Kisses under the water, hearing your heart beats and not felling nothing more than your lips and skin, God….best date ever.

❤️ Feeding the animals in the forest.

Yeah, if you didn’t know Subaru is like the male version of Snow White, he attracts animals. This makes him feel embarrassed at first but when he sees that you love these little and big individuals, the vampire will laid back BUT don’t forget, most part of your attention has to be in him, understood?

❤️ Appreciation.

Just, look at each other. Yes, it sounds strange but this is a very intimate thing, you can touch slowly his skin, appreciating his tone, his hair, his eyes, his hands, everything. Not saying anything, just…feeling each other. Don’t kiss, this will cut the “energy” between both of you. See the lines in his hands, smell his essence, feel his touch. While you are lying on the ground, or on your bed, you can stay together, it will surprise you how fast the time can pass without even realizing.

all i want is to be able to hold you in my arms, your head on my chest and my fingers in your hair, and freeze time so we can live in that moment for as long as we need to, the rest of the world and all of our problems disappearing as we drift off to sleep, tangled in each other, as your soft voice tells me everything is going to be okay, even if neither of us believe it.
—  (cc, 2017)


Inktobertale by @comyet
Gothober by @daily-goth


“It would be Carol, in a thousand cities, a thousand houses, in foreign lands where they would go together, in heaven and in hell.”
Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt

Happy April 17th (Carol/Therese Reunion)

omg, thank you!

@thisweekingundamwing is spreading love for creators in the gundam wing fandom! They were so very kind to put my Duo redraw in their weekly update along with MANY different fandom creators!! Go check out all the other talented and amazing creators and spread the love!


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You are probably the nicest person I have EVER seen on here wow. You always say such nice things to.....everybody really. This is really random, I am sorry about that, but just felt like it would be a shame to not tell you.

I am so utterly touched by your lovely message I don’t even know what to say beside thank you.

One thing is certain, you shouldn’t be sorry about being random or messaging me at all, my askbox is always open. And it really means a lot that you think this way about me! Especially since I would like to keep this blog as a safe place for my followers while spreading positivity because I think it’s really important to see the bright side of things too. Life can be hard but I klearned it firsthand that a lot depends on our attitude too. So maybe that’s why I’m like this?

But you are, dear anon, also such a kind person for telling me this. Thank you so much and I hope you have wonderful days and somebody next to you to tell you the same because you definitely brightened my day! ♥