Shakespeare Pokemon Go Teams?

I’ll get us started:

Beatrice picked Valor, and Benedick chose Mystic (because there is no way he’d ever pick Beatrice’s team). Hero and Don Pedro are both Instinct. 

Marina is Mystic. Pericles is Valor. Thaisa is Instinct.

Paulina is Valor. Perdita is Instinct. Leontes is Valor. Hermione doesn’t play, but she would pick Instinct if she did.

Somerset (from 1 Henry VI) is Valor, while York/Richard III is Mystic. Henry VI is instinct.

So, am I off at all? Do you have any Pokemon Go headcanons of your own?

every day i wake up so dissapointed that canon fallout 4 protagonist is either a vet or a housewife

Like, you know what moment I can’t stop reliving? It’s not the picture, or when he bent down to sign, or when I said hi and he answered “hi” back kind of surprised: it was when he heard his name and looked up to acknowledge the fans. He started to wave and wasn’t going to come, and then I yelled “Mathieu, Mathieu” again and put up my French NT picture so he could see, and he changed directions and came straight over to me. That moment he saw the picture and decided he should come sign it is the moment that makes me smile the most because Équipe de France means so much to him, and don’t mind me I get emotional just thinking about this, and now I have a Girouchy autograph:


Oh god they’re so huge on tumblr idk how to handle this. It’s a little messy, but fun facts, I thought I was gonna have until the 30th to work on this until about two days ago. :’D Maybe I’ll clean it up one day, but for right now, have this rushed gif thing. Anyways, Journey for Truth got nominated for Best Dialogue for some reason and Milos from Home got nominated for Best Pokemon OA. \o/

(I’ll make a legit gif for Milos probably at some point, but I just did not have time before the deadline.)

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B/M for tousaki please! I hope your health continues to get better 💪

Thank you! You’re a sweetheart <3

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Haise really likes Touka’s thighs. They are lucious and soft, but he knows that there’s incredible strength hidden beneath the softness. He knows that going down on her is an act of trust, because she could snap his neck with a too strong squeeze. And he kind of gets off on the knowledge.
Touka loves Haise’s hands. They are fine-boned and the hands of a musician really. But there is power to them, palms covered in blisters and calluses. They are also a lot bigger than hers and she loves how they can manhandle her when she wants it.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Haise gets turned on when Touka is all bossy. Which – sometimes – isn’t for the best. She could tell him to put his dirty fucking socks in the damn laundry instead of on the floor and he’ll be all ”oh no awkward boner alert”
Touka gets turned on by kissing, especially by neck and shoulder kissing. Her upper back is super sensitive and if you touch her there, she’ll either try to kill you or she jumps your bones.

Okay, so from what’ve heard the Marina Joyce thing wasn’t kidnapping and she is safe, but she has schizophrenia. I’m not going to pretend I know that much about this mental illness, but I think it does make a lot of the evidence add up. I do feel kind of stupid now for thinking that it was kidnapping, but it wouldn’t have been the first time, and it did seem like that was the case due to her videos, Twitter account Instagram etc. which I’m not saying is her fault. I think this all could’ve been dealt with better, but I don’t think anyone alone is to blame.

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I love classic Vader,but I wish Anakin had killed Obi-Wan in Mustafar and got out of the planet. The guy'd be so powerful and badass... Besides,I think Obi-Wan deserves some shit...

i actually think suitless!vader is a lot more interesting than people give it credit for - usually, it’s turned into, “vader, but pretty,” and that has a lot of terrible connotations, so i usually loathe suitless!vader on principle. 

the pain vader experienced because of the support system is usually at the forefront of people’s minds - but it runs far, far deeper than that. there’s a lot of symbolism behind people wearing masks; there’s a lot of identity issues tied to mask motifs and characters that wear suits of armor. think: tony stark.

but vader’s not willingly wearing his suit of armor - it was forced on him, through a painful, invasive surgery that he was forced to stay awake for. it’s an armor that was purposely customized to palpatine’s needs, not his.

and vader can’t take it off. he can’t override the system, can’t pull it off, can’t escape from it. a lot of the suit is wired directly into his body; i know everyone wants redeemed!vader to loose the suit, but you have to wonder if that’s actually possible - and, to be brutally honest, it’s probably not. (i know in legends that there’s a scene - i’m specifically thinking of lost command - where it’s taken off, but it’s not practical. and, you know, lost command had vader running around helmetless like he can suddenly breathe again - so i take the medical scenarios in that one with a grain - no, bucket - of salt.)

when people are like, “vader should’ve just left!” how? even if vader were in a place to consider it, the suit’s still there. he needs the facilities only the empire can provide, and even more, where is he going to go? how do you hide a 7ft special-order murderbot? 

that suit, truly, reduced vader’s options to one: sith apprentice. even if vader wanted to overthrow the emperor, he couldn’t. even if vader wanted to leave, he couldn’t. he’s stuck.

and what’s even worse is that the suit is a symbol of his transhumanity - there’s actually a song, in legends, that the imperials sang: lord vader’s many mechanical parts. tagge, in the darth vader comics, literally calls him a weapon, equates him to a lightsaber, and tells vader that he needs to be wielded. recently, it was revealed that vader has a literal off-button, like a real droid. it’s easy to dehumanize someone who looks inhuman - and that’s exactly what palpatine wants, because he doesn’t want anyone considering that vader’s human and fallible. he doesn’t want people taking his apprentice.

if that’s not enough, vader’s senses were tampered with. he doesn’t feel a sensation other than pain, doesn’t see a color other than red, the helmet distorts sounds like they’re coming through water - it’s all very isolating. and it’s constant - vader never gets to really get out of his own head, because he barely experiences the world around him. nothing exists other than what vader has to do - it’s a very fucked up way to live. 

the suit is entrenched in every aspect of vader’s life; so deeply that it became entwined with his self-perception. he’s not just wearing the suit, he is the suit. and that’s exactly how palpatine wanted it, because he wanted an apprentice he could control - so he took away vader’s opportunities, put people off of communicating with vader, and shut off vader’s environment. think of a horse with blinkers; vader’s only goal, only purpose, is the empire, and nothing outside of that should be allowed to exist. 

essentially, palpatine has done more than systematically destroy vader’s life - he’s destroyed vader’s potential life. he’s destroyed everything, so vader becomes unreachable in his isolation and pain. 

and vader thanks him for it. there’s a scene in the old canon where vader thanks palpatine for making him stronger - because palpatine pulled his card and said, don’t you like all i’ve done for you? like he’s given vader a gift. 

the suit is so, so important to palpatine’s subjugation of anakin that it’s hard to imagine darth vader without it - and i don’t think there would be a darth vader without it. 

without the suit, there’s nothing keeping him in the empire - other than palpatine. in a suitless!vader situation, palpatine and vader’s relationship is going to be even more insidious, even more disgusting, because palpatine’s relying on solely his wit to keep is apprentice in line. and anakin doesn’t stay in line for long - i highly doubt palpatine could keep a suitless vader for long. 


Literally just had the most emotional week of my life - turned 21, graduated from university and moved out of the house I shared with my friends for two years. Look, there’s me with a mortarboard as proof. 

I’m so late but some beautiful people tagged me in their stunning pictures so thanks @goldenheadfreckledheart @prosciuttoe @herolincolln for the “everyone is beautiful” tag and @claryfairhild for the six selfies tag, I’ve been starstruck by your faces ☆  

I started to tag people and then realised it’s gonna get hella complicated because it’s two different tags so I’m tagging EVERYONE, tag me in your beautiful faces ♥

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What cars might the main cast drive in the modern age? Who might be the best driver? Also a chance for turning their headgear into racing helmets.

070829 asked: “Which of the deities would make good drivers on our roads? Might be an opportunity to turn their headgear into helmets, a la The Stig. 

Since you submitted 2 similar questions, I’ll answer them both here o)7

You are proooobably asking the wrong person about this subject tho, cuz I’m not… very savvy with cars/motor vechicles at all 8’);;; Not well versed with different models nor very confident about or my opinions on them lmAO;;

Still, a friend of mine and I did a one point headcanon that, were some of the DEITIES in a modern verse, some might actually consider having chauffeurs; Ra strikes me as someone who might use that. Some of them would have personal cars to drive too, but I wouldn’t know what their preference or best fit would be. Maybe luxury, classics, and sports models for members of the royal family (maybe even a compact or mo-ped for Bastet, and some sort of truck for Sekhmet or Sobek), BUT HONESTLY I can’t get more detailed than that…

With that said, the idea of their headdresses turning into helmets would be pretty cool, if you’re think along the lines of racing or something o)9

As far as who’s the best driver, I’m not sure… If you mean best driver in the sense of “responsible driver who maintains their car well and pays attention to all traffic laws and signs and road etiquette”… idk, perhaps Ma'at or Seshat? But if you mean who’s just generally skilled with driving, and/or can pull off some skills behind the wheel without getting into an accident… ehhhh I think many of them could adapt.

(On a side note, I’m not so sure about Set tho cuz like… his character strikes me as the type of person who’d know how to properly drive well, and who’d be fully aware of the laws and road etiquette, but who’d still choose to be a p. aggressive driver that would pull reckless or discourteous moves behind the wheel. Just cuz. Aha…)

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Someone on twitter tonight very kindly informed me that, waaaaay back once upon a time in 2011, @linmanuel posted his dream cast for a West Wing musical on his now-defunct blog. And since the internet never forgets, I share it with you all now.

I support everything about this casting (Patti LuPone as Marion Coatsworth-Hayes! Audra McDonald as Nancy McNally!) and wish to see it become reality as soon as humanly possible.


Pharah. Pharah it’s just an expression. Pharah calm your gay. PHARA STOP THROWING APPLES. PHARAH.