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you have probably answered this before, but do you think silverflint might happen? i didn't used to think it would but for some reason all the things they've said lately about season 4 has made me think that maybe it could? like its just a vibe ive gotten? im still like 95% in doubt, just down from 99%.

oh god. oh man. oh boy. here we are >:) fjskldfjldsfjdsf. I actually don’t think I’ve ever (officially) answered this before. but I’ve talked about it with so many people and the discussion ALWAYS goes something like this:

“yeah, I’m not getting my hopes up. it’s probably not going to happen and even though it would be amazing if it did, it’s fine if it doesn’t! their relationship is still so incredible and fascinating. so YEAH. no expectations because it probably won’t! :o)” [exit stage left]

…………………….[running back on stage] “bUT LIKE WHAT IF IT DID THOUGH?!?! what if it DID happen, for real!?! WHAT IF?!?!?! WHAT IF!!!!”


anyway: I’m not even gonna pretend like this isn’t gonna get long so I’ll just say…MORE OF ME TALKING UNDER THE CUT >:)

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Name 10 Things You Love And Tag 10 People
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Hmm,, plants in general, HE BOOT TO BIG FOR HE GOTDAM FEET’ meme, SKULLS/BONES, being up early/watching the sunrise, HIKING/NATURE WALKS, christmas lights/music (:D !!!), to be continued meme, movies (EXCLUDING horror), affection/platonic affection, aaannd silly catchphrases

I’m gonna tag @eivri @glumios @horrifichymns @liquidroses @sgt-kitty @spatialexorcist

you guys don’t have to do it if you don’t want to :0